Destiny Review: Everything You Thought It’d Be | Technology Tell

Technology Tell writes, "Destiny isn’t the first game to straddle the FPS and MMO genres, but it is rare to see a title achieve that particular hybrid without compromising any of the core mechanics integral to the shooter experience. It feels like an FPS through and through, and targets a very large and divisive demographic; a demographic split on the relative merits of storytelling in video games."

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venom061875d ago

yet, ANOHTER example of how stupid and useless reviews are now.. wayy too much fanboyism (or even haterism) involved with these. This one is pretty dang stupid..

orakle441875d ago

Doesn't it get old trolling every Destiny article you see on N4G? Give it a break already.

iDadio1875d ago

Thought it was a solid game but there's way to many flaws for it to be A/A

chrissx1875d ago

"Destiny: everything you thought it'd be". I wholeheartedly disagree

ShowGun9011875d ago

...if you played the beta, it should be EXACTLY what you thought it'd be. the game is EXACTLY like the beta, anybody who bought into "hype", when the game was fully on display to everybody with $5, needs to get their expectations managed.

joab7771875d ago

It's one of the most addictive games I've played in awhile. Love it!!!!

Just did VoG on hard last night. After 5 normal tries, i think, I needed my helmet for 30.


BattleAxe1875d ago

The beta was the game, which is the main problem. A beta is supposed to show you a small snippet of the game, but in actual fact, it felt like it contained half of the entire experience.

Based on what I now know, I would have been satisfied with just playing the beta and then I could have moved onto something else. Oh well, live and learn I guess....

King_of_Nothing1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I like the game, but a score of A/A is being too generous. The game in its current state is in the range of a B or B+ at best. Whether the game rectifies its various short comings with future updates remains to be seen.

spicelicka1875d ago

Currently Destiny has the same metacritic score as Evil within, which is also BS.

A game with a huge campaign, co-op, multiplayer, integrated rpg system, almost unlimited amount of fun, should not be considered equal to a 10 hour linear single player game if they retail for the same price. But I guess metacritic is not really a good indication of a game's value.

King_of_Nothing1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Metacritic is definitely not a good indicator of value! Regardless of how fun or good a game is, you can count on the negative types to come out in droves to smear it.

joab7771875d ago

While I agree and love destiny, o do think different genres deserve to be reviewed on different scales etc.

As far as where I invest my money, it's easy to choose a game u can play for 100s of hrs.

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The story is too old to be commented.