PS4 Sells More Copies of Madden NFL 15, NHL 15 and FIFA 15 Than Xbox One

It was announced today that PlayStation led the month for next generation sports games.

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MightyNoX2443d ago

I predict the same fate for AC Unity and Advanced Warfare. Bundle all the games you want, Phil.

xHeavYx2443d ago

Not surprising. More consoles = more games sold

DoomeDx2443d ago

Not technically true.

PS3 and Xbox360 are both pretty much equal in terms of console sales. Yet multiplatform games sold waaaay better on the Xbox360. Because the PS3 was to hard for most developers to develop on, most multiplatform games looked better on the 360.

Now with the PS4 the tables turned because quality wise, the PS4 is way ahead of the Xbox One.

geddesmond2443d ago

Doesn't matter. When it comes to business do you really think publishers will take that into consideration when deciding which platforms and what budget to use.

We could spend 100 mil developing this game which we predict will make us 200 mil on PS4 and 100 mil on X1, or we could spend 50 mil on a PS4 version which would still make us 200 mil and we could save money on development costs and other costs, then release on X1 one year down the line.

Numbers, profits and other stuff are just random made up to show my point but that is how big money maker publishers think.

Just remember Activision was going to stop PS3 COD support if Sony didn't lower the PS3 price and that had something like 20 mil consoles sold compared to 360s 30 mil or around that.

If MS keep letting the PS4 gap get bigger they might loose some good games and budgets to buy exclusives.

BiggerBoss2443d ago

This is surprising to me just because of the Xbox NFL promotion. Goes to show how amazing the Ps4 is doing right now

u got owned2443d ago


Usually bundles don't count as games sold

Double Toasted2442d ago

"I predict the same fate for AC Unity and Advanced Warfare. Bundle all the games you want, Phil."

Maybe for Unity but why would people buy COD for a console with a broken online system?

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ghostface92443d ago

ya those numbers dont count games that are bundled or digital games so there nowhere near the real numbers

Kribwalker2443d ago

Bundles don't count, aswell, the fact that digital sales don't count, and you get a 10% discount on digital games bought with EA Access, which is how I bought madden personally. Until digital sales are counted, numbers will be skewed for all games.

Magicite2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

All multiplats that released on PS4 and X1 at same day, sold better on PS4, all of them.
I think only Plants vs Zombies GWF sold better on X1 and only because it was released many months before PS4.
Heres link btw:

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ValKilmer2443d ago

Isn't Xbox One the official console of the NFL?

ainTgoTTime2bleed2443d ago

Guess, that's sad...I guess most people here in U.S are tired of MS and their BS;)

ghostface92443d ago

you know those number didnt count digital or the games that were bundlded with the console right... good try though

Brim2443d ago

we really need to act as if these numbers also include digital copies

badz1492443d ago

and? how is that gonna make any difference? both are selling the game on discs and digitally. the result will pretty much be the same.

Brim2443d ago

so we're gonna ignore the fact that these games are all offered cheaper for people that buy it digital on xbox??.. but that doesn't make a difference .. you're dumb .. you're so dumb

badz1492443d ago

yeah because the name calling will really help the Xbone sell more copies. sure...

Rimeskeem2443d ago

This is just slaughter. Xbox One is the official console for NFL.

mochachino2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

If I was planing on buying a new console and most of my friends with a next-gen console already had one particular brand, chances are I'd buy that same brand so I can play online with them regardless of prices.

Xone had an amazing promotion where you essentially got the console for $280 (came with Madden and another free game of your choosing). I think it obvious that given how important online is in todays games, the biggest factor influencing potential purchasers are what their friends already have. No point in getting an amazingly priced xone bundle if you have to play alone or with strangers.

Taking an early lead was never as important as it is this gen, unlike last gen, online play with friends is first and foremost in many gamers minds.

OldDude2443d ago

Wouldn't you hope so with double the install base? I would, no surprise here.

Spotie2443d ago

It's not double in the USA, where Madden does 99% of its sales.

Nice try, though.

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