Phil Spencer puts the Xbox One on the road to recovery

MWEB GameZone writes: "The path to recovery from the massive lead the PS4 has over the Xbox One in terms of sales is still a very long one indeed.

Thankfully, Microsoft is doing all they can to make a comeback with some great public relations moves. These include rolling out updates inspired by community feedback as well as squashing a negative rumor surrounding PC and Xbox One parity."

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HanCilliers1886d ago ShowReplies(5)
beastModeOn1886d ago

You have done a brilliant job so far Phil. Keep it up. :D

Game on!

Sillicur1886d ago

Not always, but he is doing much better I feel. Hopefully this trend will continue!

SniperControl1886d ago

The guy is honest and on the level, he does not hype anything, just tells it the way it is. unlike other execs with-in the xbox division who talk BS.

donthate1886d ago

I think there have been so many ridiculously awesome changes at Xbox division since Phil became the big honcho that I expect a lot of positive things to come.

My only complaint is, please DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE KINECT!!!!


vega2751886d ago

Yes he is doing a great job so far in my book. I'm loving the lineup this holiday even though I haven't finished many of the games I got and still have more to get on my list of games to get this year.

TimeSkipLuffy1886d ago

I'm a PS fan but I like Phil. He is doing good for the Xbox community. Actually I much prefer someone like Phil working for Sony.

tgunzz1886d ago

Awesome job with focus Phil/xb team. You have awesome games running side by side with awesome features... Continue to maintain this great fun factor. Game on.

Magicite1886d ago

I dont think he can keep it up much longer.

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Software_Lover1886d ago

I've said it before and I will say it again. No matter what Microsoft does they will not outsell PlayStation. EVER. They could come out with the best games ever conceived. Have the most powerful system. The best online service. Hell, they could buy out Nintendo and have Mario as exclusive.

Just enjoy the console and games that you get from Microsoft (buy them of course) so that they won't let the Xbox brand die off.

slasaru011886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

You may say it as many times, and MS doesn't care for "winning". They want to sell their console and make money. If they wanted to outsell, they would make xbox cost hundred dollars. It's business, baby

BiggerBoss1886d ago

"I want to win this generation," says Xbox Boss Phil Spencer.

What were you saying?

MasterCornholio1886d ago

Thats just dumb because if Microsoft did that gamers would support them instead of Sony.

Problem here is that Microsoft went all anti consumer and thats the reason why the Xbox One is selling poorly compared to the PS4.

Thats the truth and you have to just deal with it.

TheRedButterfly1886d ago

It's funny that you (and many like you) are still clinging to that like it's still relevant.

1886d ago
redwin1886d ago

You think microsoft went anti consumer alone? Sony was there too, they just did not tell you they where doing it. They both wanted games like Destiny, always online games. Ms was always upfront with what they where doing. The developers wanted those features also because it's more expensive to develop and they wanted a bigger share of the pie so they can bring more $ and take bigger chances with new IPs and exclusives. Instead, now we are stuck with two console that needed a HUGE day one patch to take those features off. And now we gonna be stuck with known games with long a$$ roman letters after it. We had a better choice, we could have all bough a wii and force the developers to develop on cd as the prefer media and in turn Sony and Microsoft would have come out with a different console within two years time. BUT NOOOO, WE BUY DESTINY, the very thing we where fighting against, and we make it a success. Anger leads to omission. Next time let it develop and vote with your wallet.

redwin1886d ago

@shloob, totally agree with you. My friend was gonna buy a ps4, he was on his way, he said that his other friends only have the ps4 because the Xbox is "bad" I invited him home to play them both. He didn't buy the ps4 yet, he said he gotta think this through again. He still might buy the ps4, but i meet one of his friends and he asked me why did I let him play both, that now he is arguing with them saying that what they said was not true. He might still buy the ps4 , but at least he will make an informed decision.

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Paytaa1886d ago

Sales do not dictate a victor in a console war. I mean yeah the Wii sales-wise won last gen but I think the real victor was the 360 due to mass appeal, the market share they stole from Sony and it was the console to own for superior multi-plats.

Whitey2k1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

phil and xbox aint nothing to sony halo , forza is whats pretty much all they have and just splash the cash on third partys that should stay multiplatform if they wanna be like sony then buyout companys , and as for updates im sure xbox owners would more games n games instead of updates after updates they should let go of the xbox brand and keep what made them best in the first place pc gaming

Software_Lover1886d ago

Can I get a period, and some capitalization somewhere?

TimeSkipLuffy1886d ago

To be fair there aren't more exclusive games for PS out there at the moment. There is currently nothing to brag about for me as a PS gamer to any XBOX gamers. I wish there would because I like to kid around and say how many exclusive games I can play with PS4 right now. But that is just not the case. Even worse with the DriveClub fiasco.

Sitdown1886d ago

Because the team that produces updates and responsible for games are the same people...... as if both can't occur. Riiiiiiiiiight...

qwerty6761886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

not perfect but lets be real

compared to the normal corporate shills we have.......Andrew House, Don Mattrick, Jack Tretton

he actually seems like real gamer responding to fans and with twitter and so far i'd say hes done a great job with what he was given.

Sillicur1886d ago

Definately, sure he has made some mistakes but still, he is learning quickly and talking to the community!

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