The Crew will let players adjust their frame-rate on PC

Ubisoft's upcoming open-world racing game The Crew will be 30 frames per second on PS4 and Xbox One, but its developer has said that it's not going to stop PC users from adjusting the framerate based on their hardware - as many did with the beta that came with an artificial 30 fps lock.

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uth111881d ago

Haven't they said this all along?

ATi_Elite1880d ago

It was gonna happen even if they didn't allow it.

Vsync is standard Pc stuff not a feature lol

tee_bag2421880d ago

Wow Ubisoft... we're ever so grateful. Please also let me choose 24fps too incase I ever want "the filmic" experience.. lol

MegaRay1880d ago

And people believed Ubisoft is sold out to MS and Sony because of Unity framerate lock. I say its more of a developers choice than publisher

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