PS4 Exclusive Dec 2014 Announcement "Will Make Lot of Noise And People Rage", Third Party Exclusive?

The hype surrounding upcoming PlayStation Experience event is MASSIVE, Sony has official confirmed that at the event PlayStation fans will get the first glimpse of what they have in store for PlayStation 4 owners in 2015. A new teaser appeared on internet hinting that it might be a third party exclusive, Agent from Rockstar Games?

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S2Killinit1878d ago

Oh god please say it is so

bouzebbal1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

small correction in the article: it's Gameblog and not gamelog.
Let's see what that might be, but definitely a 3rd party exclusive (BATMAN?). That would make a lot of noise and cause internet meltdown if it happens!
Something already announced as multiplatform and becoming exclusive is the only way i can imagine will make noise.

nX1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Shenmue is definately possible. I'm kinda thinking it could be the FF7 remake or Agent as well. We'll see soon enough :)

Ok check this out, the hype is real :D

bouzebbal1878d ago

that tweet is interesting. not only it's we don't know what that might be but it's coming out SOON?
Although shenmue would be an amazing thing and a reward to the fans of the series, i don't think it's shenmue because that wouldn't cause any rage cause it has always been rumored as PS4 exclusive.

vishmarx1878d ago

damn , didnt the famitsu editor say something about a ps4 3rd party game that will cause a lot of fuss among gamers , a few weeks ago

radler1878d ago

This is a clickbait article. I mean really, the hype for the PlayStation Experience event is "MASSIVE"?

You people are so easily whipped-up into a hype that it's pathetic, and if nothing major is announced then suddenly it's the biggest disappointment ever. Stop paying attention to all these stupid blogs that spew this nonsense just to get hits.

If Sony announces something awesome? That's great, but don't count on it. There's been waaaaaaaaaay too many things like this hyped up by gaming blogs and they come and go with nothing of interest, and this could very well end up being the same.

bouzebbal1878d ago

you posted a comment and you apparently read the article.. meaning you are a minimum interested.

Ezz20131878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

if this rumor is true we will hear something like that from the developers (if the game is a sequel not new IP):

"**We Love Xbox/Pc Gamers and our Fans and that's why we make it exclusive to Ps4** "

same as Tomb Raider deal

Septic1878d ago

Shenmue exclusive seems quite probable. Can you imagine the madness that would create? The Tomb Raider fiasco would pale in comparison.

Volkama1878d ago

Rumour is self explanatory. They are increasing the fan speed on the console. It will be loud, and people will rage.

You're welcome.

thekhurg1878d ago

Probably another damn indie title.

GribbleGrunger1877d ago

This will make a lot of noise too:

I wonder if it's related in some way?

u got owned1877d ago

I see now its ok for a 3rd party game to be exclusive, huh?

bouzebbal1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

@GribbleGrunger: that one has been rumored at e3 already, and it will be out by the time this announcement will be made in december. GTA coming out in november

morganfell1877d ago

Only one game announced as a PS4 exclusive will swallow the internet.

chrismichaels041877d ago

So many possibilities. It's exciting to think about what Sony has planned for the PS4 in the coming months.

mikeslemonade1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

It's gonna be a dissapointment. How many times do we see X say something is coming and then the result is underwhelming. And only maybe about 2 times a year it actually met or went over expectations.

I believe it's gonna be a new God of War and I will be dissapointed.

Silly Mammo1877d ago

I'm very wary of this. How many times this year have we heard how incredible the next Sony announcement is going to be and then expectations are dashed with a mild unveiling?

And this is coming from a very pro-Sony person.

darthv721877d ago

Using a little deductive reasoning and reading this: "Will Make Lot of Noise And People Rage" over and over i came to the conclusion that it will be a dance game.

Dance game with lots of dubstep music that will make some noise (turn it up) and people rage (dance like crazy).

'Sherlock holmes': Elementary my dear Watson...elementary.

bmf73641877d ago

Or Yakuza returning West. Come on SEGA, give us the good shit. Shenmue, Yakuza. Jebus Chris

DigitalRaptor1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

@ Septic

Shenmue III wouldn't be made without the direct support of a platform holder. Crowdfunding is too risky for Yu Suzuki and could end up being messy. I think of it like a Bayonetta 2 situation. If people get mad that Shenmue III is exclusive to PS4, that's downright selfish, and I already can tell the warped reactions it's going to get from those who want it on other platforms.

Tomb Raider is another situation entirely, and I'm not going to even go into that. Shenmue exclusivity will cause a ruckus, because although it's a deeply niche series, amongst the hardcore gaming community, it's a beloved unique gem that fans have been clamouring to see closure on for over a decade. Those who have chosen not to get a PS4 this gen will be blaming everyone but those who didn't decide to directly support it, if it happens.

gman_moose1877d ago

Maybe it's Rage 2?

Could Carmack finally be giving Sony some love?

For the record, I hope it's not, just looking for hidden meaning....

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George Sears1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Noise are 5 letters; people are 2 or more:

5 - 2 = 3

Half-Life 3 confirmed!

Kivespussi1878d ago

Half-Life 3 as a PS4 exclusive... Internet would explode :/

grailly1878d ago

They should do it as a joke, just to see the reactions

ThanatosDMC1878d ago

Hoping Monster Hunter with open world not zone based hunts.

breakpad1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

yes exactly that .... Sony must bring back canon Mon Hun numbered to PS..i dont care if it is open world or like previous i just want a proper MonHUn for PS4 -3 or Vita ..(Dragons Dogma 2 exclusive will dot to ;P)

ion531878d ago

Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz PLEASE I would give my kidney for an open world MH

scark921877d ago

Thats all I want.. why is it never coming true

Idree1877d ago

OH dear god please, Monster Hunter Frontier, or some sort of MMO to PS4 please!

We will win back Japan ;D

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Moe-Gunz1878d ago

I would be so excited that I may just dance in the street.

NukaCola1878d ago

If Fallout 4 came to PS4 exclusively, the internet would imploded.

Ocsta1878d ago

The internet would explode at ANY mention of Fallout 4 that wasn't a hoax or something fake.

AngelicIceDiamond1878d ago

Shenmue 3 exclusively for PS4? Automatic system seller...

xX_Altair_Xx1878d ago

As much as i like Shenmue (played it on DC, one of my all time favs - been waiting forever for 3!), I dont think it would be a system seller in the West. It's been so long since 2 that this gen of gamers only know Cod, BF, Halo, KZ etc. The game is so unique in its mechanics I just dont think today's kids would have the patience or interest.

ThatOneGuyThere1877d ago

literally nobody gives a crap about Shenmue.

MrSec841878d ago

Not just Shenmue 3, but the entire saga, episodes 1-16 released in 4 boxsets, 4 episodes per boxset, exclusive for PS4.

That would be awesome and PS4 is the best console to release it on exclusively.
It's got the best hardware, biggest install base of the big 3 and the users of PS4 are more the kind of gamer that would play that game IMO.

uth111877d ago

I see, more 'remasters' hence the rage! :)

walkincarpet1877d ago

and if it is Shenmue then Sony would finally have another great exclusive to look forward to in addition to Bloodborn and Uncharted! Greatness awaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits.

MrSec841877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

@uth11: You obviously missed Jim Ryan's comments about remasters. That's highly doubtful, no the Rage is going to be because of the awesomeness of whatever it is.
It's going to be because haters of PS4 are jealous as per usual. Probably something huge like a Shenmue Saga, exclusive and never going to another platform.

The whole Rage comment could easily have a double meaning, like a game made using the Rage engine, that's exclusive to PS4. Agent is still very much on the cards, since Rockstar takes ages to make their games and they're clearly partnered with Sony, because of Sony getting the marketing for GTAV, exclusive Bundles for that game too. You can't blame Rockstar either, I mean PS4 is the better system than Xbox One and it's absolutely destroying it in sales.

@walkincarpet Sony has had tonnes of great exclusives since day one, I don't honestly get the hate for games like Killzone and Knack, or Resogun, there's also Infamous they've all been great.
This holiday is great too, with Driveclub, best versions of cross gen games like LBP3, TLOU and then 2015 has like 15 big games completely exclusive to PS4 that have already been announced, any more and Sony really will bury the competition.

Greatness has been here from day one of the PS4's release, it comes in the form of exclusives, multiplats running the best, the best games that aren't available on Xbox One.

So far MS really has failed on the exclusive games front and multiplats are the PS4's domain, no doubt sales of those games are going to be more in Sony's favor next year as there really will be little reason to buy an Xbox One, especially with Wii U having the better line-up of exclusives, so that will be the secondary console most people will choose.

we4201878d ago

Dont get my hopes up like that X(

killacal131878d ago

If true, I would be so happy my erec%^ion would have an eR3c#ion. Long live Shenmue!

breakpad1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

it will be probably a sequel that was multiplatform before ...Dragons Dogma 2 , Resi,Devil may Cry ,Mon Hun,

DiRtY1878d ago

as much as I loved Shenmue, I don't want a third game. Who should be the developer? Sega? Other than platinum games, there is not much talent left.

I prefer a HD remake for shenmue more than a 3rd game. I don't want my experience ruined.

imt5581878d ago

If it is really a Shenmue 3, it's a same situation like Bayonetta 2. Game will not be made without help. Not the same situation like Microsoft and Tomb Raider.

insomnium21878d ago


"it will be probably a sequel that was multiplatform before"

This would be a dick move imo just like MS's Tomb Raider is even as a timed exclusive. Unless it's an older game.

This game would have to be a forgotten gem like Shenmue. Otherwise I will not approve it as a good thing. Can't wait though...

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1878d ago

Whatever the game is, did anyone actually think that Sony would go into the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season with just Little Big Planet 3? I never had any doubt.

joab7771878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Nope...the next Gears of War is coming as a PS4 exclusive. Or timed exclusivity on Metal Gear Solid 5.

Or Titanfall 2 announced as PS4 exclusive. What if it's Fallout 4. Bethesda loves December announcements. Or Valve made a deal for Half Life 3.

Who knows but I can't wait.

Neo_Zeed1878d ago

I doubt it but I wish and hope so.

Hardcore_gamerxbox1878d ago

Don't worry it will be halo 5 or gears of war 4 ;)

Darrius Cole1877d ago

No way is it Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

Either one would be the second nail in the Xbone's coffin. Microsoft pulls out it's checkbook and pays a competing price to keep that from happening.

turdburgler10801877d ago

Another Frenchman trying to incite "rage" suprise suprise. Haven't the French already done enough with assassin's creed unity?

Darrius Cole1877d ago

My guess is Final Fantasy 15.
My second guess is Metal Gear Solid.

It is not Fallout, Elder Scrolls, or Mass Effect because either one would begin the end of the Xbox One's life and Microsoft would pay to prevent that from happening so soon.

Bobby Kotex1877d ago

Yay another announcement of an announcement. Who gives a crap.

DanielGearSolid1877d ago

Actually this is a rumor about an announcement

DonFreezer1877d ago

Whatever it is I'm expecting the usual hypocrisy.Microsoft got timed exclusivity about Tomb Raider and you all cried to your deaths. Now that Sony buys a full fledged exclusive you will praise them to high heavens.

Xb1ps41877d ago

And just like that 3rd party exclusives or perfectly fine....

DigitalRaptor1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Third party exclusives never were the problem.

Buying out blatant timed-exclusivity on a sequel to a series that was always going to be coming out on other platform anyway is the problem. Lying on stage about its exclusivity status is the problem.

Try and distinguish between that, and situations where third party deals are made with new IPs or a game that would not be made unless it's directly funded by a company willing to do so.

The kind of hypocrisy you are implying only exists if the situations are DIRECTLY comparable. If this third party exclusive is a new IP then there should be no issue. If this third party exclusive is a game that would never be released otherwise, such as Shenmue III, then there should be no issue.

If it's something like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Fallout 4 timed exclusivity, then that is something people have the right to complain about, if other people are cheering it.

Xb1ps41876d ago

Yo I swear gamers like you are a bunch of little bitches.. 3rd party is 3rd party there are no stipulations or rules to it so if they was going to release a game im pretty damn sure they would have got it out and on all consoles they possibly can.

I couldnt care less how long any 3rd party game has been on any console to then be exclusive to another wether its timed or full exclusive.. whant to know why? Because I support all consoles so if I really want that 3rd party game I can get it.

No hypocrisy here... now the childish ways a lot of you act like is ridiculous already and thats the real problem the other problem is you kids feel way too entitled. You own no stock in any 3rd party company to support any game in development and im positive that if a game doesnt hit ALL your criterias you will not buy the game tr is a perfect example..

To the mods.. no need to ban me I will remove my self from this childish site..

Idree1877d ago

This would make the entire gaming community rage for sure:


hkgamer1877d ago

damn you for mentioning shenmue. preparing for heartbreak already.

otherZinc1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Nothing. It will be nothing.
Sony said this at E3, nothing.
Games Con, nothing.
Tokyo Games Show, nothing.
LBP, PlayStation Allstars, & an Indie Game were their last big "sitting on the edge of your seat game waiting moments", they have nothing coming.

This is more "wait & see media hype", nothing.

Also, "they" say something is coming for PS4, announcement December; because they have zero exclusives to buy for this holiday season. "They" want to give the PS4 owner hope.

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CerealKiller1878d ago

idk if it is Agent because that is expected as a Playstation exclusive so I am thinking its something else.

RyanShutup1877d ago

The articles keep using all caps buzzwords like:


Leads me to believe that it's either mass effect related or Epic Games related...