A challenge to GamerGate

MWEB GameZone writes: The Sarkeesian/Utah State University terrorist threat should be a wake-up call to GamerGate. Will it require a death for everyone to rally under the same banner of "This is unacceptable."

GamerGate should use their influence to make a stand against abuse, terrorist threats and any form of violent behavior - while also advocating for ethics in journalism."

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Sillicur1881d ago

Wow this is terrible, the quote from the student gave me chills!

WalterWJR1881d ago

It doesn't matter how many times I read the words #gamersgate I still don't know what it is, or have any desire or care to find out.

Eiffel1880d ago

So why are you here telling us that you choose to be ignorant regarding the subject?

WalterWJR1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Because I've had it shoved down my throat for weeks now whilst saying absolutely nothing on the subject. Give it a rest, we know "gamers" deserve rights, just like everyone else.. It's so boring. It always starts the same, someone get's offended, then sheep follow needing to be heard. at least the other bs movement #resolutiongate has something to do with the actuals games.

I look forward to the day when people laugh at the use of hashtags, just like people laugh when we hear the use of "lol" these days.

Th4Freak1880d ago


Gamer rights? Someone getting offended?

At least you enjoy making a fool of yourself i'd recommend you to dont comment on the subject at least you know even a bit about it...

Kryptonite42O1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )


If you don't care, then why did you click this article, and proceed to post a comment about not caring... news flash. nobody cares that you don't care.

EliteGameKnight1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Gamergate isn't about gamer rights, it's about media ethics, something that evidence has continually shown that gaming media lacks. as for your sheep analogy, to go and say that those who have come to believe in a cause on their own initiative and our willing to fight for it our simply the peons of a larger force is incorrect, humans don't work like that, especially when when Gamergate has no central power.

Also offense, as well as argument, are interconnected elements of progress. some of the greatest events in the world were born out of arguments born from offense, and the fact that modern society seems to desire to destroy that fundamental nature of argument is rather terrifying. though it is true that argument isn't performed properly in most occasions, it is still necessary.

Please understand that to be unbiased only reveals ignorance, humans will always pick a side as they will always have things they relate to. Effectively it is impossible to be unbiased when you have knowledge while it is wrong to go through life without seeking it. please, I challenge you to truly know both sides of what gamergate is and then make your decision

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3-4-51880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

* Would they like it if we said All Women are ____________________....?

No they wouldn't...

You can't say all of one people is a certain thing.

Anna Sarkisian and crew are basically = to racists.

Replace gamers with Blacks..whites...asians... mexicans...

You see what I'm saying ?

They are basically saying...ALL people who do a certain thing, are all the same.

ONLY ignorant people think like that....

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1881d ago

GamerGate is only about journalistic integrity and ethics. Why not make a #NoThreats hashtag or something instead. Besides that, I trust this University did what they could. Metal Detectors and patdowns would be an invasion of privacy.

HanCilliers1881d ago

Why not use the influence to tweet with said hashtag? I wonder if the threats were carried out people would still say, "yeah, University did what they could"

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1880d ago

It's far more likely they wouldn't have if police were already in the vicinity in the first place.

leemo191881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

There has been no evidence showing it had anything to do with gamergate, its just a scapegoat for people who are anti-gamergate like to use when ever matters like this comes up. 2nd there's tons, probably thousands of gamergate people who are against harassment in any way so obviously the author didn't do the research. If you want to talk about stopping harassment maybe you should start to look at the people who are anti-gamergate harassing people like total biscuit or boogey for their stance on gamergate.

HanCilliers1881d ago

Article doesn't accuse GamerGate? Asks GG to use its influence to support anti-terrorist behavior

leemo191881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

They have been, lots of people who support gamergate don't support crap like this. MundaneMatt one of the main people of gamegate even states in lots of videos he doesn't believe people should be getting harrass or death threats. Just look at this lots of gamergate people support this

Rooted_Dust1880d ago

If the threats didn't come from anyone in the GamerGate movement, then they have nothing to explain or apologize for. Besides there is no centralized GamerGate Authority.

It's a common-sense assumption that they would be against terroristic threats. The idea that it isn't true unless they tweet about it is stupid.

Gh05t1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

"Asks GG to use its influence to support anti-terrorist behavior"

BS! You're basically trying to give an ultimatum.

"Use your influence to make a stand against abuse, terrorist threats and any form of violent action. Or do you condone such practices? If you do, it draws a line through your holy crusade of integrity."

Not using whatever "Influence" you think GG has, does not mean that GG condones "abuse, terrorist threats and any form of violent action."

This is a take action or we will smear you and say you condone this type of behavior.

Any glimmer of respect I may have had left for you has really vanished with this article. You are the sick and twisted journalists people are trying to get away from.

You are literally trying to drag GG into a storm that it really shouldn't be the center of. Threats against anyone is not what GG movement is about. Don't ask GG to get involved and dilute the already muddied (by journalistic jack-holes) meaning of the GG movement.

rainslacker1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

When have you ever seen the GG movement majority say that they condone violence or threats in any way? Was this threat even made by anyone in GG, or was it by someone who is against feminism? You yourself, in the article posted the guys threat, where does it say anything about GG? Seems like the guy is pissed at feminist. It was Anita herself who put this on GG, and like the good little puppets some of you journalist are, you parroted it as the truth without a single shred of proof or investigation.

All the stuff with Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian being any part about gamer gate are all because they made themselves part of it. GG supporters generally don't give two craps about them. They generally don't care that the two of them are undermining gaming for their own least in terms of GG. GG cares about ethics in gaming journalism. End of. There is no greater meaning to the movement. We want a stop to the corruption in gaming journalism. Why is it so hard for all these sites who keep calling for an end to GG to just acknoledge that, and give the subject the time it deserves? They certainly seem to be able to devote enough time to what GG isn't. Could it be because these sites don't want to be ethical or turn the mirror on themselves?

I assume you aren't from the US given your website address, but what nerve do you have to say that the constitutional laws of this nation, or any of it's states, should be circumvented because one person feels that it's necessary? What right does Anita have to say an exception should be made to that same end? The law in Utah is clear, and while I don't agree with guns on campus, or even right to carry laws in the least, until that law is repealed, people have their rights so long as they follow the law.

GamerGate does not need to refocus, nor does it need an ultimatum put on it to be something it's not for it to be heard. Hear us first, and then maybe we'll consider other subjects that are worth pursuing.

If you want a movement to deal with threats and harassment, #notyourshield is a better place to go. They're movement is at least more in line with what you're asking for.

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Joe9131880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I think the lady that was going to speak had someone call in the threat hell when someone called in a threat at my school the police was able to find them and that was almost 20 years ago there is no way they cannot find the person who called in the threat so I honestly think she had it done to bring more attention to her cause if this did not happen I would not have even heard about her speech but it is hard to prove since all these dumb people keep threatening people why can't everyone get on board and do something about these people it has nothing to do with games these people have problems.

animegamingnerd1881d ago

i am just gonna leave this here to show that both sides are getting threats.

animegamingnerd1881d ago

your welcome remember to save those and show them to anyone who thinks its only #Gamergate sending the threats

ravencry1881d ago

but seems like this woman is getting more attention those guys who got doxxed

Gh05t1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

GamerGate has nothing to do with this or anything about this. Why aren't you asking people who support the fight against breast cancer to use there power to stop harassment.

No person in thier right mind condones threats of this nature. Why are you "Challenging" GamerGate people to do this without challenging ANYONE ELSE!

This is petty and sad and just another way to try to call out some movement to derail it further off course than the general media has already lambasted GamerGate for being.

Oh and the biggest reason to not do this in the name of GamerGate, from her own twitter account "At this point supporting #gamergate is implicitly supporting the harassment of women in the gaming industry."

Just try changing her mind, go ahead many people have tried to show her how unreasonable she is and see how well that has worked out. Her fans are pretty relentless as well to those who try to discuss things with her opposing her agenda driven viewpoints.

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