The Witcher 3 opening cinematic to be unveiled at the Golden Joystick Awards

Neil writes "CD Projekt Red, the guys behind the acclaimed Witcher series of games have revealed the opening cinematic from their upcoming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be unveiled at the Golden Joystick Awards. "

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sssb1884d ago

I can't wait to see it, my most wanted game ever, GOTY for ME.

ArchangelMike1884d ago

I don't know... This Gen has been charaterised by 'over-hype' and then disappointment. Don't get me wrong. the Witcher 3 is currently my most anticipated game of 2014, but I don't want to start drowning in hype... again - Destiny I'm looking at you...

I might have to go on a self imposed media blackout, just so when the Witcher 3 releases, it will be a fresh unspoiled experience.

sssb1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

dud trust me this game will be most amazing RPG ever made or let's say one of most amazing because there's many good RPG actually.
CD project keep listening to the fans and what gamers want, and how to make them have fun playing your game, they keep focus how to deliver unforgettable gameplay experience.
I can't promise will be the best but i'm sure The Witcher 3 will be one of best.
damn it sound like I'm one of developers when talking about this game, sorry i'm so excited.

boing11884d ago

Digic. Set yourself for a visual treat.

ATi_Elite1883d ago

The Witcher 3 is too big to fail. Made PC first then ported down it will be one game that is truly next gen and surpasses the hype.

Can't wait to play this masterpiece

ArchangelMike1883d ago

Remember this?

I know Destiny has not failed, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is one of the most disappointing games this gen - when compared to the pre-release hype.

It was more disappointing for me than Watchdogs...