Pokemon director elaborates on the possibility of a Pokemon Snap remake

Pokemon game director, Junichi Masuda, has revealed that he is interested in making a "cool" and "new" version of the N64 classic, Pokemon Snap.

Furthermore, Masuda has elaborated upon what he would like to see in a possible remake, alongside what it might take for such a thing to come to fruition.

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swice1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

oh shit YES PLEASE

ABizzel11881d ago


I tried to prevent myself from going in, but this reasoning is BS. You do you mean of course it would be a new game. There are over 700 Pokemon, with 6 different regions you could visit this game could be huge. The real problem is they don't want to take the chance on making this big game, and it not being a success.

But when you have a Wii U version of Pokemon Tournament or whatever, how hard would it be to create and open world to explore and drop the models into the game to take pictures of. It doesn't even have to be a full open world, it could simply be a region that features land mass for all the pokemon in that region to have pics taken.

LAWSON721881d ago

It needs to happen, the Wii U controller would work so well for Pokemon Snap.

Blackleg-sanji1881d ago

This should have been a damn launch title as soon as u knew u were using a big ol tablet as a controller. Plz let this happen