Wii U has had quite a good year, says Nintendo UK marketing boss

The "Wii U has had quite a good year so far," Nintendo's UK marketing boss Shelly Pearce has claimed in a new interview with MCV.

Sales of the struggling console are said to be up 60 per cent in the UK this year, which Pearce attributes to to the launch of Mario Kart 8.

"We've really seen momentum pick up with Mario Kart 8 back in May," explained Pearce. "That was when we saw a step change, not just in terms of sales but also people's attitudes to Wii U.

"People are starting to consider buying now, which was cemented by our E3 activity. All the software that we showed then gave people confidence that there were lots of games coming that they wanted."

UK general manager Simon Kemp shares Pearce's positivity about Wii U.

"We've felt a real increase in interest and momentum. Compared to 12 months ago, it does feel noticeably different," said Kemp.

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AKR2472d ago

Great news to hear that the console is on the rise. How things will pan out in the future is most certainly a mystery - but as it relates to right now, I'm proud to be a happy Wii U owner.

Neonridr2472d ago

it sits in my entertainment unit rubbing shoulders with my PS4. And it has its rightful place there.

MasterCornholio2472d ago

Where do you put your Xbox One?

Only asking because I thought you had one.

MSBAUSTX2472d ago

I have all three next gen systems and the Wii U gets played the most. That will change when evolve, Master Chief Collection, and Forza Horizon 2 which is out now, come out. But the Wii U holds up when it comes to Entertainment and Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad, and Smash Brothers will keep me turing it on and next year has its gems too. It is a very expensive time to be a gamer with all the great games out.

UltimateMaster2472d ago

I'm kinda surprised it kept up it's sales enough to not be beaten by the Xbox One given that the Xbox One has more 3rd party support than the Wii U.

Neonridr2472d ago

@MasterCornholio - no, didn't go with MS this time around. I knew I was only going to get one of either the PS4 or Xbox One. Went with MS last gen (360) along with my Wii. Missed out on a lot of good games from Sony's side. Decided to try the other side for a change, lol.

Who knows, when Quantum Break comes out, it may push me to the brink and make me buy one.

But at this point, only a Wii U and PS4.

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Magicite2472d ago

Im playing only PS3 now, backlog of JRPGS I got is too huge, hopefully I can finish it early next year to finally get PS4.

shaw982472d ago

Wii u has only gotten better as time goes on. I hope it will be the next ps3 were at the beginning no one buys one but at the end of it's life it sells like hot cakes.

mcstorm2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

The wiiu is is a great console but I don't see it ever being a ps3 in terms of a great end because of the lack of 3rd party support.

Believe it or not but most people who buy a console tend to only buy games like FIFA,NFS, AC, COD and BF year on year and without games like that the wiiu wont match Microsoft's or Sonya sales late on.

Don't get me wrong I love the wiiu and I have loads of games for mine but that its partly because I'm not into the games I've put above and I'm in a small number of gamers who do the same.

Unfortunately that's what happens when gaming becomes cool so to speak.

RosweeSon2472d ago

I agree most casual gamers only buy the yearly FIFA's and call of dutys but anyone with any knowledge of gaming knows if you want classics time and time again you go to nintendo, last gen I had my xbox 360 for all the multiplat (form) tat although thsts going back in the box to be replaced with the PS3 and all those free games it's been building up for me over the last year but even tho I bought a ps4 on launch day and was planning to the moment it got announced not because I'm a fanboy but because I really liked what they were trying to sell me and no it might not be fully there yet but out of the 2 top end options im much happier with my ps4 than what I've seen of my mates (all 2 of them, who own an xbox not just 2 friends total haha) xbox ones as the games aren't doing it for me after playing some great games with nintendo through the 3DS And Wii U which again both were bought in day one as despite the horror stories I make up my own opinions and have not been dissapointed for one second, oh they knocked £60 off the 3DS Price and there were no games for months... Have 20 free ambassador games (top notch games as well) but yeah you need some support from 3rd parties and such but when nintendo's games are not only fantastic but can be played over and over again (maybe not on repeat but who doesn't go back to super mario world or other fantastic nintendo classics, hundreds of them) don't get many of those through microsoft and that's not just having a dig its just a fact microsoft are a hardware and PC Programme manufacturer they don't make games, apart from forza, what else do microsoft actually make themselves, halo was bungie and sure gears of war is now Microsoft but they just don't make games and not many and no where near as good as nintendo hence why they rely on 3rd parties nintendo release enough and of such good quality that they don't need anyone else althought they are not stupid and know that people want some options or indie titles and a few others. Microsoft need to seriously up their Game!!

mcstorm2472d ago

I agree and disagree with you. The Nintendo side I have always liked there consoles but the market they have in terms of core is only small and part of the reason why the N64 and GameCube were outsold by Sonys console. The wii was a different story as it got the family market but that has now been taken over by tablets.
As for Handheld devices nothing comes close to the Nintendo consoles in terms of IP's for everyone as it caters for the core and none core with more ips than anything that has been on the market too.

As for Microsoft I have felt they offer me more than Sony over the last few gens but it really all depends on what games your into. For me I am a big Halo and forza fan and Forza 5 was the reason why I picked up a Xbox one before a ps4 but also at this moment in time there is nothing I really want on the PS4. KZ is ok but it has never given me the same excitement as Halo games have. Driveclub looked exciting when they showed it off but so far ive not been excited from what I have seen and Horizon was for me the best racing game I played last gen and again for me Horizon 2 his now the best racing game on the market at this moment.
I also love fighting games and the PS4 has not got any at the moment and I got KI and really enjoy it.

I do agree MS need some more IP's but sony did not have that many of its own IP's until last gen and it now looks like MS are about to make this gen there gen of big own IP's.

The one game I am looking forward too is LBP3 but I am going to wait a little longer before getting on as I got LBP Vita and it did not feel as fun as 1 and 2 but looking forward to getting it as well as seeing UC4 and GT7 next year when I think ill Pickup a ps4

BigDuo2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

While sales have improved, that's not really saying much given just how badly Wii U sales really were last year for UK. I think it sold up to 130k console units for the entire year ,so obviously extremely poor. When we see stuff like an increase of 666% with Mario Kart 8's release, that sounds like a lot, but it's not that much when we put Wii U's situation into perspective.

This year has Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros for two flagship releases, so hardware sales will naturally be better, but Mario Kart 8 failed to be a long-term system seller in every region, so it is very likely we will see the same thing happen with Smash Bros despite the advantages of its holiday release and Amiibo support. Sales will drop fast after December, and that's not something Nintendo can afford if it has no software momentum prepared for Wii U in Q1 2015. It also sure doesn't help that the retail presence of Wii U is quite weak in UK.

Anyway, I love my Wii U. While it has its flaws, the exclusives have already made it worthwhile, and 2015 looks ot be its best year for consistent software momentum.

Knushwood Butt2472d ago

Nintendo in Japan are going to release a Mario Kart 8 (download) Wii U bundle in November. I was really surprised to see that.

herbs2472d ago

How can you even imply that MarioKart 8 is a failed long term system seller when it has only been out for like 1/2 a year? MarioKart is infact the best example of a gaming franchise that has legs.

BigDuo2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

Well, the sales say so. Wii U did double digits in July, August and September. Mario Kart 8's release only managed to do triple digits in June. Yes, sales will likely be highest this year during the holiday season, but Nintendo heavily relied on Mario Kart 8 to substantially drive hardware sales yet it has underperformed overall.

The game did very poorly to boost hardware sales in any major capacity in Japan so far, UK is a lost cause (60% increase isn't good enough given how bad Wii U's sales were a year ago), and NPD's hardware sales (or double-digits as Nintendo puts it) obviously speaks for itself. Whatever increase in hardware sales Wii U did have in September, it was meager because they were in the double-digits which is terrible despite the release of Hyrule Warriors.

Mario Kart 8 will keep selling software, but it hasn't done its job to drive hardware sales. The game has not convinced consumers at large, to buy a Wii U for it. Now the pressure is on Smash Bros to pick up the pace by making up for Mario Kart 8's inability to drive hardware sales.

Knushwood Butt2471d ago

Given the overall lack of Wii U software, where the library is already tiny compared to the XOne/PS4, there are no bragging rights for one of the biggest gaming franchises on the planet shifting 25K copies a week globally.

The only people picking this game up are the people buying a Wii U for the first time. The Wii U install base just isn't there.

Nintendo wanted to shift copies of this game; not be forced to bundle it with the console.

Having said that, the Mario Kart 8 bundle is the first time I've been interested in a Wii U since it was launched.

N4g_null2472d ago

That is good news. I'm curious to see next year's true line up though. I'm wondering if we can get other teams to make new ip.

RosweeSon2472d ago

Well deserved as with the 3DS they got there or are certainly getting there in the end, Bayonetta 2 within a week and then Smash Bros next month nintendo your spoiling us, Mario Kart DLC?!..... Self implodes!?

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