Firefox 3 security compromised

Somebody has already reported a serious security flaw with Mozilla's latest version of Firefox that was released and downloaded by millions of users last week.

The security flaw was reported to TippingPoint's Zero Day Initiative and Mozilla has been informed of the details, so we will no doubt see a fix for the problem in the next Firefox 3 update.

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Rikitatsu4744d ago

it looks like i was deceived :/

Security Flaw = Huge Flaw

strotee4744d ago

it only comes with the territory, (more people who use the software = more opportunities for holes to be found). the important thing is how fast it gets patched. mozilla has always been quick to plug holes, this will be moot in no time.

bottom line: software will ALWAYS need to be updated, period. no need to get all melodramatic.

solidt124744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

If you are using Windows anything is possible. I made the switch to Mac OS X and everything is fine so far.

Tsalagi4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )


Windows is an operating system. Firefox is a browser. The security problem has nothing to do with what operating system Firefox is running on.


BulletToothtony4744d ago

anonymously has posted in the internet explorer forums have said that firefox sucks..

DeFFeR4744d ago

That doesn't seem like the internet at all!

just imagine if that "complaning" that you speak of catches on...
This internet fad will end... dust off your typewriters boys!


It get a security flaw pointed on it's first day out. Was a known Firefox 2 flaw, that some people was aware and tested out on Firefox 3 just to learn it still there, they reported it only to Mozilla and Mozilla theirselfs told they get it and will work on it but will not disclose what was before solving it. As usual...

ar4744d ago

As opposed to IE that comes with security flaws bundled in as features. ;)

SkullBlade4744d ago

Just... switch to the Opera browser, its much better...