Alien: Isolation Review (Console Agnostics)

Set between Alien and Aliens, this game follows Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, as she visits the space station Sevastopol looking for what happened to her mother on the Nostromo.

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pasta_spice1884d ago

I'm happy to see this is getting such good review scores.

jbrock111884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I wasn't expecting much seeing all the trailers before this game came out and considering most of the Alien games are kinda gimmicky and ridiculous but after playing it, I'd have to say that it's by far the best Alien game ever made and possibly a game of the year candidate.

They absolutely nailed the "Alien" world and the tension that you get from the subtle music changes to just hearing things bumping around is incredible. Combine that with arguably the best graphics of any game out there and you have yourself a hell of a game. Definitely an A+++ for me.


I think all the sites that gave it an ok review suck at up boys ,time to put your big boy pants on......the game is a master piece!

MasterCornholio1884d ago

Yeah IGN crying about how hard the game is on the hardest difficulty setting discredits their review. The game isn't perfect but in no way is it a bad game.

LoveSpuds1884d ago

This just demonstrates why you should never base your decision to purchase on a review.

The first batch of reviews were quite mediocre and if I had been influenced I would have missed out on the best Alien videogame I have ever played.

They have nailed the Alien universe so completely ut blows my mind, from the asthetics of the environments to the sound of the computers whirring in the background everything just oozes detail and a passion for the lore of the Alien movies.

I really hope this game gets the sales it deserves, its a real corker!