Why Bayonetta 2 Will Shape Nintendo's Future

A lot is riding on Bayonetta 2, more-so than a lot of people seem to realize. Shawn Long of Nintendo Enthusiast takes a look at the impact that Bayonetta 2 will have in shaping Nintendo's future in this video.

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animegamingnerd1879d ago

to all 7.4 million Wii U owners buy this game or expect me to steal 60 dollars from all you in order for me to buy all you a copy of the game we must make sure this game is success commercially its time to stop only buying Wii U games that are from big Nintendo franchises and take note from our brothers at the 3DS install base on they buy the niche games like Bravely Default, Fire Emblem Awakening, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destines, and Kid Icarus Uprising, and also to put an end to the platinum curse don't make me disappointed in you all

Geekman1879d ago

I don't think I saw one period.

animegamingnerd1879d ago

knowing me you were lucky to see one XD

Kevlar0091879d ago

There was a period between the 7 and the 4 of "7.4 million".

Does that count?

infinitewords1879d ago

There's no time for periods, we need to inform the masses about Bayonetta so we can keep this beautiful franchise around.

But, on a serious note, I do hope Bayonetta 2 sales well and that Nintendo will see that they need to do more mature first party games.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1879d ago

how about you guys who bought the original buy the game just to show support. Yall dont want a Wii U.

SmielmaN1878d ago

I haven't picked this up yet but the first game was pretty awesome. I agree though that if your a wii u gamer that plays more than kiddie/child games then you should probably grab this game. It includes the original Bayonetta which should be worth at least half the cost.

I just can't pull away from Destiny and NHL 15 at the moment.

Highlife1878d ago

What version of nhl do you have if next gen is it still worth it with all the missing features? I'm so torn on getting it but feel like I should not by the next gen version and support the half assed effort.

Sorry for off topic

kwandar1878d ago

I wasn't going to buy this (barely have enough time to play all the fantastic titles that have come out for the Wii U recently). This isn't really a genre I have ever gotten into either.

However .... a 10/10 score on Gamespot means it should be on the shelf, and I'm buying. I'll be buying it online though .. only spend $50 and see if I want to spend the extra $10 after that :)

pcz1878d ago

im not sure it will make a difference to nintendo's direction whether this game is a success or not. nintendo are infamous for doing whatever they want, regardless of the trends.

marloc_x1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I think Devil's Third is quite a departure, it really doesn't look like a "trendy" game for the genre either. The Nintendo touch will be interesting on this one..

Bayonetta day one, I am looking forward to some Wii U carnage that breaks the trends.

guitarded771878d ago

Feel free to buy me one with your $60. I'm broke right now. I want to play it, although I really thought the first one was over hyped, but this one looks much more vibrant. I just don't have the cash, so I'll wait for a price drop. I liked Metal Gear Rising and Vanquish more than Bayonetta 1. I haven't finished the Wonderful 101 yet, as it (like Bayonetta) was a bit too focused on boss fights with not enough level gameplay. I like a boss fight, but I like playing a good level to get to the boss fight. Anyway, one thing that keeps me from trying or re-buying some games on the Wii U is a lack of an accomplishment system... I get hate for saying that, but it's true. Hopefully I can pick up B2 on sale for Black Friday.

kwandar1878d ago

$50 if you buy online :)

iplay1up21878d ago

I was not going to buy it, that is until Nintendo released the bitchin demo. I was sold in under 5 minutes. Goty material. Not saying it would win, but I bet Bayonetta, MK8,SSB, will all be in the running. Oh yeah and SM3DW.

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MultiConsoleGamer1879d ago

I am hoping it will do very well. I already have my pre order.

LonDonE1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Agreed i too hope it sells well!
On topic:

Its not just the so called lack of blood in mortal kombat which is the cause of the kiddy image its a plethora of things like for example on the miiverse i cant even send a private message to a friend with a swear word in it! WTF??? like for instance once i used the word retarded in a message and i got a warning from the admins! Nintendo is too busy policing and is trying to do the parents jobs!

I hate that i cant message my friends with any profanity its ridiculous! and also Nintendo is too blame for all the kiddy orientated marketing they do! for example just look at the design of the game cube console? compare it to the more adult mature looking sleek dvd player/entertainment equipment like PS2! massive difference! like i said its Nintendo at fault here they have created this kiddy image and have failed to realise core gamers like me who began gaming on nintendo consoles from the nes days have now grown up and still love to play nintendo but they target kids instead! which is fine but atleast give is more mature gamers more to play!!

Like look at zelda that was a more mature franchise they had but what have they done? they have made that now all cell shaded toon like and kiddy! what's worse is every gen they give us core fans lavish tech demos of zelda looking all mature orientated and they tease us to only then go and release the actual new zelda game with cartoon kiddy like graphics!
Twilight princess was awesome and much better compared to wind waker and skyward sword!
If you look through the history of zelda you will see the majority of the fans have always asked for more mature themed zelda games hence why they tease us and then give us a more kiddy looking game instead! Nintendo knows the zelda fans want a more realsitic mature themed zelda!

Look at metroid, that's a mature franchise, but look at when we last got a metroid game? compare the more mature and critically acclaimed prime series to other m? Nintendo knew they had a working formula with prime and the rise of popularity of fps games and what do they do? they go and give us other me and make the baddest bounty hunter ever into a monologue abusing emotional wreck!!!! seriously WTF???
We should of gotten a prime game on wii u with a fully fleshed out online multi player with leveling up your suit, with customisable colours, weapons etc.

And then we have games like Fzero, starfox, etc these are franchises which the core fan base who are now older and more mature and they all LOVE these games/franchises but Nintendo isn't giving us these games!

Another perfect example, just about every core nintendo gamer i know LOVED eternal darkness but did we get a sequel? hell silicon knights were practically begging for some one to fund the new eternal darkness game what did nintendo do? jack ish!!! that game with the sanity meter in hd and with the game pad would have been PERFECT on WiiU! Nintendo shoudl of bough the ip or funded the game in full and buy the rights to the ip but no they let it die! Eternal darkness could have been a great way to get mature survival horror fans to buy a wii u but again Nintendo is clueless!!

Serious i love nintendo, and i own and game on every platform look at my avatar pic and channel for proof but i am tired of nintendo and the bullshit!!

Any how i have my Bayonetta 2 double pack pre ordered and paid off! i hope it sells well but i doubt it. For me the franchise is the best action combo game ever created and i cant wait till it releases.

ChickeyCantor1878d ago

" they have made that now all cell shaded toon like and kiddy! "

Zelda games have always had an anime/toony look to them. Have you seen Links original nose? Don't even, mate.

LonDonE1878d ago

No that's not the point! zelda ocarina of time was more mature looking as was majoras mask, both were a natural evolution of the snes zelda and the nes one before them.

And then came the infamous tech demo of zelda shown on the game cube and it looked again like a evolution of the game but then nintendo released wind waker a cartoon like more childish looking game.

Don't get it twisted i LOVED wind waker and liked skyward sword and the ds zelda games but no one can deny that nintendo actively chose to make the art style of zelda into a more kid friendly design.
I still loved the graphics/art of wind waker and spirit tracks etc but again like i said above allot of gamers were so excited for the game cube version of zelda after seeing the tech demo! you only have to hear the crowds reaction to the unveiling to see this!

And then we got twilight princess which went back to the more traditional look of ocarina of time but evolved anf the game also dealt with more mature themes and i LOVED it for that.

Then on Wii they gave us skyward sword which while a good game was massively more dumbed down and was way to easy which along with its art style was clearly for enticing more younger gamers to the zelda franchise.
Don't misunderstand me i liked skyward sword but it was a massive let down with regards to game play and design compared to twilight princess the better game and also ocarina.

But i can accept maybe the lack of power was a big factor why the wii skyward sword art/graphics was the way it was.
So allot of core mature fans were expecting when Nintendo was finally releasing a HD console surely we would get a more mature themed zelda with graphics which are an evolution of twlight princess and ocarina.

And when everyone saw the mind blowing tech demo of zelda on WiiU EVERYONE was excited for the zelda franchise again.
But lo and behold nintendo again has made it into a more toon like game.
The graphics and art look awesome on the revealed WiiU zelda footage but i along with allot of older nintendo fans would have preferred a zelda with the graphics/art along the lines of the tech demo they revealed.

While the older zelda games were animated style which i think was just how games looked in those generations, i still feel ocarina was a step in the right direction along with twilight princess.
The tech demo looked mind blowing and allot of my older friends who had given up on playing nintendo consoles years ago due to lack of mature games were excited again at the prospect of playing a Wii u hd zelda with graphics like the tech demo which is more realistic.

So i dont see how your comment has anything to do with what i said above.
Zelda is perfect for nintendo to put out a more mature themed game for the older fans who have supported nintendo since the nes and have now grown up like me.
As is metroid and the above mentioned games.
Making the art more cartoon like and simplified the core zelda game play for noobs and kids was not the right decision.

I think a natural evolution of the franchise from ocarina to twilight princess to the wii u tech demo was perfect.
I am still looking forward to the new zelda i am just saying nintendo is to blame for the kiddy image they created.

SpiralTear1879d ago

I'd love for this game to earn Nintendo some cash, because that way we very well might get the series to continue. Considering how well-received Bayonetta 2 is thus far, it would be a travesty for the series to flounder after this.

I encourage any Wii U owner to at least give this game a shot.

Kevlar0091879d ago

Hopefully with Bayonetta 2, the MK8 DLC, and with their lineup going forward the industry will take Nintendo more seriously. Nintendo has gained a valued ally in Platinum Games, who has had nothing but praise for Nintendo's style of input from afar, which isn't to micromanage the developer. My hope is we can see this same kind of valued partnership with Valhalla Games' Devil's Third, and with whatever collaboration they pull off next.

Of course everyone is looking at sales of Bayonetta 2, to see if a mature game can thrive on a Nintendo console. Oh man I hope it does, I really want to have the option of getting certain 3rd party games on WiiU.

rainslacker1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

What's sad is that games do sell on the system, but big publishers(at least western ones) won't bother to make any titles specific to the Wii U. A 3rd party exclusive to the Wii U from ubi or EA would likely do well if it wasn't a crap implementation like some of their early work on the system.

I'm personally hoping to see some nice console JRPG's come to the system from NIS or Atlus. I guess X will determine Wii U's fate in that area. I'm also hoping that console JRPG in general doesn't take as long to get going as last gen, and that it's a little more broader than mostly GUST and Compile Hearts.

I'll be buying this game when I get back from vacation next weekend.:) I enjoyed the first one well enough, and while I'm not really waiting in breathless anticipation for the 2nd one, I do think Platinum does good work, and deserves to be supported early, rather than later.

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