Rare Working On "Jaw Dropping, Never-Been-Done-Before" Game For Xbox One

"Game development studio Rare, a subsidiary of Xbox One manufacturer Microsoft, is gearing up the development of its latest game."

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psvitamanfan1877d ago


Kinect Edition!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1876d ago

except Goldeneye 007 wouldn't be possible.

MeliMel1876d ago

What makes you think its Kinect? They are free to make whatever game Rare wants to make. Im saying Conker or new Cameo. A next gen Perfect Dark would be nice, if done right. Im just glad theyre not being forced to make Kinect games. Now we can see what they have left when it comes tk making great games.

hay1876d ago

Kinnect Instinct or Conker's: Bad Camera Day.

Alsybub1876d ago


It's a shame that the rushed Perfect Dark for the 360 launch killed the franchise. A reboot would be amazing.

"Never-been-done-before& quot; should mean that it's a new IP.

SilentNegotiator1876d ago

"What makes you think its Kinect?"

....their last 3 games, maybe might have made him think that was some sort of a possibility.

Kidmyst1876d ago

They said never been done before, Hologram projectors! That would be cool though

Chris_GTR11876d ago

kinectimals 3!!!>!!! OMG!!!

UltimateMaster1876d ago

For once it's not a kinect game.
I think.

vishmarx1876d ago

never been done before, rare,
let me guess another fps?

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Godmars2901877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Overhyped before its even announced, that's what.

Your idea of "Never Done Before" is poor at best.

psvitamanfan1877d ago

I dont understand? Care to elaborate?

TheNew11877d ago

Like how people got hyped for Guirrila's game that just showed some artwork? Don't be a buzz kill.

Godmars2901876d ago

When we've just gotten through over eight years of announcements for announcements of announcements with the announced game being either delayed multiple times if not canceled, I really shouldn't have to elaborate on anything. I really shouldn't.

Even though more was shown in that case, there was no point in getting over excited for it. We've gone through the same BS of getting excited for something that doesn't have a name, a few pieces of artwork, building up a fanbase complete with cosplayers in some cases, only for it to disappoint. Then being unable - if not outright not caring - to admit that it disappointed.

Over all the gamergate crap its being argued that we're better than sheep, and here's a case proving that we aren't.

Also - the goddamn link to the story is f***ing broken! Comments will continue to be made, people will attack and defend this no-name game - AND THE F***ING LINK TO THE STORY IS BROKEN!!!

Septic1876d ago

It's Rare. A lot of people are still clinging on to the hope that they will deliver that 'killer game' close to when they were at their peak so yeah, I can understand the excitement.

Still, you're right. Info is thin on the ground. I wouldn't get carried away just yet.

deepio1876d ago

C'mon! Overhype from a job posting? It hasn't even been announced!

gamertk4211876d ago

@godmars Some people feel like they have to be the First Guardian when it comes to Xbox news.

gangsta_red1876d ago


The title is taken out of context as this quote is specifically aimed at attracting talent for the possibility of hire.

“If you’d like to be part of a pioneering team dedicated to the next jaw-dropping, never-been-done-before Rare game, why not come and join us?”

You are attacking an article based on the title alone and have no idea what it's actually saying.

They are not hyping up any particular game as this quote is not meant for Joe Consumer.

"...and defend this no-name game - AND THE F***ING LINK TO THE STORY IS BROKEN!!!"

Wow, time for your daily meds Godmars.

Godmars2901876d ago

Its really beyond belief that the link wasn't working when I first tried to read the story?

Also not like its the only instance of a story with a bad link getting approved on its title alone.

gangsta_red1876d ago

I can believe that the link was broken...but is that still an excuse to go off the rails and leave the comments that you did knowing that you had no idea what the actual story was?

Is that an excuse to downplay people's excitement on what Rare's next game could be?

How about you leave that same comment in the story link below if you feel that people are over hyping a game that hasn't even been announced yet.

But I really think you won' it a hunch.

Godmars2901876d ago

Would it really make any difference to you if I made the exact same general pet-peeve comment here as elsewhere?

I noticed this thread, not the other, but hate vague crap like this exactly the same.

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christocolus1877d ago

Hype meter 100%. I'm a huge fan of Rare and im glad to hear this. Really can't wait to see what these guys are upto. They've been through alot but i still got a lot of faith in them cos they are still a very talented team.

I enjoyed grabbed by the ghoulies,Kameo, viva pinata and kinect sports very much. I hope whatever they are working on turns out to be huge. Phil harrison, Ken lobb and Chris have also been working very closely with MS uk studios recently(especially Rare&lift) so im hoping for the best from these guys.

ramiuk11876d ago

rare isnt rare anymore imo.
MSalready forced all the original talent out when they forced them to make motion games

christocolus1876d ago


MS forced the original talent out??? Link?

The stamper brothers (rare founders and studio leads) left before MS even bought the studio and even though many devs left they are still a healthy sized studio with over 170 devs (and they are currently recruiting now). Rare has always worked in small teams,(working independently) and even with all the departures many talents remain.the large part of the teams which made viva pinata and kameo are still there and imo those guys are talented. All Rare has to do is inject new blood(fresh talents) into the studio. I see this happening with Phil harrisson&Ken lobb now overseeing MS uk studio efforts. Phil Harrisson has an eye for good talent, he helped sony get evolution, media molecule, london studio etc..

Alsybub1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Whatever Rare have been working on aside, are you seriously saying that this "Jaw Dropping, Never-Been-Done-Before" project isn't that unless it does something that a game that we already know about does.

That's a paradox if true.

Concertoine1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Grant Kirkhope (composer), David Wise (composer), the Stamper brothers (founders of the company), and Chris Seavor (creator of Conker) all left in the years since the MS acquisition.

While it can be argued that they didnt leave because of MS, employees have described being unhappy making Kinect Sports in some anonymous comments. I cant find the article from 2-3 years ago but trust me, i remember reading it.

I dont blame MS for their choices with Rare. Rare's games dont sell on Xbox, and MS found a way to keep 200 jobs and make money. It still wouldve worked better for both Nintendo and MS if they didnt swap Rare. Nintendo would have more games and MS would be $175 million richer.

With Kinect Sports Rivals flopping and Killer Instinct being a small hit, its clear what gamers want.

Kingdomcome2471876d ago

I had no clue that they still employed so many people. I'm not going to get too hyped as it's just a job posting, but I do believe that Phil is going to be true to what he said, and allow Rare the freedom to create whatever they want as opposed to forcing them into continued Kinect centered development.

BVFTW1876d ago

Rare has lots of talents left with them like Gregg Mayles, lead designer of Banjo-kazooie, Battletoads and DKC2 who still works there, lead designer of Killer Instinct and former voice of Jago Kenn Lobb works in Microsoft Studios as creative director and oversees the new "KI" development, Leigh Loveday, who wrote the script of the DKC games and Blast Corps is still there. Rare still has lots of its former talent. Rare is still capable of pulling a game as good as the original Banjo-Kazooie.

1876d ago
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AngelicIceDiamond1876d ago

Nooooo for the 1000th time. Phil already said they don't have to do Kinect stuff anymore.

Plus the description doesn't sound anything like Kinect Adventures.

TheXgamerLive1876d ago

I think a new totally new PERFECT DARK will be coming our way and its the perfect time. The studio's been given some great tools at this time with , some DX12 functionality, Cloud compute etc... A great team to do the franchise justice in its return.

iTechHeads1876d ago

Kinect Yoga: Flex Edition

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1877d ago

Probably a Kinect game. They gotta somehow sell their tech right?

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AngelicIceDiamond1877d ago

At Kenshin I'm 90% sure its not a Kinect game considering Rares not forced to make Kinect only games anymore.

Thank goodness.

Eonjay1877d ago

Actually the Jaw Dropping quote doesn't necessarily refer to one title but (being as though it on the recruitment page) seems to be aimed at attracting talent interested in creating new experiences with a very specific focus on creativity. The positions listed give background info about Rare's recent accolades including BAFTA awards for 2002's Kinect Sports and 2014's Kinect Sports Rivals.

Furthermore the listing indicates that Rare is already "...deep into the development of its next eye-opening AAA adventure"; but its impossible to tell if this is another Kinect title, but we do know its an adventure game and its aiming for AAA visuals.

They are seeking individuals with strong C++ and 3D modeling skills (Maya,etc...) and they are looking for someone to provide internal tools for managing and collaborating projects.

bleedsoe9mm1877d ago

phil spencer said he didn't want Rare to be just a kinect studio , he made it sound like they were letting Rare spread their wings a little and do something they thought was cool .

Eonjay1877d ago

Got you. Well then there is a good chance they may want to break away from Kinect. Whatever this adventure game winds up being, their listings seems to indicate that it will be something original and creative.

psuedo1877d ago

Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts 2!

MegaRay1877d ago

That been done before xP

iceman6001877d ago

its even sh**ier than the 1st one

trywizardo1877d ago

dance dance revolution : jaws edition ?! jk jk jk
i hope they will show it at VGA this year :D