Ubisoft: We Thought About Making Far Cry 3.5

Prior to landing on the idea for Far Cry 4, Ubisoft designers considered a more "traditional" sequel to 2012's Far Cry 3, something that would have amounted to what producer Dan Hay calls Far Cry 3.5. This game would have expanded on Far Cry 3's story and locations, but Ubisoft needed less than a week to decide that this was not the right path to go down.

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uth111880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

3.5? Downgrade confirmed! /s

theflyindutchman1880d ago

Just bring a ps4 version of the game.......
I would buy it, loved that game!

ZombieKiller1879d ago

Yeah I would too. That got a platinum trophy from me because I liked it so much!

They did make Far Cry 3.5 was called Blood Dragon! ...and MAN, was that a good game! I LOOOVVVEEE the sarcasm in that game, the 'don't take me seriously, I'm a video game and I know it"

gangsta_red1879d ago

How about Far Cry 4 then hit us with another Far Cry Blood Dragon 2!!

The awesomeness of that would be mind blowing but I can assure you that my Xbox One is ready!

Harmonizer1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I second that ! I'll be a happy camper with my PC though.


what they need to do is do a full farcry blood dragon game

Bobby Kotex1879d ago

I saw Boogie play FarCry 4 and it just looks like FarCry 3. Don't understand the hype over this game.

LAWSON721879d ago

I think it will just be another casual gimmick like 3 was (not necessarily a bad thing, not all shooters have to be Half Life or Bioshock). It will probably make no huge jump, just be new gimmicks in a new locale. Don't get me wrong the game had solid mechanics and an okay story however it was all flash no substance. I would never buy it at full retail. I will enjoy the little tricks and action it provides and never touch it again just like the last game.

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