DSOGaming - The Evil Within - PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "The Evil Within is a game most of us were really looking forward to. Developed by the mastermind behind the original Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami returns with yet another survival horror game. And since there was a lot of buzz about this game’s PC requirements, it’s time to see how this new title performs on the PC platform."

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devileyed1882d ago

It's been running great for me til i hit a game breaking bug in chapter 7. otherwise i was really enjoying it.

Activemessiah1882d ago

What is it with Bethesda exaggerating the requirements of their PC games? they did that with Wolfenstein as well.

Lon3wolf1882d ago

Not just Bethesda, Mordor said 6GB of VRAM for the ultra texture pack, runs fine on 3GB I hear (was ok on my 4).

jriquelme_paraguay1882d ago

this game looks like an eearly PS3 game... on all platforms... but i don't care, becasue is an awesome game

Clown_Syndr0me1882d ago

I think the cutscenes look crap but in game I think the textures are really good.

Unspoken1882d ago

I have it running at 4k but I wish the black bars didn't take up so much of the screen. I like the filmic look...but a different aspect ration could have been used.

ravencry1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

sometimes it really gets annoying while stealth. i cant see properly due to bars. but i disabled it and removed 30fps cap. its much better now.

monkeyDzoro1882d ago

I don't think it's the blackbars. I think t's mostly due to the bad camera angles.

ShinoBro1882d ago

I want to play this game but I'm really hoping it will show up in the Steam Halloween sale first.