DriveClub PS Plus Edition Delayed Due To Server Issue: A Great Excuse And Strategic Move From Sony

GP: "Set to be an exclusive racing title for the PlayStation 4, it became quite the surprise when Sony announced that there will be two different versions of the game. Not only was there the standard version which could be purchased through retail or the PlayStation Network but a completely free version for PlayStation Plus subscribers. However, at last minute Sony pulled the free PlayStation Plus edition, did Sony do this as a strategic move? We certainly think so."

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nicksetzer11882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Pretty much, they have changed the script on this game so many times on this game it's appauling.

Everything from
-Release Date
-ps+ version has changed so many times I lost track
-delayed to fix "social features" then launches with broken "social features."
-Now delayed PS+ edition with an unknown release.

Really uninmpressed with how Sony and EVO handled this one, kind of off putting for me.

@bloodbourne trying to badmouth? Those things all happened. Stating actual events is bad mouthing? Not only that I have had a PS4 since launch, rented driveclub from gamefly and rarely comment in driveclub articles, unless the article is of interest. Not to mention the things I mentioned have little to do with "playing the game" and everything to do with disliking how everything was handled. Again though, despite that I have played it, and own a PS4, if that somehow makes my point more valid to you...

What is funny is how me being unhappy with terrible production is somehow bad? Can you explain how those things are good then?

P.S. for those wondering 3 articles I commented on about driveclub (out of hundreds) is apparently "EVERY" driveclub article according to some people...

nX1882d ago

Really unimpressed with how hard you're trying to badmouth this game without having even played it. You probably don't even have a PS4, why do I see your comments in every Driveclub related article?

xHeavYx1882d ago

Right, brilliant strategy by Sony to get bad press, because we all know that, if you want to sell consoles, you have to mess up /s

Volkama1882d ago

If they're having server issues then it really does make sense to hold back the flood that the free version will bring.

And after 10 days or whatever it's been, I gotta believe that they are not faking the server issues lol

spacedelete1882d ago Show
XisThatKid1882d ago

I've given up on this one anyway. hopefully the crew is what i've been waiting for in a reacing game

Death1882d ago

I find it hard to believe they can have server issues this long after the release and delay from last year. The game had to go through internal testing and some sort of beta before it could get certification for release. We've had a year of PS4 releases that are online and haven't had issues to this degree. The game would have to be broken to have issues like this that are still persistant. I honestly have no idea how this can be an ongoing issue if it's on the server side of the game.

Why not release the Plus edition with online disabled if it's a server issue? PSN isn't affected so why not release the Plus edition so people can make their own decisions on the game?

amiga-man1882d ago

The conspiracy theorists will always try and make more of things than is really the case, the server issues are real if some people want to imagine that was intentional by Sony then you probably believe the moon landings were fake too and there will be no changing your mind.

I have no doubt though that there are a lot of people who have been eager to play this game and picked it up because they didn't want to wait for the PS+ version to become available.

nicksetzer11882d ago

@volkama I think it is pretty obvious they aren't "faking the server issues, that would be stupid. However server issues for this long after a 1 year delay should not happen.

Also, noone is saying that they should release the PS+ version and the cripple the game further, it just should have been available and working at release, like most games. (Even broken games at least still work most of the time, this didn't work at all) It was promised all this time and promoted to the heavens and now it is pushed back to who knows when.

Volkama1882d ago

I'm not defending the botched launch or the game.

I just think the conspiracy theory is wide of the mark, and they are not deliberately delaying to increase sales.

u got owned1882d ago

Love how people defend Sony even though they messed up pretty bad.

JackVagina1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )


You honestly believe they never planned on releasing a PS+ version from the start? smh

The servers broke just from people buying the game in NA, what do you think unleashing PS+ version was going to do?

I KNOW they stuffed up bad with the whole server issues im not defending it but you need to give PS+ version some time

jmac531882d ago

@jackvagina exactly that. They knew releasing the PS + version at the start would slam the servers, so why didn't they accommodate for that?

HaveAsandwich1882d ago

sorry man. from the view of a ps4 owner, they dropped the ball on driveclub.

darthv721882d ago

@blood, in some of these threads i have read your responses from the perspective of 'personally offended'

As in you are taking the critiquing of the situation rather personal. Just as a piece of probably shouldnt. It's okay to see the situation for what it is. A screw up that they are working to fix.

News4Noobs-1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Perhaps many people haven't played the game, I'm a Sony fan ever since PSX.
Now this is unacceptable... Server issues after a year delayed? Wasn't that the purpose of delaying it? To have online features and enhance the online experience? But let me take your side and say that "yes, it is servers issues" and watch how it still doesn't make any sense.
Ok, so they are having servers issues, the Playsation store still works right? Why can't they just release it and make it playable online only? And even releasing it with online available,
1. It won't disturb those who bought the full game because most of them can't even play it online HAVING OR NOT HAVING the PS+ Edition available. Get it? Too many stubborn thinking if it is severs issue, not releasing the free version is making things better, when clearly it isn't.
2. You DO NOT need no damn servers to at least play a game offline.
3. AFTER 9 days and and "servers issues" can't be fixed? Yea ok.
4. Not releasing the PS+version hasn't changed anything to the game right? So what's the point of not releasing it?
5. A few patches and still not fixed?
6. No announcements on whether if they are almost resolving the issue or the approach they are taking.
7 Take a look at Battlefield 4 for example, a completely broken game (from servers/online side) and it still got released!

I believe there is more than just the stupid excuse of "servers issues" to the game than just that. It is either entirely broken, Sony wants people to buy the full game or something else. Open your eyes people! We love Sony...But we can't be so blind.
For me, I will simply won't buy the game anymore.

Disagrees incoming for saying the truth lol. Btw I'm not saying Sony is bad or anything, this is all about how this situation is being handled and those that can't see, do not want to see.
Writing from my phone

CuddlyREDRUM1882d ago

Prove that you own a PS4, Bloodborne?

d0x3601882d ago

The fact that people are defending Sony here is insane. They screwed up, admit it, get over it and move on

Harold_Finch1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Your name alone makes you an untrustworthy figure to listen to. How do you think you will convince anyone? It has happened, they aren't lies. The links compliment the accusations so he cannot lose because he has the proof.

You sound a bit obsesses Bloodborn, something a teenager would do because they have yet to receive their first shag.

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Insomnia_841882d ago

While ppl bother with writing crap like this, I'm enjoying the hell out of that game! The online is very good and very competitive.

nicksetzer11882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

This article has nothing to with how good/fun or bad/boring driveclub is....

PS4OUR1882d ago Show
darthv721882d ago

@insomnia..good for you that you are enjoying the game. That is what games are supposed to do. certain are you that it is Ms fanboys disagreeing? It could be PS4 fans who have been patiently waiting to get the + edition.

Seeing the constant claims of joy (aka gloating) by the consumers who paid for their version could be making them jealous enough to disagree.

I'm not saying that is what it is, but more of what could be a possibility.

Alabamarolltide19901882d ago

@PSOUR I'm not some Microsoft fanboy. I disagreed with it. I have Forza Horizon 2 and I'm enjoying the shit out of it I'm just taking a break :). Anyways back to what I was saying. I also have a PS4 and I planned on getting this but I've lost complete interest in the game because there is no ps+ edition. This game was a huge cluster fuck on release date and still is. Until it's fixed I don't plan on playing it at all. Some might enjoy it like you. But obviously I can't.

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FlameBaitGod1882d ago ShowReplies(3)
TKCMuzzer1882d ago

PS+ edition to launch with console, did not make it. PS+ edition to release along side release of game in October 2014, PS+ Edition announce date to three times and you lost count
The PS+ edition was delayed due to server issues, once in production and people have paid for pre-orders Sony can't pull the full version or stop it hitting retail as the issues were in launch week, they did have the power to make sure millions of others did not download it and cause even more issues.
Microtransactions are always optional, you have the choice to spend money or not.

The production was not terrible, the execution of the release was, their two separate things.

AngelicIceDiamond1882d ago

It just comes to show DC, after a year still wasn't ready. Evo probably wanted to delay the it again to truly fine tune everything but Sony refused to delay it and forced them to release it.

After so many delays Sony doesn't want to go through severe backlash over another potential delay.

And honestly, sure Sony really doesn't want to give out this game virtually for free (yet) in order to keep the game fresh in consumers mind. From what I heard the game isn't very heavy on content day one. So people could get too much of a feel of the game in PSN+ edition and not upgrade to the full version. Or get the full version at heavy discount.

Sony is a buissness so they'll do anything to make as much money as possible. Even if it means delaying the PSN+ edition.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Only an idiot would think that a company would purposely sabotage their own product to sell more of the products...

When you see the idea written in words you can see just how stupid this "conspiracy theory" is.

ger23961882d ago

Your concern and disappointment are duly noted.

lemoncake1882d ago

Sony has completely dropped the ball with this game, then continued to kick it down the stairs with a failed pickup. I think the biggest problem is that they announced it way too soon just to try and compete with Forza at launch, then they started cutting corners with testing and the such to get it out this holiday around horizon 2 being released. This game really needed an open beta test, then a release a few months later.

WickedLester1882d ago

Driveclub was revealed before Forza 5 was.

d0x3601882d ago

Some people Will excuse every mistake Sony makes...just because. Any person who thinks they haven't botched everything related to this game is living in some dream world.

I don't care how long I have to wait for the PS+ version I will not buy drive club until I get to try it. Sony is probably hoping people give up waiting and just buy the full game but all they are really doing is pissing people off.

Not only that but its absurd they are still having server issues. Whoever is in charge of this games network features at evolution should be fired immediately.

NBT911882d ago

Yep. They even had a beta test for the game, it was codenamed "Cupcake". Google it, it was a thing.

So all things considered, I'm not giving them the benefit of the doubt on this one, I'm just not buying the game.

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jhoward5851882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I think there more to the DC server story. The reason why I say that is because a racing controls are simple compared to FPS which normally has a much greater controls scheme. That said, DC online play shouldn't have impacted the sever this much. Is not like devs hasn't made racing games in the past.well, my guess is, the only solution to this problem is for Sony to upgrade their server hardware or add more servers.

Personally, I don't think the issue has anything to do with DC game. The simpler the controls are = less control input sent = less bandwidth.

Volkama1882d ago

Controller inputs aren't sent to the server. That's all local. The results of those inputs are sent to the server.

FPSs will be sending player positions, projectiles, maybe some physics. Whether a racing game takes more or less bandwidth largely depends how the physics are managed I suppose.

But yes, it does feel like Evolution are trying to act as a bit of a bullet shield for the Playstation Network. I doubt we'll ever find out if that's the case though.

jhoward5851882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Yes they are sent to the server. If what you were saying were true than beta testing wouldn't work at all.

Literally the host is with your isp to connect all players locally. The same information are sent to the server as well to keep track.

Volkama1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Eh? What does beta testing have to do with anything?

If controller inputs were sent to the server, you'd get a delay in the on-screen action as a result. But that's really not how it works. Your controller inputs do not go straight to the server, the local client crunches them and sends only what is necessary to the server. Positions, velocities, actions and such. Not direct controller input.

That's why on many games you can continue to move around for a brief period when you completely lose connection to the server.

jhoward5851882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Of course all data information are read/sent in ones and zeros if you're taking what i said literally. Most people on Ng4 aren't tech savvy so I try to explain things in a simpler way.

My point is, FPS inputs are normally greater than racing game inputs so therefore there will be more traffic between ISP and game Server.

uth111882d ago

My guess is they developed a set of in-house stress tests which their servers passed, only to discover once the game went live that these stress tests didn't really contain enough test cases that mirrored real world usage.

So now they are forced to rewrite that server code to increase performance.

If simply adding more hardware would have solved this, this would have been sorted out last week.

jhoward5851882d ago

You might be right. But I also look at things that surrounds this server issues like how often Sony maintenance their sever, how PSN performs/speed, and how often their server goes down after it has been attacked by hackers. These are clues I've taken in account to draw my conclusion.

As of late, I've been noticing my receive n sent message on PSN don't populate as fast as it should so I would have to refresh the screen like 5 times to get it to work. Sometime I can't even get in to PSN store. I believe my PSN account has been hacked a few times and would have to call PSN to help me fix it.

So why are things sluggish on PSN I asked? The only thing that comes to my mind is the server aren't powerful enough. This is something that I experienced before DC ever came out.

Why does SONY have to maintenance their sever so often?
You don't see MS having to maintenance their server as much as Sony's.

As for the DC situation, I think Sony's PSN server is old tech and they don't want to spend the money to upgrade their hardware. what seems obvious to me they're trying to optimize their server as much as they can and its not working. If what I'm is true, the wait will be long. time will only tell.

eezo1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

completely agree with the article... sony hype DriveClub PlayStation Plus edition to the point that they are the firm who cares about their fans but right at the last moment delayed it release but went ahead with full retail version release.....

The internet would have explode to nasty comments if something like this have happened with Forza Horizon 2... but in comparison critics and racing genre fans liked Forza Horizon 2 and did not complained even about a single thing related to it...

affrogamer1882d ago

LOL except that most of us are not willing to open up our wallets til we try the game. So the earlier the ps plus version becomes available, the better for Sony!