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Games - Far Cry 4, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Assassin's Creed Rogue, Bayonetta 2, Pokémon ORAS
Tell GR - Do Review Scores Affect Your Purchasing Decision?
Mailbag - Holiday 2014 games, GOTY candidates, and more!

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Spore_7771883d ago

Well, that didn't take long... "Bayonetta 2 overrated"

frezhblunts1883d ago

lol bayonetta 2 overrated. ahhh haters

LonDonE1883d ago

SALTY MUCH???????????? LMAO the haters gonna keep hating! Bayonetta 2 is GOTY for this year of garbage over hyped games! its also the highest rated current gen game so far and no the last of us remake on PS4 dont count! its not s true next gen game and instead is just a PS3 game updated for PS4.

So far the WiiU has some of the highest rated games this gen and boy oh boy are games like mario 3d world, pikmin 3, mario kart 8, donky kong country tf, are all AWESOME!
I cant wait for next year when we should start getting some proper next gen (current gen lol) games on PS4/X1 and then next year also has some great games coming to WiiU like Xenoblade etc.

Ezz20131883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

" Bayonetta 2 is GOTY for this year of garbage over hyped games "

did you play Bayonetta 2 ?!'s not out yet
so how do you know it's GOTY ?!

you are not different than the fanboys who are saying "Bayonetta 2 overrated" ....when they didn't play it too

darkstar181883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Didnt play the whole game but have spent plenty of time with the demo and if the rest of the game is like that (and judging on the fact that most ppl would say it is that have played the full game) then i also would have to put this one up there for GOTY. I mean comon..this year wasnt exactly FILLED with games that all lived up to our expectations if any really.

LonDonE1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

YES ACTUALLY I HAVE PLAYED IT! i have played the demo and also played it a EGX in London and finally i played through it at a mates who has the Japanese version! SO STFU! its my opinion, for me its MY GOTY! maybe not for you but that's ok, dont get your knickers in a twist!

And dont assume i have not played it! Bayonetta 1 was my fave action combo game and B2 just ratchets it up to 12! and improves on near enough everything the first game did.
Its not just my opinion that its a great game, it is also a critically acclaimed game by numerous websites and gamers! near enough everyone who has played it has praised it! dude you sound salty not gonna lie!

Thank you nearly every one i have spoken to who has played the demo or the game in some shape or form has agreed it is GOTY material! the game is mind blowing.
And since i am a massive fan of platinum even before i played the B2 i knew it would be AWESOME! all that i needed to see was how it performed and it performs like a champ on the WiiU! its so funny how much hostility i see from people whenever Bayonetta is brought up.

Any how dude i swear you will LOVE it! if you thought the prologue was great all i can say is YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET!
The variety of enemy types, the bombastic graphically and technically near flawless set pieces, the boss my lord the boss characters, the level designs, the re-playablity, the constant unlockable's, the FLAWLESS SILKY SMOOTH COMBAT is just heavenly! and the sexy 60fps 1080p up-scaled from 720p graphics which is sooo crisp and clean is just crazy!
It looks just as good as a 1080p native game and on my Sony bravia LOOKS INSANE.
seriously it is by far the greatest action combo game i have ever played and i suspect it will be the same for most who play it.

rainslacker1883d ago

I haven't played it, but I have to admit, it's the one game I'm really looking forward to playing over the next couple months. I wasn't that excited for the first one, despite ending up being a good game, but the hugely positive press and first hand accounts have hyped me up on it. I am avoiding the demo since I don't want to ruin anything. being on vacation and getting back the day it comes out helps to keep me occupied.:)

If the game is as good as everyone says it is, then it would be nice to see Platinum get some GOTY awards out of it. It would probably ensure the continuation of the franchise.

gamer78041883d ago

because it has the word bayonetta in the title, instant GOTY :) (for me anyways, highest rated right now)

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Ezz20131883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

this year was not that great ...well, i loved few games like SOM and Evil Within and few others...only SOM so far feel GOTY to me
so you are right
Bayonetta might have big chance
all this is just Talk though
but still people who say it's GOTY without playing it are not different than the people who call it Overrated

Amazing how a simple question made you this angry

I didn't even say any thing bad about the game and now you are calling me salty for no good reason ....i'm not even a fan of Bayonetta games lol.

You only played the demo and you can't prove the rest of your comment
so you words mean nothing
you don't get to call it "GOTY"
just as much the others don't get to call it "Overrated".

You are just making your self look bad now .

fact4game1883d ago

Playing calm is cool against Bayonetta 2 for WII U only.... but your avatar is in pain.

Concertoine1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I liked a lot of games this year like DKCTF, MK8, Evil Within, etc. but none of them are really potential GOTY contenders.

I would say its between Bayonetta 2 and LBP 3, maybe sunset overdrive if its really good

LonDonE1882d ago

Dude think what you want i couldn't care less!
you dont get to tell me what i can and cannot do! as i said above you dont jack about me so move along! Bayonetta 2 IS GOTY!!! for WiiU at least and IT IS THE HIGHEST RATED NEXT GEN GAME SO FAR! FACT!!!!!!! if you dont have such a problem with it and wasn't salty then why are you getting so but hurt over me and others stating it is goty material? seriously get on with your life.

No big deal, it POWNS just about EVERYTHING i have played so far on the PS4/X1!! and yes this is the opinion of a core gamer who owns and games on all platforms!

The fact you felt the need to jump in and make a comment about my comment above shows you obviously care! just buy a wii u if it bothers you so much its an AWESOME CONSOLE.
If not then like i said get over your self, its not just me who is praising this game but just about every website/gamer who has played it!
Anyway feel free to carry on commenting or replying or private messaging me, i wont bother replying! i have better things to do like playing on my X1,PS4,WiiU and PC.

I have nothing to prove to a random person online who is clearly but hurt.

remixx1161882d ago


Damn dude don't lose your marbles like that Ezz never even insulted you, he just assumed you hadn't fully played it cuzz it hasn't released yet. No doubt its a great game but you damn near went giddy girl full fanboy offensive.

Calm yourself homie or else when zelda wiiu drops your gonna go into cardiac arrest.

Ezz20131882d ago

Damn my comment really got you under your skin
the other wiiu owners replay to my comment with calm and they didn't find my comment insulting at all
you on the other hand is very insecure
i didn't insult you nor the game
but you keep insult me
I realy wonder how you have 5 bubbles

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Darkwatchman1883d ago

You talk about how the last of us remastered doesn't count because it's a last gen game, but it's still available for both, isn't it? What makes Bayonetta 2 any more of a current gen game than The Last of us remastered? Just because it was released only for the WiiU? But if Sony and Microsoft hasn't turned platinum down for the sequel, then Bayonetta 2 would have instead appeared on the PS3 and 360 or possibly the PS4 and Xbox One and been even more "current gen" than the WiiU version we have now.

BosSSyndrome1883d ago

Bayonetta 2 was developed solely for an 8th gen console.
That is why it is current gen.
The Last of Us, as great as it is, was developed for a 7th gen console, and later remastered. It is a last gen game.

Gemmol1883d ago

I do not think you understand what he saying, last of us was made for the ps3, although its remastered for the ps4, its still a ps3 game at heart because thats where it was created.......bayonetta 2 development started on the wii u, it did not start on the wii, so its not a last gen game because there are no copies of it on the last gen, if you happen to see bayonetta 2 on ps3, 360, xbox, or ps2, with gameplay from beginning to ending matching the Wii U frame for frame, hit me with a message and I will say sorry for wrong info

LonDonE1883d ago

@BosSSyndrome and @Gemmol
Thank you clearly some people on N4G like you guys have a good understanding of the English language.
You guys pretty much said what i would of.

JuleyJules1883d ago

Coulda woulda shoulda. Sony & MS turned down Bayonetta 2. It's a current gen game because it's on an 8th generation system not the 7th generation Wii, PS3 or 360. Whether it's GOTY material time will tell but reviews are fantastic so far! I guess people will need a Wii U to enjoy it or miss it entirely.

Loadedklip1882d ago

Because many of us played and beat Last of Us .... Last Gen.

Spotie1882d ago

And many more did not. Your point?

Loadedklip1882d ago

@ Spotie So if I play Super Metroid for the first time today on Wii U's virtual console ... is it up for game of the year in 2014?

If so put my vote in for Super Metroid for best game of 2014 using your logic.

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darkstar181883d ago

Game wouldint be "overrated" if it was on PS ans xbox right? But hey when a game like this ACTUALLY lives up to the hype unlike others *cough* Watch_Dogs and Destiny, ofc youre gonna have some hatters. Oh yeah the fact thats its only on Wii U just eats at them too lol.

LOL_WUT1883d ago

So now this reviewer is a hater because he called it overrated? I bet you a good portion of the people who claim those games you mention are overhyped have never played them.

I'd also like to add that isn't it weird that all these gaming sites are now credible all the sudden? Despite the fact that many people tried to slander these very same websites for their supposedly bias nature towards Nintendo ;)

darkstar181883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

lol funny you say that. I actually bought my PS4 for the Destiny bundle thinking it would be more then the game it was. Unfortunately i was wrong, dont own Watch_Dogs..but my brother does and we did a play through together. Almost picked up Drive Club but dodged a bullet with that launch. I should clarify, its not so much that the reviewer calling a game overrated but rather the general public most who dont even own a Wii U and swear up and dont that they "will never buy a Wii U!" Im fine with others opinion even yours ( although false). What i cant stand is when a game that has gone through so much just to see the light of day comes out and is amazing get called overrated for no real reason. Have a nice day. ;)

Concertoine1882d ago

Saying a game is overrated before it comes out is hating.

Saying a game is good, maybe even a GOTY contender, based on reviews is admittedly prejudiced but at least has some credence.

Loadedklip1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

You can call any game overrated as game quality is an opinion.

But we can have an opinion on your opinion as well.

If someone calls Bayonetta 2 overrated, I would ask ... please name 3 games in Bayonetta's sub genre of action games that are far superior to it.

If you can't mention 3 games ... or even 1 game far superior to it in it's subgenre of action games ... then I would judge that your opinion on it being overrated is mostly just based off the fact that you don't like this style of game thus your opinion is irrelevant to the game's quality.

Games should be judged in comparison to their own genre/subgenre since the world's greatest RPG game means nothing to someone that prefers shooters over RPGs.

Considering how Bayonetta 1 is still considered the pinnacle of this style of game by many ... it would be hard to believe Bayonetta 2 is overrated based on the details within many reviews pointing out improvements and refinements of Bayonetta 1's best aspects.

Knushwood Butt1883d ago

I wonder if the game would receive the same review scores if it had been released on Xone/PS4.

Guess we'll never know, but my money is on, 'no'.

deafdani1883d ago

You're dead wrong. A good game is a good game, regardless of the platform it appears on.

Want a proof? Just check this link out:

Out of the best rated games for the PS4 so far, THE TOP ELEVEN GAMES have been released in "lower" platforms, or are indie games. And on the other platforms, these games have similar scores, and even lower scores.

Based on this evidence, I'm pretty sure Bayonetta 2 would've gotten equally high scores on the PS4 and Xbox One... maybe even higher scores, because those consoles are more starved for good games than the Wii U.

Loadedklip1882d ago

Don't be so insecure. A good game is a good game regardless of system.

If anything Bayonetta would probably have scored higher since PS4 / XB1 reviewers have been disappointed with overhyped games that while still good ... failed to deliver on what it promised so far this year.

benji1011882d ago

It would have also been called distinctively "next gen".

Blastoise1883d ago

I thought the first Bayonetta was really overrated, haven't played the second though

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