Mass Murder Glorifying Game "Hatred" Is Exactly What Fox News Will Be Reporting About

GG3 puts the recent announcement of PC game "Hatred" under the microscope and discusses the dangers of its opportunism that clings on mass shootings and supposedly fighting for some connected ideology.

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lifesanrpg1880d ago

This game should not exist.

camel_toad1880d ago ShowReplies(4)
Mega241880d ago

It has a nice idea, but the point of the game should be changed, instead of human genocide, it would be better if the dev changes it into demons or Zombies. Because clearly, this will bring a sh*tstorm bigger than what Manhunt had.

badz1491879d ago will be Dead Nation!

Mega241879d ago

I don't understand if the people disagreeing with me here want the game, or are disagreeing with me because I said it was a nice idea, but the enemies should be Demons or Zombies.

aliengmr1879d ago

Well making it demons or zombies would just make it pointless.

Seriously, let the 24hr News networks have something to talk about. They can consider it a gift.

Games are protected speech any way, so just laugh as they rant over it. Maybe we'll get to see ole Jack again. The look on his face will be worth it.

Spinal1880d ago

Doesn't look bad but gameplay needs to have some substance if ur just running around killing how bland is that? Well that's not my thing.

Gta 5 was so spot on so fun to play that campaign and can't wait to get back into the online when it lands in a couple weeks.

HighResHero1879d ago

I find even the games title repulsive, but that is my opinion.

I think we should be concerned about how many opportunists this game will bring out of the woodwork. People looking to demonize gamers/games, attract traffic, create controversy, etc.
I think a preemptive strategy should be in order so that when "SJW" types try to say things like,
"look at how terrible gamers and the games they play are"
We can say things like,
"No, you are a nasty, lying opportunist, who is only protecting your own interests"

cogniveritas1879d ago

Isn't the point of a SJW to intervene where social injustice is an issue backed by an agenda to subjugate a social class without the power to bring justice for themselves? I just don't see it here.

HighResHero1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

" Isn't the point of a SJW to intervene where social injustice is an issue backed by an agenda to subjugate a social class without the power to bring justice for themselves? I just don't see it here. "

I think you might have missed my point and how I used the term given the context of my comment.
Also, the term is in parenthesis to indicate that I use it loosely and in the context of our current situation too.

saber000051879d ago

I'm pretty surpised that people are down voting your comment.

That game is a bit too creepy for my own liking. I enjoy gory games, don't get me wrong.. But that just doesn't seem like a good game to roll out.

What will probably happen from this game, is some nut mother or father will buy this for their child who is well bellow the age limit. From there, the kid will try to replicate what is being played on the game, because he thought it would be cool. From there, a call to ban violent video games, pistols, rifles, etc... And this would only hurt the gaming industry. I've seen this happen before with other games. You remember the whole GTA crap News media cried about and blamed all violence on?

Granted, GTA's campaign doesn't tell you or force you to kill people. That's the player's choice. However for this game, the campaign and objective is to kill the innocent.

Thoughts? (serious discussion)

callahan091879d ago

Nothing to get worked up about. This is nothing new. In the 90s there was Postal and Carmageddon, etc. Not sure why people are suddenly shocked over this kind of thing.

desolationstorm1879d ago

Postal is exactly what came to mind.

WoshJills1879d ago

I thought of Carmageddon.

OfGloriousLife1879d ago

This game should exist.

All art should exist, whether or not you agree with it.

thehobbyist1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Censorship is legitimately the worst thing we can do. It's better to have it and say "Yeah, that happened, let's all get over it and move on" as opposed to pretending it doesn't exist or trying to shut it down. Because that isn't the mature thing to do. Let the game exist, and just not support it. It's that simple.

jc121879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

wow, I found this trailer to be extremely disturbing. I am a strong advocate for developer freedom when it comes to video games, but this is plain ridiculous. I'm devoid of any desire to play - let alone defend - this game's right to exist.

I would not let my son play this.

TardcoreGamer1879d ago

Looks kinda like Dead Nation only that people are running away instead of after you.

I'm a big fan of dual-stick shooters so this game is right up my alley.

Who cares about the animated violence as long as you have fun and enjoy the game.

Mr Tretton1879d ago

This offends me!...they ripped off the Doom font!

Seriously though, the only reason I'm not interested if because I don't like top-down shooters that much. That's where I lost interest.

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phntom1880d ago

Even the gameplay seems miserable.

Stallion1879d ago

Yeah. There's nothing wrong with it existing, it's just in bad taste. Whatever "problem" people have with it ends with not playing it. It'll probably be shit regardless.

nidhogg1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

My initial thought was DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN .. but I still want to have the opportunity to play this. Although, this will be another "gaming causes violence" controversy for sure -- and I won't blame the media for that. This game takes the cake.

BattleTorn1879d ago

Yeah, it's going to be hard to argue this game doesn't glorify harming innocent people.

Dan_scruggs1880d ago

Thousands of man hours and dozens of people wasted their time making this. Lesson 1. Know when to stop.