Gamervision reviews Race Driver:GRID

Gamervision reports:

''The current generation of racing games seem to be all about striking a balance between the old-school ethos of mashing down the gas pedal for the duration of the race and the more modern sim-like gameplay mechanics of weight distribution and drafting. Gone are the days of the first generation Need for Speed games with their soldered-down gas pedals. Also a thing of the past are the viciously unforgiving physics of the first Gran Turismo. The new model for racers lies somewhere in between. One of the best examples of the mash-up of new and old school mindsets was the Codemasters-developed rally racer DiRT. Their follow-up to that is the recently released Race Driver: GRID, a game that incorporates the best elements of DiRT, but gets them off off-road. The resulting product, although not ground-breaking or terribly innovative is still one of the most fun racing games I've ever played.''

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