7 Things you can do in Far Cry 4, but couldn't in Far Cry 3

Here's seven things players will be able to do in Far Cry 4 that they couldn't do in Far Cry 3.

More of the same, or new?

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SonZeRo1876d ago

i'm going to have fun in FC4, once im done leveing characters in WoW ofcourse :)

Neixus1876d ago

Yup! Same here.
having a lot of fun with the pre-patch, after a long break

insomnium21876d ago

Elephant kills? smdh...what were you thinking....?

WeAreLegion1876d ago

Ugh. I can't watch the video, since I'm at work.

WeAreLegion1876d ago

I'm on my phone. Still can't watch the video at work. They'd catch me.

shammgod1876d ago

elephants aren't typically predatory animals, but this looks awesome!

Fishy Fingers1876d ago

Ha, yeah I'm not sure elephants are quite so blood thirsty in real life, but FC seems to forgo realism in the interest of fun. It's a good thing :)

audiophile1011876d ago

they are not typically this way but this does happen in certain cultures where they ride them for transport or even so far as to kill

DarkLord10031876d ago

The only thing that is kind of annyoing is that you seem really overpowered.

spicelicka1876d ago

I'm sure this is the free roaming or side missions where you get to fool around. It was the same is Far Cry 3, but actual missions were pretty hard.


Im really Excited for this game!

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