Lords of the Fallen playthrough takes 13 to 15 hours

In a interview with IGN Benelux Executive Producer Tomasz Gop confirmed that one single playthrough of Lords of the Fallen will take 13 to 15 hours. If you want to collect everything and complete the new game + and new game ++ you will need more then 50 hours.

IGN Benelux also learnt about a day one patch, DLC, multiplayer and why this was the best time frame to launch the action RPG.

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jronj1880d ago

I think a lot of developers pad games with time wasting fetch quests just to make a game longer, so this isn't necessarily a bad thing..

nX1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

13-15 hours in a RPG is not a good thing either. Demon's Souls had what? 30-50 hours? I would cry if Bloodborne had only 13-15 hours.

thricetold1879d ago

Except most of the playtime in the souls series is due to farming for items/gear. Also, the souls can be completed in less time

nucky641879d ago

at thricefold - not on a first playthrough - there is no way anyone can beat demonsouls/dark souls on a first playthrough without help or previous knowledge of the game.

you don't know what you're talking about

3-4-51879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

If the game is good, then 13-15 hours isn't going to be enough....your going to want more...much more.

If the game sucks, then 13-15 hours might be 13-15 hours too much.

Too short for my preference but hopefully the hours of game that is included, is actually of high quality.

* 5 hours of a great game, is better than 50 hours of a crappy game.

Magicite1879d ago

15h for RPG? Unless its as fun as South Park stick of truth, its too short.

KevWriter1879d ago

That has to be one of the shortest playthrough times in RPG history. I'm still getting it, but damn, that's short.

thekhurg1879d ago

These Dark Souls style games aren't traditional RPGs.

WeAreLegion1879d ago

Have you ever beaten Oblivion?

LAWSON721879d ago

No but I put 200 hrs into lol

vikingland11879d ago

Child Of Light was short but still very good. I do like time sink rpg's though too.

starrman19851879d ago

Hopefully it's 13 - 15 hours for a robot, so add in the 100,000 deaths I am bound to have and I'll have a 50 hour game, winner!

Artista 1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Just right..
Not too much, And not too less.

Quality over quantity.

I was actually worried if it'd be one of those padded games.
Now I've got to decided between this and shadow of mordor.

averagejoe261879d ago

How is this just right? $60 for a game that can be beaten in 2 days??

LetoAtreides821879d ago

If you can beat it in two days and you don't want to play it again just trade it in. I think Gamestop gives you like $40 if you bring it in within two weeks of its launch.

masterfox1879d ago

damn so many games, so little time :/

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The story is too old to be commented.