Another Destiny "Loot Cave" Discovered Just After Bungie Nerfed the Second; Engram Farming Continues

Bungie nerfed the second “Loot Cave” in Destiny with yesterday’s hotfix, and maybe someone thought players would finally give up farming. Obviously, that wasn’t the case.

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TimeSkipLuffy1882d ago

Somehow I get the feeling Destiny's story is about caves and loot.

joab7771882d ago

It isn't quicker for leveling light. It is of u need mats or wanna level cryptarch. But ppl have leveled already and understand the game better.

bjmartynhak1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Compulsion, not fun... sad

Prime1571881d ago

To each their own.

I've been having fun.

bennissimo1882d ago

lol at a game that can't satisfy its players without them resorting to glitch exploitation

CorndogBurglar1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

LOL at gamers that can't earn their legendary gear without resorting to glitches and exploitation.

I mean come on man. I earned my legendary boots and rocket launcher in Crucible. My Legendary Chest Piece from the Queen's special event, which was just one mission that guaranteed you a legendary piece of armor, and my legendary gloves from leveling up my rep with the Future War Cult Faction.

During all of that, I also earned enough Strange Coins to buy my exotic helmet.

I dont want to hear about people not being able to get good gear. There are guaranteed ways to get it.

OmegaShen1882d ago

Hows this a glitch? Its just spawn camping, you might want to look into what glitch's are.

zaiggen1881d ago

I'm Fully Agree with you @CorndogBurglar , I earned like you all my gear, but now i'm farming with this common technique to earn some Strange Coins, because at this level like you its pretty difficult to find some strange coins after complete the Weekly Heroic, dont waste your time replying to people who does not have the game.

Assassingamer1361882d ago

At this point nobody would care anymore. Ever since the update I definitely get more engrams but they are always usually green even tho im level 27 so what the heck is the point when their loot system is terrible. I spent 7 hours grinding for loot on a Saturday and go no legendaries. Did various missions, various strikes and nothing so I just gave up on the game and left it at that.

JeffGUNZ1881d ago

They are suppose to be extremely rare. If they made them more frequent then everyone would be leveling up so quickly. I feel your pain though. I have only received one purple after the patch from a drop. I got my chest from the Queen, the legs and arms from vanguard and forgot where I got my helmet, was it the queen? I got all my weapons, rocket launcher, two void snipers, hand cannon from rewards/drops and just got the auto rifle after leveling my vanguard to rank 3.

I have yet to get exotic, but I am pumped to do so.

SirBradders1881d ago

I hear you I felt the same up until Wednesday in which I got 8 legendaries in a day. I got 4 from the raid 2 from weekly and 2 drops.

Intentions1882d ago

I see no point in shooting in a cave to get loot.

Blink_441882d ago

Have you played destiny? Lol

Intentions1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Yes, and i don't sit in front of a cave for hours and shoot to get loot. I play Crucible/strikes/patrols/raids to get loot.

Blink_441881d ago

I'll admit I did it when I was in the low 20s but, now that I'm level 29 there's really no point to it.

leemo191882d ago

I don't farm much anymore, since I get enough blue engrams and sometime legendary just doing missions more than I use too. If Bungie would fix their loot system, than people wouldn't do this. Destiny loot system is worst than Diablo 3 when it first came out on pc. Bungie needs to do what 2k did with bl higher level enemies drop better stuff and certain bosses drop a certain item.

Baka-akaB1882d ago

That i can agree with , keep the random aspect , but a better set of rewards for the more challenging aspects of the game

Baka-akaB1882d ago

Imo it was never worth it . Some People disliked grinding in missions doing actually something with friends , or even stranger , even if it's the same set of missions .... but would "love" staring at a dark hole and pits for mostly green orbs and stuff that fall the same in missions , before and after the patches . To each their kinks in guess

wsoutlaw871881d ago

Ya it would be quicker if these people just ranked in vanguard or crucible and bought legendary stuff

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The story is too old to be commented.