Why we've decided to delay our DriveClub Review

VGFirst discuss why they have decided to delay the review of their title, Driveclub in response to the games relatively incomplete state, in order to give consumers a review that better represents the game in its state as a 'final product', while recommending consumers stay away from the title until its respective technical issues have been resolved.

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IamTheStorm811885d ago

I'm personally of the mind that, as soon as you're expected to pay for a product, the game is review-able. If it's not in a well enough state to review then the game should be held back even longer and not released and not ask potential buyers to cough up the cash for a game not yet fit to be reviewed.

Truth is that many games need more work and several patches to "get where they're going". Driveclub is one such title, but it needs a lot more work to get there, much more than the usual. That being the case I personally don't believe the game should have been released yet; it obviously wasn't ready (shocking as that might be considering the 11 month delay).

The launch has been handled embarrassingly bad, and both Sony and Evolution Studios ought to be ashamed. They owe their customers better than this.

IRetrouk1885d ago

The online went down for a weekend, well for the uk anyway, there is a single player portion to play, speaking of, the game itself is very playable, gameplay, design and presentation is spot on,

UltimateMaster1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Smart thing to do to delay a game when not all the features are there.
Problem is, a game should have all it's features at launch.

IRetrouk1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Damage control??? Try playing the game, then get back to me, but you wont play it will you? Probs dont even have a ps4...

Septic1884d ago


"Try playing the game, then get back to me "
Maybe he can't because of the delay of the PS+ version?

IRetrouk1884d ago

So that makes it ok to troll a game he hasnt played? Or even say that my comment is damage control before he has had a chance to play it? And plus lets be honest, he does not own a ps4 or plus lol.

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ChronoJoe1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I agree, and disagree with you.

One I think passing judgement, is different to formal review, a formal review should be static and representative of the experience that the consumer gets. It shouldn't change with time.

That's why in the article, while I offered my opinion on the game (which recommended avoiding the title until it's patched), I'd rather delay the review than have to change it later down the line. Or worse, publish a haphazard review early, then change it, then have to change it again when the servers go back online. (like Polygon)

As is, Driveclub is broken. It doesn't function as advertised, or intended, so I strongly recommend people hold off in order to buy a product that's actually finished. That is my opinion on the game, and that which is expressed by VGFirst, however, for us it makes sense to wait until the game is finished before reviewing it.

In a sense, delaying the product on PS+ was an informal recall. It's clear that Evolution are acknowledging, this game is not ready for release, but a formal recall would be incredibly embarassing and generally unnecessary considering the ability to resolve the games problems on their end. Either way, this further reflects why DriveClub from both a consumer and even developer perspective an unfinished game, that was not ready for launch.

Yetter1884d ago

" a formal review should be static and representative of the experience that the consumer gets"

But the fact is games are no longer static, they are constantly being patched, extra features are added and DLC is being released and therefore if a consumer is looking at a review for a game that was released 6 months ago it is no longer representative of the experience the consumer gets

GamingSinceThe80s1884d ago

Sony should offer a full refund to those who got screwed over buying their broken game though.That would be only fair way to handle this mess,and then if it get's fixed in time trust those people will buy the game again when it is fit for sale.If I go to Walmart and buy a TV that turn's out to be broken I can return it and they will give me all my money back,and I don't see why broken games should be any different.

IRetrouk1884d ago

You can return games that dont work as advertised, its the law!!! You could get a refund for driveclub if you really wanted but why not just fo through the single player first and learn how the game plays, then when the online portion is fixed you can smash the online races.

Gaming247allday1884d ago

This is crazy, Sony please do NOT create a Game with heavy Online use if you cant get your Servers in order, its common sense, i understand launch day would have hiccups but damm

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

For the most part, I agree with Kingxtreme81. The portion I don't agree with is reviewing a game without playing everything it has to offer. DriveClub should not have been released without the social/multi-player functions being up and ready to go on day one. This is where both Sony and Evolution dropped the ball/F**ked UP!!! Any review written for DriveClub should review the single player mode only. To review the online portion of the game that isn't even available demonstrates a lack of impartiality, the one thing that is truly needed when writing reviews. No matter what your console of choice is, biases should not influence an opinion of a game. Here are the facts when it comes to DriveClub:

Visually, it's impressive, stunning even.

Controls are pretty straight forward with no issues.

The physics are decent, passable.

The way the cars show damage needs work.

More customization options would be a plus.

Each car has it's own strengths/weaknesses/character istics and each handles differently and you notice the differences while playing which is a very nice touch.

Unfortunately, the online features are still broken which is definitely unacceptable for a AAA Exclusive.

Is it unforgivable? It's a video game. Don't be ridiculous.

IRetrouk1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Probs the best post i have seen since driveclubs release, bubs to you.

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Torque_CS_Lewith1885d ago

If it is available for sale to consumers right now then it must be reviewed right now.
Games must be reviewed as they are and not how they may change in future. Looking at you Destiny (apologists)

bleedsoe9mm1884d ago

sony should give people their money back until the game is ready

Raider691884d ago

Sony really screw up this release.I already see so many second hand copys for sale;many people are just selling the game already even without waiting for the online fixes,somepeople that i know that brought the game feel cheated and with reason.Sony made the requirement that people need to have a subscription for playing online this generation but it seems that Sony is not investing to improve the online network like they told they would,and the release of Drive Club proves it!Its the first year and i will give them some slack but if i dont see actuall improvements on the Network during 2015 i will drop my ps+ subscription.

Neonridr1885d ago

If we shared the same mentality of this article then how can we review any game? There are always day one patches, week one patches, updates, DLC, etc.. If we had to wait for a product to be perfect, then reviews would never happen.

Destiny was another prime example, you can't review the game after extra content has been added, you need to give your review and opinions based on what is available for consumers right now.

ChronoJoe1885d ago

It should be noted that the approach of most outlets is to ignore the launch day technical issues and ommit them from reviews entirely. Note how Driveclub is broken, yet most outlets published a review as if it were fully functional.

Polygon have admitted it's mistake by correcting its review. I think delaying the review and offering early impressions is a much better approach than either of the above.

Neonridr1885d ago

Fair enough, if you want to call it an "Early Impressions" then that is fine. You can avoid the issue completely if you stay away from the word "Review" in the title then.

Still, I can see the other side where if it is available to purchase, you should be giving it a score based on the content it is giving the customers. But should never take into account future updates or addons to enhance the game. Every game has improvements over time.

My only fear over that sort of thinking is that you are holding off giving the game a mediocre score, waiting for improvements to be made to the infrastructure, only to reward it with a higher score down the road.

uth111884d ago

But a review is for potential future buyers, is it not?

Someone deciding to buy this game at Christmas when presumably these issues will be fixed and the weather/photo mode patch is in the game isn't really going to care that the online didn't work the first week or two at launch, or the weather was missing, or that the game was delayed or the ps+ edition was delayed further. To deduct points for these things is a disservice to future purchases. It's one thing if you periodically update the review as things progress like polygon seems to be doing, but you can't expect most sites to do that.

It's a tough issue because Destiny is in the same boat with content, and this seems to be the future of gaming. Periodically update game content to keep people interested in playing online or whatever.

NotAFanboyJustReal1884d ago

Cool good for you, I'm tired of this crap. I'm getting an Xbox One. #DealWithIt

Remy_S1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

You can deal with subpar multiplats and less exclusives. #Hashtag

Kivespussi1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

You too can deal with subpar multiplats and less exclusives. #PCMasterRaceHashtag

Software_Lover1884d ago

A game is reviewed for what it is at release. The dev(s) think the game is ready for mass consumption, so it should be treated as such. Games get good scores, games get bad scores. Some games that aren't hyped but got bad scores I enjoy. It's just the nature of the business.

Review it.

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