Futuridium Interview: ‘PS4 Simply Munched Through Anything We Threw At It’, An ‘Easy Win’

Mixed Bag Games’ co-founder Mauro Fanelli talks about the power of the PS4.

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vishmarx2565d ago

2 bucks says the commenters will spin in this into yet another debate somehow.

stuna12565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Of course they will! Simply because many are unable to handle the truth! Even when it's staring them smack-dab in the face.

The disagree isn't from me, because I actually agree with you, but that's what these comment sections are for. To spark discussion, debate, and yes extreme denial in some instances.

Hellsvacancy2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

"To spark discussion" on N4G, you serious dude? the old N4G you used to be able to have constructive conversations with intelligent people, then for some reason the mods got rid of the two separate comment sections and merged everyone together

Now it's all one sided, you either support Sony or you don't

YoungKingDoran2564d ago


Isn't that two sides then?

gamesR4fun2564d ago


I've beenaround long enough to know what utter bs that is this site used to troll anything sony with a passion worthy of 4chan...

just read the first 10 or 20 pages of my history and you tell me this site was all so reasonable sigh.

starchild2564d ago


Nah, I've come to N4G since before the launch of the last gen consoles and even back then there were plenty of people on both sides bashing the other. Sony fans weren't the little innocent victims you make them out to be.


I think that is largely true, but not everyone falls under that description. I favor Sony consoles and I sometimes agree with Sony fans on certain issues, but I also find that I disagree on many issues with the majority of Sony fans on this site. It's not so black and white.

I have my preferences as far as gaming platforms go, but I'm not really wedded to any of them. The system wars aren't particularly interesting to me. I mostly care about gaming as a whole, our community and issues that affect gamers and the developers that make our games. I have opinions on those kinds of issues and sometimes they line up with one group and other times with another group.

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uth112564d ago

5 bucks says it's another Gamingbolt headline

user56695102564d ago

see i told you ps4 can do 4k. it can handle anything devs can throw at it. its the most powerful electronic device that out right now. this isnt pr people this is fact ps4 is on the forefront of technology and what the new demanding effects ps4 come out with. it already the platform with the best gfx. no platform can touch ps4

Father__Merrin2564d ago

theres no doubt PS4 is best platform

FsterThnFTL2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

.....after PC. If you had said best current-gen console I would have agreed with you. But PC as a gaming platform is much better than any console ever.

Unarmed_Civilian2564d ago

And that depends what spec PC you have.

jukins2564d ago

maybe you should say PC is capable of being much better. It depends on specs and if you're really a pc gamer you know more often than not pc games have more bugs upon release than console games. Like the evil within got it on pc its a buggy mess. Yes it looks better than console versions but looks arent everything.

starchild2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )


No, he's saying that the PC platform is better overall, not just in terms of hardware. Having the option to have as powerful hardware as you want is one of the benefits of PC gaming.

What you are saying about PC games having more bugs is simply not true. The Evil Within has no more bugs on PC than it does on console. I haven't encountered any serious bugs at all and the game runs and looks better than the console versions. Same goes for all the other games I have played this gen on PC--AC4, Bound by Flame, Shadow of Mordor, Ryse, Child of Light, Alien Isolation, etc--they've all run great on my PC and I didn't have any issues playing through them.

We know from graphics card sales data that there are easily tens of millions of mid range to high end PCs out there that outperform the consoles. That's a lot more than the number of new gen consoles that are out there. These are the simple facts, since you brought the subject up.

Anyway, that ultimately doesn't matter. Just enjoy whatever platform(s) you own and respect those that prefer something else. Don't make up things to make the other platforms look bad.

user56695102564d ago

of course they would say it depends because it would mean ps4 is not the end all be all of gaming platforms. its what they always do acting like its gods gift when someone state a fact... but..but it depends. even though its a platform that performs better and has more options.

that like saying i have the most powerful computer ever made but its a 5 year old laptop. and you say its better laptops and desktops out there and you say but it depend on the specs. what i just told you its better stuff out why are you trying so hard to fight facts.

heres another. you have a some old beat up sneakers with holes in them and say their the best sneakers ever made. i tell you its better sneaker out there. and what do you say "it depends on what the sneaker made of" lol didnt even prove the point it only take one that better to prove what he said not the average of pcs because its what they can do now.

ps fanboys grasping for a win even when they cant. news flash ps4 is not as powerful as you think. its not even beating mid range rigs

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FsterThnFTL2564d ago

So it will be 1080p/60fps or not?

HeWhoWalks2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Um, time to actually read the article. Couldn't be more plain as day.

OT: Good to hear. Most Indie devs say similar things! Such a stark differences from the days of the PS3!

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