Destiny – 6 Tips To Survive The Crucible

Just picked up Destiny and having trouble performing in the Crucible? Check out these seven tips to get you prepared and on the right track.

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salmon_slapped1881d ago

Why would anyone want to survive when the people that get the best loot are the ones that do the worst.

ABizzel11880d ago

I agree the randomness of it makes it almost pointless once you're done with the bounties.

The player who does the best on the Team should get 2 guaranteed engrams, everyone else should be random and the percentage of getting something good should increase the better your rank on your team.

I've been somewhat lucky, I usually place 1st - 3rd best, and gotten Strange Coins and some other stuff, but it's almost rage inducing when you see the last player with a 0.05 KDR get a Legendary or Exotic Weapon and they've done nothing for the team besides help us lose. It's the same thing for Strikes the player who has the highest score based on the most kills, the most assist, the most whatever the 3rd thing is, and the least deaths should get 4 items while the others get 2.

This game is completely unbalanced, because they tried to make everything fair be being completely random, but skill should always be rewarded. The rewards can still be random, but if someone is carrying the team or squad then they should be rewarded more.

ShowGun9011880d ago

why do good in battlefeild, or CoD, or ANY MP MODE EVER?

that argument seems pathetic to me, you do good to do good... the RNG at the end is just an added bonus. the "reward" (because you apparently cant just play a game for fun i suppose) would be Crucible Rep, and Crucible Marks. the RNG at the end is just for fun, a slot machine to spice things up... also, all the crap blue loot the crucible gives away regularly will only appeal to lvl 18-22 guardians anyway... once you get anything decent, its just for weapon parts/plasteel plating anyway...

WARNING: Battlefeild Hardline and COD:AW probably won't have special guns for you to earn by going 25/3! Pre-order cancelled!

BTW, ive only ever seen ONE exotic engram drop, EVER... and it happened to be for my buddie who consistently gets a k/d of over 2... (he didn't even want it! UGH!) so exotics dropping isn't really an issue, when its so rare...

cr33ping_death1879d ago

Your buddy is one lucky mofo. :) I've never seen an exotic drop.

salmon_slapped1879d ago

1st of all it was a joke since the RNG is terrible in Destiny. It shouldn't be equal for all and chances to get something good should increase the higher you are on your team.

2nd Battlefield and COD run on a very different system so it makes no sense to even mention them let alone make the joke you did about them.

3rd I've seen 4 exotics given out in the crucible only 1 went to a friend of mine who did mediocre that game. While another friend of mine always gets top 3 and gets MVP around 80% of the time and he has yet to get an exotic from crucible and for the most part gets nothing from it while most others at least get something.

4th how does me making a joke about the RNG system Destiny has give you any indication that I can't play a game just for fun?

ShowGun9011879d ago


maybe a /s would help, because most people on here ARENT joking when they say that exact thing... people act like if they arent guaranteed an exotic for winning, its not worth playing. sorry, going 20/2 isn't enough to get an exotic, heck, ive only gotten ONE exotic from any form of drop, in the raid (universal remote, woot woot!).

also, i think competitive multiplayer in BF, COD and Destiny are similar enough to warrant a comparison. all fps. all have some sort of progression (xp and gear earned). so i don't think this is an apples and oranges situation.

jmc88881880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Use the character with a shield (hunter)
Use a fusion rifle
Slice and dice people

It's pretty crazy, some people will have 3 shields plus their regular health while wielding a one shot fusion rifle or shotgun. It's pretty lopsided.

What are these shields? Well you've got your personal shield (which basically give you double life over non-hunters), you've got a secondary personal shield if you have the melee gives you a shield option clicked (which means an optional 3rd thing of health when you melee someone and can be done at any an additional shield when you are low or basically a 3rd temporary 'health' alltogether).

Then if you have a Titan on your team with a Titan shield bubble active, you can have all those protections PLUS the shield bubble.

Sadly I have yet to even try to use that character, but once I do and get it to level 20 I already got legendary and exotic gear to equip it.

So if you want to be good in Crucible, be a hunter. You have all the advantages in the world over other players.

Soon the only people playing crucible will be those with the Hunter class equipped, except for maybe with friends they'll have one be a Titan to give them that 3rd shield.