Darksiders II now free as part of Xbox Games With Gold for October

Neil writes "The middle of the month usually signifies a change in the free Xbox game given away with the Games With Gold scheme but today is slightly different."

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Team_Litt1883d ago

Great month this time around. Just a pity I owned both games on offer.

Septic1883d ago

I completed the first game. Never bought the second one so I'm chuffed. Time to add it to my mnassive back catalogue that dates back to the PsOne :S

Also, it's all about Team_Specter.

bunt-custardly1883d ago

An excellent must have game and massive improvement over the not so bad original. Death is simply an awesome character to play as and voiced pretty well by Michael Wincott. Although quite old now, this is a great download considering it's free.

rogimusprime1883d ago

@Team_Litt And who could blame you? DS2 has been out since August 2012. Nice of them to let us play for free.... The damn studio has been defunct for a year an a half as well.

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kratoz12091883d ago

Xbox should thank playstation for being the first to really push for free games every month

Septic1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

And PlayStation should thank Xbox without which, PlayStation Plus wouldn't have even been conceived.

WalterWJR1883d ago

Please explain septic, I want a good laugh this morning.

Septic1883d ago

Well Junior. You see, it's like this.

Once upon a time, in the generation that preceded this one, it was a looong generation and many battles were fought.

The royal House of Xbox and its members enjoyed the countless bounties of a glorious service called Xbox Live. It was a time of progression and community. People could mystically communicate with people from lands far away in an environment that fostered togetherness and love and harmony.

The royal House of PlayStation, once the most dominant of Houses, however, did not have the benefits of such bounties. Instead, its members were reduced to using archaic forms of communication, messaging by pigeon or horse and the House could do nothing but match as its rival faction enjoyed great prosperity.

Then the royal House of PlayStation decided to conceive a new weapon. In order to make up for its huge deficiency in the realm that the House of Xbox enjoyed, PlayStation Plus was born. It was a measure to offer to its members, some consolation for its shortcomings, making up for the lack of basic communication features by offering generous bounties in the form of games to its subscribing members.

Had it not been for the House of Xbox and its forward thinking, the House of PlayStation would never have bothered with such a service. The members of the latter house should be grateful to that of the former for PlayStation Plus.


Darth Gamer1883d ago


Well said and that was damn funny too. You made your point and still gave WalterWJR a good laugh. What a nice fellow you are.

lelo2play1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Microsoft, it's time to "offer" AAA games with Xbox Live Gold to X1 owners...

Immorals1883d ago

Between gwg and EA access, I'm more than happy!

Software_Lover1883d ago

What games? Ryse? DR3? Give it time my man.

1883d ago
lelo2play1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Those games are a year old, so yes, they could start offering those games. Take a look at EA Access.

Hestrela1883d ago

If they offer the few games they have what will they sell?????