Driveclub's Patch 1.04 Rolling Out on PS4; Improves Multiplayer and Fixes Bugs

Driveclub's patch 1.04 is starting to roll out staggered by region, promising to bring improvements to the multiplayer portion of the game and to fix a few bugs.

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Kingthrash3601887d ago

gimme that ps+ version ......then ill be excited about a patch!

jhoward5851887d ago

I'd love for rev/Sony to give us some updated news on the PS+ version of DC.

The patch excuses is getting old already.

nix1886d ago

i think they've already made it clear that after they stabilize the online part they'll start giving out PS+ versions.

GameDev11886d ago

Its better than doing nothing about it, online services seem to be working well currently, which means the PS+ version will come soon

Then weather updates, extra cars and more can easily be updated

DarXyde1887d ago

Man, some days, I hate the 7th and 8th console generation because developers shamelessly use day one patches, essentially shipping games that are glitchy, incomplete, etc.

In this case, you really can't even be mad. Now if only Capcom would realize they could balance and update the rosters for their fighting games without selling updated versions.

nX1886d ago

Well games and network structures are like 100 times as complex as they were in previous generations. Driveclub's online mode does some things that I haven't seen in games before so I'm more or less patient with it.

combatcash1887d ago

All I want is my playstation plus edition. I've been looking forward to it since launch.

Eonjay1887d ago

Don't give up guys! Keep working on it and finish what you started! And get that PS+ Edition out.

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The story is too old to be commented.