Why we can't stop talking about P.T.

Polygon: P.T. is a demo for a game that doesn't even have a release date. Really, it's a piece of viral marketing: it was released as a free "gameplay experience" after Sony's press event at Gamescom in August, and "beating" it unlocks a trailer for Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima's upcoming take on the Silent Hill horror franchise. It's just a teaser, but this tiny game is still inspiring and scaring people nearly three months after its release.

People are still playing P.T., analyzing its mysteries, finding new details in its twisting, creepily repeating hallways. YouTube users like Marszie and TheGrateDebate are still posting videos about the game. Folks are making fan films, analysis videos, and lets-plays.

So, why are people still talking about it?

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Kingdomcome2471878d ago

In my playthroughs I never encountered her in the window like in that picture.

LOGICWINS1878d ago

Because its so damn scary people can't even finish it. As soon as the ghost killed me I was like...."NOOOPE" Havent played it since and that was when I had the lights ON!

What I don't like is that its far too vague as to what you need to do. Like, how the hell are you supposed to know that you need to use the mic!?

I doubt the full game will be like this. This was meant to be overly complex as a marketing tool in that thousands of gamers needed to come together to solve the same puzzle.

toddybad1878d ago

Let's be honest it was pretty awesome (actually must go back and finish the last bit)