PSN Issues: PSN Friends List Issues Reported

Over the last ten minutes or so, Reddit and Twitter have been flooded with reports of PSN friends lists disappearing and an error message saying, "The connection to the server has been terminated."


I've also updated this title. PSN is not down, but certain services are not working. ~cgoodno

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Lawboy21881d ago

God dang it I'm sick n tired of this s***...I was trying to do my daily for my last character...sick and tired of all these interuptions...I now see why ppl had such a huge problem with always online....

daggertoes831881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

I'm getting tired of all sonys crap lately. I'm huge fan of playstation but psn down all the time games being delayed. Its getting old. I'm sure people will hate me for saying this but it's just the truth. They need to get their crap together.

Palitera1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Our blind praise turned them into lazy bastards.

If we keep in over praising, they'll keep up underdelivering.

SmielmaN1881d ago

Thank God it's not a "always online" console generation. But, considering I'm trying to play destiny I'm pretty well boned.... Gamers should make a petition for destiny 2: electric boogaloo, offline game mode plz

AngelicIceDiamond1881d ago

@Palitera Bubs up. But I'm afraid the fanboys won't stop the severe myopic praising.

Some think this is perfectly ok some how and come up with the lamest excuses that they can think of.

Like I said bubs up for being a real fan.

LCEvans1881d ago Show
ScaryMonkey1881d ago

"psn down all the time" a serious over statement but your mad so I get it, its funny though cause Microsoft is hardly perfect, in fact they just recently had similar issues yet they seem to get a pass all the time.

BlissSeeker1881d ago

This is the only time it's been down for me since I owned a PS4 but OK it's all the time.

USMC_POLICE1881d ago

I agree but as an Xbox one owner also I can assure you xbl is having issues just as much.

d0x3601881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Xbl is having issues just as much? What joke planet are you living on? Xbl might go down from time to time but its back up in 20 min. In the last 6 months I've had issues signing into Xbox live twice.

In the last 6 weeks I've had issues signing into psn at least once a week.

I don't understand why people keep making excuses for Sony. Psn isn't free anymore. Anytime someone has an issue with it some goofball says oh xbl is the same. No it's not. Not even close.

How long as xbl been running? Since 2001? Since then they have had maybe 5 MAJOR service outages. A major outage is one that lasts more than 4 hours. Psn seems to have major outages every other week and that doesn't include the constant "down for maintenance"

Demand more, get more. As long as you keep letting Sony believe their service is acceptable they will just keep running it the same way. Enough is enough.

RumbleFish1881d ago

PSN is down once a week for several weeks now. There is no excuse for this.

UltimateMaster1881d ago

More people on the PS4, more people to support.

UltimateMaster1881d ago

They've made some changes to the back-end servers recently. So there are some limitations in games outside your region. (Can't play Europe/Asia version of a game online if there's a N/A version)

Kinda sucks, given how open PSN was... just last Tuesday.

SilentNegotiator1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Except PSN isn't down. Stop saying PSN is "down" when one or two things aren't working -_-

buttclown1881d ago

In my opinion, friend's list not working is being down. I play a lot of online co-op and even if I am playing a single player game I am almost always in a party talking to someone.

Xbox had it happen this past weekend for me for like 12 hours and it was unacceptable then. Having no access to my friends list for that amount of time is unacceptable if it is a service I am paying for. If you internet goes down for more than 2 hours, are you guys not calling you ISP to complain?

otherZinc1880d ago

Agreed. This isn't right. An agency needs to step in & make Sony honors it's service to its consumers.

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Thegamer411881d ago

This really is getting old, they need to fix these issues. No excuse for a paid service to be this poor. I get home from work ready to play some games and i'm welcomed with errors...

Here's a map showing the affected areas for the people who are interested.

jspsc1231881d ago

the paid service on ps4 isnt as good as the free service on ps3. friends, messages, and players met has been messed up since launch. my last player met is from killzone and i havent played that for months.

xer01881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Is this a sign that Firmware 2.0 is about to drop!?

KwietStorm1881d ago

Yes. Not the post on the PlayStation blog. The fact that PSN is having issues again is much more revealing. Obviously.

Killzoner991880d ago

Exactly. That's what all these complaining idiots don't understand. Sony has been hard at work on 2.0 which will make the Playstation experience 10 X better. That requires maintenance to the network. I'm so sick of all the Sony bashing articles lately on this subject especially when the Xbone is having the same problems yet they get a pass smh. I swear its because the PS4 is # 1 in the world so it has a big target on it now. That's usually how that works.

Sayburr1881d ago

I agree. When "always online" was first announed by Microsoft, I thought, "OK, I don't see the big deal" but now I understand. Both Sony and Microsoft and EA and 2K and everyone else who makes the users utilize servers for their games should at least make sure the damn things work., now I see what everyone was worried about a year ago as we are living it.

Lawboy21881d ago

I totally agree man...ppl are complaining about psn right now but that's not really my issue is having a game that is frequently interrupted by either some ddos attack or some kind of maintenance...funny thing is im not even trying to play crucible im simply trying to play a story mission to get my ascendant energy because im not sure ill be able to play later have a 7 page paper due tomorrow....smh im so pissed off

CYCLEGAMER1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Out of all of those that you listed, MS needs to be taken off of that list. Xbox servers have not been down, and the friends list issue was fixed in a matter of hours same with the DDOS attack on MS servers.

Spid3r61881d ago

Microsoft has been pretty solid online. I have never been down as of yet.

DOMination-1881d ago

I was in the middle of doing some greater rift farming with friends on d3 when it went down. Tye recebt problems hadn't affected me tbh until now so its ok when its once but for others who were affected more then its quite frustrating

Dark111881d ago

I'm not even surprised anymore.
feel sorry to anyone paying for this shit.

i won't renew my playstation plus subscription that's for sure.

DragoonsScaleLegends1881d ago

I get plus for all the free games I get on my Vita, PS3, and PS4.

andibandit1881d ago


Im with ya bro, lets play some dc together...oh wait..

Ezz20131881d ago

Dark11 and andibandit, What's your PSN ?!

bleedsoe9mm1881d ago

it took me 4 hrs last night to download rainbow moon , psn has serious issues even when its up, i hope there wasn't a bigger problem they are not telling us after getting attacked by hackers a few weeks ago .

ramiuk11881d ago

thye need to spend millions on there network,it really needs upgrading.

had xbox 360 from launch and it was flawless online prob 95% over the entire generation.
had a ps3 for a year and it was always up and down,then itwas down cos of the hack for a month or so.

now i had ps4 since launch and its slow,getting into store is sluggish,downloading is slow and the servers just aint good enough.


Strikepackage Bravo1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

@Palitera Its not that they are lazy, its the fact that Sony is hemorrhaging cash right now. The gaming media is not reporting this for whatever reason, but Sony is spiraling out of control in financial losses. They are likely diverting cash from the successful divisions to keep the company afloat in other areas. Sony also knows they can get away with a lot of neglecting the gaming customers because when they screw them, gamers usually stumble over each other to defend Sony, instead of demanding better.

Gaming247allday1881d ago

Got to always make it about Xbox huh?

"now see why ppl had such a huge problem with always online"

Xbox has way better servers than Sony will ever have for PSN, their infrastructure sucks!

ainTgoTTime2bleed1881d ago

''Xbox has way better servers than Sony will ever have for PSN, their infrastructure sucks!''...
I'll take a sucky PSN service anyday over: RROD, DISC SRATCHING, POWER BRICK, AAA BATTERIES, Phil and his entire cancerous crew and their shady business practices any day;)

Automatic791881d ago

I have had Xbox since day one and still have not had this problem. Please don't bring Xbox into this mess sony has with there online.

LordDhampire1881d ago

lol i was trying to do my daily heroic strike to >.>

aceitman1881d ago

U mm the X box guys ur friends list and some features was messed up 4 few days . So move on

finbars751881d ago

WTF you think this is new news?? Really. My friends list hasn't worked for me in months. If you hit a certain amount of ppl on the list it pretty much shows nothing but an empty space. Even trying to get it on Battlelog PS4 doesn't show anything what so ever. If you don't believe I will show you when I stream next just brutal. and no I am not trying to get ppl to watch my stream I get enough just wanted to show you how old this news is to me.

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XanderZane1880d ago

Didn't Jack Tretton and Kaz Hirai say the PS4 wouldn't been an "ALWAYS ONLINE" game console like the XB1 wanted to be? After gamers bashed the XB1 for this crap, they seem pissed at Sony for having all these PSN, PS+ and online gaming issues. That's Karma for you. Wants worse is gaming are actually paying for this crap now. No more FREE Online. I'm still waiting to be able to play a CD on my PS4. I know Firmare 2.0 is coming, but when? November maybe. Sony needs to get their act in gear. Enough with the apologies. Just get it fixed.

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NatureOfLogic_1881d ago

I don't remember PS3 PSN being down this much. PS4 PSN should become free if they don't improve things in the future.

intellegent1881d ago

PSN is still free, multiplayer is what we're charged for. I agree though.

swishersweets200311881d ago

being forced to pay for multiplayer is such a scam. considering i'm playing bf4 on EA's servers. Why does sony deserve a cut?

Dogswithguns1881d ago

What's the point to call it free when you being charged for play multiplayer online.

Gaming247allday1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Chillstep, cmon man you and i both know that people don't want the free service, you cant do sh!t with it, they will pay to play online just like
Xbox LIVE but without the reliability

intellegent1880d ago

I don't care what people want, i'm just stating a fact. Go complain to Sony, not me.

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truegame1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

From Gaf

Schedule maintenance:

2014年10月17日(金) 01:00 ~ 07:00 (予定)
10/16/2014 9:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. Pacific Time

PSN may be inaccessible during these 6 hours.

imt5581881d ago

Yep! PSN interference! Dammit!