GamerGate has nothing to do with ethics in journalism

Starting a dialogue around the ethics of covering the gaming industry is a worthwhile discussion but not in the context of Gamergate, a movement hiding its obvious misogynistic undertones behind a veil of campaigning for journalistic integrity.

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pat_11_51877d ago

I wish GamerGate would just go away.

-Foxtrot1877d ago

You want a group which is trying to stand up for all Gamers to go away

Gee...thanks for letting these corrupt journalist know it's fine to screw us over

Like everyone else against GG for silly reasons, there will be a day in the future when a journalist will have some shady going ons with a game you love, whether it's criticizing it for ridiculous reasons or making a small plot point in the game into a huge bloody thing to make it look bad just so they can exploit it for more hits....only then AND ONLY THEN will you understand why this is happening.

I know someone who didn't care for GG and thought it was pointless, then when they saw journalists talk about Bayonetta 2 and how it "sexualizes" women, making a big deal over nothing, his views quickly changed.

Gh05t1877d ago

Foxtrot you are speaking to the person who thinks the term "Gamer" is bad and has written so many white night articles its almost predictable when they will come out.


I had the same line of thought after seeing you write another anti gamer article. I wish Patrick would just go away.

Blacktric1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I wish agenda pushing clueless "journalists" (journalists should have had 16 more quotation marks around it) like Pat would go away.

I especially love the Joss "The Hack" Whedon's embedded tweet. We should listen to his, Seth Rogen and Patton Oswalt's bullshit about GamerGate because they're celebrities, right? Because I love it when unrelated, irrelevant celebrities comment about shit they have no idea about, just to appear "open minded" and "progressive" in public eye.

Oh and also;

Story Quality: WTF
Like This Website: NO

NewMonday1877d ago



so so you wrote the article, submitted it AND made the first comment?

viperman2401877d ago


Don't bother with "Story Quality" or the "Like This Website" voting. it doesn't do anything.

It was said by mods that its only there for show and that the community has no say in which what websites get banned from N4G. Only websites they have the power to ban sites and the only criteria for banning sites is plagiarism.

I'll end on this quote.

“If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.”

- Mark Twain

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pastysmash1877d ago Show
yarbie10001877d ago

Why did you submit this article if you want it to go away....Hmmmm...are you part of an agenda maybe?

jeeves861876d ago

lmfao - so apparently he's part of an agenda because he promoted an article he wrote, on a free website, and then clarified his opinion in a post? So people who write stories shouldn't promote or comment on them after they're published? That's...reaching.

CaptainObvious8781877d ago

Is this a satirical article of is the author just mentally handicapped?

Or maybe they have a very clear agenda and that's influencing their ability to discern and critically analyse facts.

I suggest the author looks at Sargon's videos and educates them self.

Rooted_Dust1877d ago

The author has the first comment, and probably submitted the article, so you should ask him.

Nothing but a bunch of shameful self promoting click bait.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1877d ago

I wish you would go away. But we all can't have what we want. Can we?

rainslacker1877d ago

It'll go away when articles, such as the one you wrote and submitted here, stop misrepresenting what it's about and start trying to get some actual ethics in their policies.

Maybe instead of just hiding your head in the sand, hoping it goes away, you can tackle the actual issue that gamer gate is trying to get across. Maybe you can use some critical thinking skills of your own, instead of parroting what some fringe group of feminist want you to propagate as the truth. Do you feel good feeding their reputation for their gain? Because that's exactly what all these anti-gamer gate articles are doing. Promoting those that would change gaming to suit their own agenda, when they care nothing about it whatsoever. Way to go there pat.

I know it's crazy, but you, as a "journalist" have as much power to make it go away as us pesky gamergaters.

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tastas211877d ago

Gaming journalists are the worst....

Pandamobile1877d ago

Gaming bloggers you mean.

Baka-akaB1877d ago

Yeah people need to stop calling those journalists . Even when they make 90% of the work force , they still aint journalists and never were

scark921877d ago

Hey, lets stop GamerGate because it is hurting the Corrupt... NOPE

SaveFerris1877d ago

'But tell that to the 10-year-old who just picked up a copy of Shadow of Mordor because his favourite YouTuber said it was awesome, even though they actually hated the game.'

How does a 10 year old buy an 18+ rated game?

The 10th Rider1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I know, right! They let basically anyone into R rated movies around where I live, too. Even if they're by themselves.

Blacktric1877d ago

Answer to that has always been simple; GamerGate is about "journalistic integrity". It's not about what a bunch of YouTube vloggers/let's players push to their dumb, "LEL BROFIST GUIZ" spouting moronic audience. Is it unethical that they're doing such a thing? Yes. Is it related to GamerGate? No.

But of course, much like "GamerGate hates wymyn and is muhsoggykneestic!" crap, they're also trying to push this onto us to make us look bad...

AnotherProGamer1877d ago

did you never play a mature game when you were a kid? simply ask your parents for it

SaveFerris1877d ago

Never played Custer's Revenge, and I don't recall many Adult games on the Sinclair ZX81 (my brother's home computer).

rainslacker1877d ago

Yeah, no one expects bad reviews, or good ones to go away. A reviewer should review as they always have(hopefully with a bit more impartiality...but I digress). The point of gamergate though, and how it would relate to reviews, is to make sure the review is actually portrayed in an ethical and manner, and made with integrity, not pay-offs.

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-Foxtrot1877d ago

What the hell is with all these "Stop GamerGate" articles....good god. I mean all at roughly the same time aswell.

I see people against it just because they are sick of hearing about it, they don't have a side but they just don't want to see it anymore. I mean that kind of thinking is why journalist walk all over us.

Gamers are doing this for other gamers benefits aswell and yet they are making this into GamerGate hating on women, name calling SJW and that. The only reason it looks like that is because SJW and people like Anita distract GG from doing it's main job.....fighting corrupt gaming journalists.

leemo191877d ago

The articles are only popping up again because Anita got death threats claiming its GG people, yet no evidence has been shown pointing to GG. So many people who support GG don't support harassing in any way, yet the anti-GamerGate people think one person represent the whole of GG.
Than what I like people like this author doesn't do research and doesn't notice how people of pro GG have been harass just as bad like Totalbiscuit or Boogey even some getting doxx. To people against GG that's ok, just as long as its not being done to them.

HighResHero1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

So we need to keep track of the harassment toward GG people so that they won't have that argument anymore.

TekoIie1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

"What the hell is with all these "Stop GamerGate" articles....good god. I mean all at roughly the same time aswell."

It's what most media do. They make the controversy, and milk it for everything they can.

All that Gaming media outlets need to do is say that they'll follow these simple rules:

After that this whole things ends. Pretty simple really. Plus if it makes anyone feel better this whole "counter-attack" on GamerGate has failed:

The attempt to silence GamerGate only made it stronger. At this point it's not going away, and needs to be addressed how it should have been 2 months ago.

The 10th Rider1877d ago

Lol, if they say they follow Reuters' guidelines just link to this:

pat_11_51877d ago

If you don't like articles that discuss feminist issues in games and examine the industry from an angle you disagree with, why visit those websites? Why do you continue to give sites like Polygon and Kotaku clicks and video views if you want them to disappear.

IGN and Gamespot exist for a reason and have largely stayed out of anything to do with Gamergate because they don't want to alienate their audience. Go there. Be happy. Move on with your life.

To the constant claims that GamerGate is solely about a demand for higher ethical standards when it comes to writing about games, I simply ask: Where are all these "shady going ons" you speak of. Even GamerGate's supposed catalyst (the Nathan Grayson and Zoe Quinn thing) was proven false.

Like I say in this story, I think we should be talking about ethics when it comes to writing about games, just not in the context of the toxic GamerGate movement.

Godmars2901877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

How is the Quinn thing "false" when many who participated in it admitted to participating in it? The boyfriend was cheated on, Quinn confessed to having cheated on him, and at least one of the guys she cheated on him with - who was apparently married through Quinn didn't know about that - admitted to the affair. Then when looking at the non-affair related crap, the Fine Young Capitalist episode, that too was supported. Quinn used her position to subvert and coop that effort for herself.

If anything was truly toxic about any of this, it was how the likes of Polygon and Kotaku responded to it.

"It's fine if you have and opinion about politics and feminism, just as long as you keep it to yourself or at least away from my games."

Yeah, that's the thing: Aside from the sexism issue, the feminist side seems to have a "side agenda" about imposing their opinions on the game industry.

Megaplaynate1877d ago

I'm not giving Kotaku or Polygon any clicks, ever since Gamergate started the list of sites I won't visit has grown a lot.
It's fine if you have and opinion about politics and feminism, just as long as you keep it to yourself or at least away from my games.
And Nathan did write an article that featured Literally Who's game.

CaptainObvious8781877d ago

Ok, now I know you're just being deliberately stupid.

Stating that whole zoey quin issue has been proven false... You can kick and scream as much as you want, it's not magically going to turn a fact into a falsehood.

I think you need to to a bit of research before you say something else that makes you look utterly delusional.

Godmars2901877d ago

Thought that was obvious: they're using the momentum of the MSNBC interview and reaction to the gun threat.

HighResHero1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

" What the hell is with all these "Stop GamerGate" articles....good god. I mean all at roughly the same time aswell. "

We know what they are about. These people have been exposed, they are scared and these are DESPERATE acts of damage control.
The more they are exposed the more desperate their actions become.

WilliamUsher1876d ago

Dude, it's just shills and the agenda-pushing corrupt.

They're getting desperate because they're losing. #GamerGate has all the victories... all they have is "muh soggy knees".

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