This War of Mine | Frugal Gaming Preview

It's real edge of your seat stuff, looking after the three survivors and weighing up the risk versus rewards of scavenging in richer but more dangerous grounds is exciting and terrifying at the same time - Writes Chris Purdy

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FrugalDaz1881d ago

It sounds absolutely fascinating.

ravencry1881d ago

wow the art is stunning and concept is new

barneystinson1881d ago

Game is awesome, recommend to watch some YT let's play's based on press copy

user56695101881d ago

what more pc games keep the coming gotta love how things are look dry on other platforms but the flow of games havent stopped in like forever on pc. the say pc dont have any games. gotta love the irony. they left with arguing over res of multiplat games that release every year.

ATi_Elite1881d ago

I was hoping for first person game play but the 2D artwork is brilliant and the is really worth a buy

True all you are getting on console is a resolution war while the pc is providing new game play and new genres