PS4 System Software Preview – USB Music Player, New Home Screen Colors, More

You may already know that PS4’s upcoming system software 2.00, codenamed Masamune, adds some big features including Share Play, YouTube support, and Themes – but the updates don’t end there. I have personally stated in past blog posts that we listen to our fans. PlayStation has heard gamers when they say they want more ways to find friends to play with, and more ways to personalize their PS4. With this update, we’ve added a Players You May Know tile, the ability to listen to your music while gaming, the option to change the look of your PS4 experience, and easier ways to sort and filter your library of content on PS4.

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LeonhartX1878d ago

Yes!!!! Mp3 support finally, this feature will be awesome in GTA 5!

vishmarx1878d ago

themes!! and i hope we get the korra theme with the pre order like ps3

Abash1878d ago

Fantastic update, a whole bunch of features I actually care about and wanted!

SmielmaN1878d ago

Agreed all of the above. So awesome

uptownsoul1878d ago

I love the "Add to Library" feature

NatureOfLogic_1878d ago

All of this and they still have more features to announce for 2.00.

darthv721878d ago

Support for your own music to play while gaming...nice.

this is something that will get used allot but those playstation gamers who never had it before.

I assume that additional video codecs will be added soon as well.

LOL_WUT1878d ago

Oh man having read up on the upcoming X1 October update I was starting to loose hope on Sony's end. Good to know this will be just as great as the competition. The wait was definitely worth it! ;)

chrismichaels041878d ago

Sounds like a huge update. Well worth the wait.

Mr Pumblechook1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I was expecting more.

One year since release and I can't even use my Blu-ray remote control for movies. And it's odd that mp3s can't be transferred on to the hard drive which makes me think there is a licensing issue. And there really should be the ability to play movie files.

Ares84HU1878d ago

YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Finally MP3 support. This was my most wanted feature!!! YES YES YES!!!!

It would be nicer if I could copy my songs to the PS4 so I don't have to use a USB but this is good enough!!!

Now let's add video support and friend notifications and I'm a happy camper.

mgeezy3131878d ago

This really makes my inner gamer hurt because I miss my PS4, but I got rid of it for now because I swore into the Marine Corps and I'll need the money. Seeing this just makes me sad, lol. I'll have one again after boot camp, I hope.

BG115791877d ago

The code name of this update is called masamune. It had to be big to have a name like that.

guitarded771877d ago

Themes are cool, but I'm uber hyped for music support. I hope they have a system in place to play music with game audio for games that don't have a custom playlist option. Driving and fighting games are so much better with the right playlist.

Divine1875d ago

finally ! i'll love turning on my ps4 even more now.

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aceitman1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

omg, this is the best home console update ever, been waiting for themes and data backup on USB storage.shareplay and youtube. :))) , and also for those that want sony to hurry up with updates sony has to make updates on ps4, vita and vita tv to make them talk to each other. so it can take some time.

aceitman1877d ago

I said the same thing. I happy for it. Maybe xbox fanboys

Pogmathoin1877d ago

Well, every month when X1 updates, there are those who mock it, make fun of it and so on.... its just dog eat dog..... just ignore it. This is a great time for the updates... DLNA on my X1.... and all these features for my PS4..... I never have to leave my sofa again.... all I need is that loo teleporter from the Simpsons....

Droidbro1877d ago

Superfluous opinion? Of course it will get disagrees?

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Jaqen_Hghar1878d ago

wasn't that important to a man but he's glad a lot of people are getting what they wanted

TekKing1878d ago

Lol this music update is horrible. You need to have a USB device plugged in at all times just to listen to music? Even the PS3 could play music from the HDD and games like WWE & Tekken even supported your music by allowing them to be custom soundtracks in entrances & stages.

Now PS4 has a bigger HDD but less of a reason to use it. The PS3 is more of a "next-gen" console than PS4 at this point. On top of that the PS4 only has 2 USB ports and they will both be used up by a headset (like Sony's higher quality ones, not that cheap crap they give you) and one port to recharge the PS4 controller (considering it loses charge faster than the PS3 since they don't want to let people turn off that useless flashlight on the front of it).

I'm not sure how the Xbox One is with their music but it couldn't possibly be as downgraded as the PS4. I wouldn't be surprised if the PS5 only lets us use wired controllers.

arkard1878d ago

You dont charge a controller the entire time your playing. I have one port for the headset giving me one port to designate for playing mp3's. I have a stand alone charger. Even if I didnt I would just unplug the memory stick when I plug the controller in to charge. The charge on the controllers is more than enough to last a gaming session. If its not there are bigger issues at work here.

1878d ago
one2thr1878d ago

They give people what they wanted, since launch and some will still find something to complain about.

I have a ton, of USB storage devices at my disposal, and Im glad I dont have to sit and watch a status bar, to wait for all my music to be copied over to the system.

I speak for myself, I am more than happy with this method.

Here's to trying to download music via the Ps4's web browser directly to a USB storage device.

Shad0wRunner1878d ago

Buy a USB hub. That solves the USB port issue.

Buy 2 controllers and a docking station. That solves the charging without cables issue.

Limiting MP3's and other media to a USB device, keeps your internal HDD free for games. Can you imagine how much space you would burn thru on your HDD...if you shared it between games and a media library? It was different on the PS3. Mainly because PS3 digital download games were nowhere as huge as PS4 games. You could solve this problem, by installing a bigger HDD....but not everyone will do that.

I keep my media library on an external USB HDD, Im just greatful for the playback features.

Sheikh Yerbouti1878d ago

I have well-over a hundred GB of music. USB is $#@%! as a solution for me.

blakstarz1877d ago

You don't have to use the USB port to charge the controllers though, you can buy a docking station that plugs into a wall outlet, therefore freeing up a port.

user56695101877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

dont even bother they are going to defend this to the death because its sony. i also find this dumb. i find it hard to believe people think this is better than just putting it on the hdd especially how many people on this site brags about how they brought a new hdd. if this was xbone the response would be way different, but we are use to it.

look at the excuses theyre making for sony that should put things in perspective. buy a charging dock for your controllers?lol classic throw more money at sony for something that was on their last console. i guess when you dont have a choice you take whatever scraps they give you and call it filet mignon

Orange1877d ago

I love the USB device base music play. Keeps room free on the HDD (obviously), but it's much easier to switch out music. As said, buy a USB hub.


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ZombieKiller1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I almost passed out with a smile on my face! So glad to have ALL of these features but YouTube and MP3 support in 1 bundlru?! SOLD!

No seriously, thanks Sony. That was quite a kick ass update.

Iceball20001878d ago

Why? GTAV for next gen will have 100+ new songs and new DJs and radio stations.!

ZombieKiller1873d ago

Only really because I wanted a Batman soundtrack for Arkham Knight. Dude I play City and fly around to The Dark Knight trilogy soundtracks freaking kicking major ass. It's extended gameplay for me quite alot to have a customizable soundtrack. Looking forward to listening to some music while I drive the batmobile around Gotham too.

Call of Duty MP works well with a soundtrack too usually even though I don't play COD anymore (this year DOES look damn good though) so IF I decide to pick it up, I might want a sdk to shoot some people to

sourav931878d ago

I think I speak for everyone when I say "HALLELUJAH!".

Good-Smurf1878d ago

That's awesome!
Too bad that I only listen to FLAC and WAV nowadays did this USB music support player those lossless audio?
To think Sony seemed to pushed and supported those high res audio on other devices including Xperia,PS4 should have that too!
Well MP3's gonna pleased most people anyway.

Gamer19821877d ago

I think the mp3 feature is the real reason WWE 2K15 got delayed for next gen consoles. As you will be able to use MP3s for your custom entrances. The blog clearly says in a comment this release will be out in time for this years big releases. So it will be here for November. So its soon no doubt and WWE 2K15 needs this for custom entrances otherwise PS4 version would have that feature missing. I love picking my custom entrance music.

mixolydian_id1877d ago

There's not a lot of supported codecs here...

Rip a disc from windows media? WMA default
Rip a disc to iTunes? AAC default.

Some people who don't care about file formats will likely have to start their collection again, or if they fownload via torrent, re download albums over again making sure they're MP3s to start with.

They better buffen out their codecs list sharpish

OVOrizzy1877d ago

That's great and all, but where the hell is the PSN name change?!

hiredhelp1877d ago

Tis why i love Sony they listen

2cents1877d ago


Naughty naughty.

TAURUS-5551877d ago

mp3 yeeesss

thank you sony you do listen to us the gamers ¡¡¡

C1yn3r791877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Awesome update! Only thing i haven't seen yet is the ability to pause downloads, maybe one of the unannounced features?

3-4-51877d ago

Congrats PS4 owners...sounds like a sweet update to be honest.

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Thehyph1878d ago


I'm looking forward to this update taking 30-something games off the system menu and putting them into the library. Oh god it'll look clean like day one again.

Eonjay1878d ago

Folder are also confirmed.

dantesparda1878d ago

Where does it say that folders are confirmed?

LonDonE1878d ago

Finally this sounds great! this is what i have been waiting for i just hope the friends list problems and laggy messages etc are fixed too.
Custom themes is EPIC!! now all we need is for Sony to give us these updates faster like the X1 and Microsoft.

I just want them to dam well hurry up and release it and give us clear release dates for updates etc.
This update TOOK WAY TOO LONG!

chikane1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Wait so i have to keep connecting a USB with music each time i wanna play music on my ps4? why can i just save the mp3s to the HDD ??? So weird ??

XtraTrstrL1878d ago

Because they want you to say to hell with it and just pay for Music/Video Unlimited. So they make it frustrating to do it any other way. There's no reason they couldn't make it so you could save it to the HDD. The same goes for DLNA, they are holding back on it to get more customers to sub to Music/Vid Unlimited out of frustration and there being no other options. It's getting annoying now. We pay for PS+ so we can get online on retail games, the servers have shown little evidence of improvement though. Driveclub is a perfect example, if even the devs closest to Sony are using their own crappy/unstable/inconsistent servers - why are we paying to get online?

Kane221878d ago

i love your awful excuses by the way.

Bathyj1878d ago

Because plugging in a thumbdrive and then never touching it again is going to be so annoying right?

Yeah, its a slight inconvenience to have to do it but at least the feature is there now when it wasnt before, and its hardly so bad that someone who hasnt already decided to get Music Unlimited is going to suddenly do it because they dont want to plug in a USB.

God, you give a starving man a hamburger and he whines the bun has seeds on it.

XtraTrstrL1878d ago

@Bathyj, You can call it whatever you like. 1 of my usb slots is taken up by the Gold Wireless Headset's dongle. The other I'd like to have free for whatever I like to use in the future, not to have both usb slots already basically permanently used up.

You are talking about giving starving folks something, we shouldn't be treated like starving men though. PS3 doesn't hide online behind a PS+ paywall and it still has DLNA and local support for MP3s and Vids. There's absolutely NO reason PS4 shouldn't have all that by now.

Bathyj1878d ago

"PS3 doesn't hide online behind a PS+ paywall and it still has DLNA and local support for MP3s and Vids. There's absolutely NO reason PS4 shouldn't have all that by now. "

Im not disagreeing with that. Althought I personally dont need it, its crap those things we take for granted on PS3 are not on PS4. They should be there.

Im saying Sony are making an update that at least addresses a couple of these features and youre less concerned about the feature and more concerned about how theyre implemented.

If Im to understand this PS4 games will now have custom sountracks. Thats no small thing, Playstation has never had that except on selected titles. Now its across the board. Be grateful, a USB stick is a small price to pay for that added feature. I'm willing to bet if you asked 100 people if they wanted Custom soundtracks only off USB or NOTHING, very few would say nothing.

Bottomline, you have something good today you didnt have yesterday, is it that big a deal when you can easily get a USB hub anywhere? If it is, maybe you should choose nothing.

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Kane221878d ago

i hope you know, even xb1 only supports music from usb.

XtraTrstrL1878d ago

How does that help the matter? Not every issue with the next-gen consoles is a direct comparison between PS4 and X1. That just means Sony and MS are both screwing up badly. It's not like, oh, well MS is falling behind there also - so it's all good.

pop_tarts1878d ago

@XtraTrstrL He only stated MS lack of HDD saving music because you used the Music Unlimited card which MS doesn't have that type of feature, so how is it that one company is doing it for a feature and the other isn't...seems one sided in your argument.

XtraTrstrL1878d ago

@pop_tarts My point is that it doesn't matter why MS does or doesn't have the feature. It's that Sony does have Music/Video Unlimited that were perfectly integrated from Day 1, so despite MS not having it - Sony has a good reason to keep it this way for as long as they can get away with it without major backlash.

Grown Folks Talk1878d ago

I hope you know Xbox One supports both video & music via DLNA.

Kribwalker1878d ago

Actually, with the October update, wireless streaming from any dlna device including tablets and phones too.

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Moe-Gunz1878d ago

No problem with me. Saves HDD space. I have so many games that I have to delete games/apps when I want to play a new one. I just hope it allows me to play music off of my phone.

Brooklynbully7181878d ago

Yeah I know , playing music from cell will wish
Work for me

Aleithian1878d ago

It doesn't say you can't do that. I'm sure you'll be able to save audio files to the HDD. But USB is more efficient in terms of saving HDD space. And given that USB drives cost pennies, it's a great option.

Ballsack1878d ago

Yes it does say you CAN'T save to the ps4 hdd

Read the article properly

spacedelete1878d ago

also where is the video player ? i wany to play my damn pirated videos on my PS4. Xbox One is getting MKV for crying out load.

arkard1878d ago

Maybe they are worried about letting you store mp3's as it could be a back door way to hack the system? I dont know if thats possible but if it is this would be a way to mitigate that.

WitWolfy1877d ago

A minor inconvenience until DLNA launches... Eventually.

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Ballsack1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )


Mp3 playback

Ok kool Two things much needed

But where is suspend/resume and dlna ? And not being able to save music to the ps4s hdd is a bummer.

Its been a frigging year nearly,these are basic functions its not like we are asking for anything out of the ordinary...

darren_poolies1878d ago

No being to save music to the PS4s HDD isn't that big of a deal. I'm still confused about the suspend/resume thing, it's not a feature I'm particularly bothered about but that was promised at launch and it's been almost a year no and still no news. I just want DLNA support and I'll be happy.