Dualshockers Pulls The Evil Within Review: Another Example Of What’s Wrong With Modern Review

"One website however decided to publish their review in which the game received a 6/10, then pulled the review from the site a short while later citing the lack of "quality and depth of our review" and the need to give their reviewer "more time" with the game as the reasons for it being removed. Certainly not the most professional approach to reviewing one of the most anticipated releases of the year."

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Christopher1880d ago

You might want to take your own advice in taking time to put out a submission with quality content. When criticizing another, you might want to ensure that you have taken the time to present your argument in an organized, grammatically correct manner.

While I get your point, it seems weird to take someone serious over the topic of someone else's quality issues when the article in which it is presented lacks it as well.

uptownsoul1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

maybe they should have just released an updated review like PolySoft

Christopher1880d ago

I tend to respect someone who takes the time to admit that their initial analysis was wrong and presents an update to it. Not to say that Polygon is right in their update, as I have read neither review, but I can respect how an opinion would change with time and how they feel the need to present said change to those who originally accepted their opinion before whatever happened to change it.

Though, I will say I do disagree with the one reviewer who docked points, made it a big deal, about the sexual nature of characters in Bayonetta 2. It's like me docking Borderlands: The Pre-quel for throwing too many guns at the player... it's kinda what it does and it's had preceding games that have set such a precedent.

Moe-Gunz1880d ago

Must remember that GTA 5 had even worse issues than DC and updated reviews didn't happen. BF4 is another one.

I can respect updating a review but it needs to be across the board.

bleedsoe9mm1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

if the polygon review had went up instead of down you'd have no problem with it , your real issue should be with sony and evolution for showing the media one product then releasing a broken one too the public or at the very least testing the public version better so the media doesn't have to backtrack.

morganfell1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

This is what happens with reviews these days because in addition to an abundance of self promoting egotistical writers, a deficit exists in that no one utilizes a true functioning Editor in Chief. The sites that have one are clueless as to the exact job of an Editor in Chief and they do not have the correct person in the role. An Editor isn't some snot nosed kid with an opinion and a desire for webhits. Instead an EiC is a strong, stern, seasoned, and balanced journalist that comprehends the need for thoroughness and objectivity. They understand that right is better than right now. And they know the story is more important than the individual who writes it.

Lack of this now extinct profession is one more reason journalism in gaming is dead and buried.

DeadMansHand1880d ago


You are so spot on, mate. Something has happened in the era of the internet; integrity has been thrown out the proverbial window and people basically put out an opinion and slap the label, "news" on it.

It has gotten so bad I don't even read the reviews, anymore, rather, I just watch Let's Plays.

Ezz20131880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

here's what i want to know
Why the hell N4G mods don't ban sites like polygon , Quarter to Three and other unknowen sites from N4G ?!

bleedsoe9mm1880d ago

@Ezz2013 why leave out Dualshockers if their reviwers aren't playing the games enough to give it a proper review , at least polygon said they changed the score because the product they reviewed wasn't the same as the final product .

Kingdomcome2471880d ago

@morganfell- I agree. Although they seem to be not cared for by quite a few people, I still really enjoy Game Informer. My views more often than not tend to align with theirs. I really like their EIC Andy McNamara as well.

radler1880d ago

Dualshockers writes reviews? All I ever see from them are a million articles posted about job vacancies at development studios, that then get twisted and contorted into clickbait and spammed onto N4G obsessively. Terrible site.

Highlife1880d ago

To bad magazines are dead those were real reviews. Long detailed articles on the game. Now it's all about who can get there review out fast with click bait Buzz words.

Christopher1880d ago

***Why the hell N4G mods don't ban sites like polygon , Quarter to Three and other unknowen sites from N4G ?!***

First, let me address the fact that Polygon is far from an unknown site.

Second, if unknown sites get banned from N4G, then when do we ever see anything but the major sites that already get way more than enough attention.

Third, mods do not make rules or dictate what is or isn't appropriate for N4G. The policy set by the N4G owners is to leave N4G as much in the hands of the community as possible.

Does that mean we get some truly crap-tastic stuff? Yup.

Does that mean that sites have learned to game the system? Yup.

Then why don't you fix it? Mods aren't here for that. We're here to uphold the rules we have and not create them. We do put in our input on such things, but the final decision isn't even close to ours to make.

morganfell1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

While I agree with not banning a site just because you do not like it, such as polygon, vgchartz is a different matter. Their lack of getting numbers anywhere close the actual figures is a disservice to the game community and at some point they should be banned. Not because they did it once but rather due to the fact it is their modus operandi. FUD is their intention and that should be grounds for banning.

Also there is this I received:

170d ago by Cat

Hey, morganfell, thanks for the note! Since N4G is a user driven news aggregator, we only ban sites for things like spam/plagiarism/copyright violation. We hope that you'll enjoy the site update we're working on, as it should allow users a bit more power over what rises to the top on N4G!


I agree completely with the first part of her response. My question lies with the absence of the latter mentioned update.

Ezz20131879d ago


i know Polygon in knowen

i'm talking about the other unknowen sites that give great games low scores just for hits

also how many times did we hit "WTF" and "NO" to sites like those and nothing change
i do that every single time....every single time

anyway, thanks for the replay

Christopher1879d ago

***I agree completely with the first part of her response. My question lies with the absence of the latter mentioned update.***

There is a huge site update being worked on now. It's not ready and not sure when it will be live. I personally cannot speak on the idea of it fixing all our issues, but I think they are at least hoping it will give a person more control in one way or another.

Whether it's what you people want, I can't say.

But, this massive change does take a lot of time.

darren_poolies1879d ago


Spot on. I bet they don't update the review when everything is smoothed out either.

morganfell1879d ago

It has been almost 6 months hence my question. 60 - 90 days? I will be understanding. But she told me this 6 months ago.

PJF_Josh1879d ago

Replying to bleedsoe9mm above:
"your real issue should be with sony and evolution for showing the media one product then releasing a broken one too the public or at the very least testing the public version better so the media doesn't have to backtrack. "

Except that's not what happened. I'm part of "the media" that got the game from Sony for review. I have a final retail disc version of Driveclub. We had it for a week of offline play then they brought the servers up for a week of online play and then the game released.

Online worked for the media, and it worked quite well. Something happened when the general public came on. Perhaps it was a case of way too many people at once, perhaps something else, Sony hasn't really said much about it.

I'm not excusing them, Sony screwed this one up in a big way and apparently weren't ready for the crush of players when the game launched. But to insinuate that they showed the media a different game than the public received is just flat out wrong.

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InTheLab1880d ago

Got a pop up that kinda followed me obscuring the text as I scrolled and I still didn't have a problem with the article. It's not a review or a preview. Grammatical errors happen. No big deal. A site pulling a review seems like the larger issue.

guitarded771880d ago

:D LOL... ouch. Mod burn.

DOMination-1880d ago

They gave it a 6
realised everybody else gave it an 8
then decided they should be consistent with everyone else.

I notice dualshockers don't have up a driveclub review? Despite pushing it really hard beforw release? Could this be because they were going to give it a 9 or 10 then realised everyone else was slating it? Instead of annoying Sony who obviously was paying them lowering their score they just decided to not do a review?

bunt-custardly1880d ago

Highly disagree with your stance Cgoodno. The point is, as an outlet the author should have enough integrity and professional judgement to know that his or her review is solid and ready for publishing. Once out in the wild, there should be no going back. Opinion is stated and verified.

As Morganfell has pointed out, in traditional media an Editor would oversee this process, but then Editors in gaming are not fulfilling the same duties or role as traditional news editors.

The problem we have with sites pushing out reviews as quickly as possible to gain Google page rank and instant traffic is that sometimes reviews aren't as thorough as they could be - as evidenced here.

I guess it does take some balls to admit something is wrong and remove a review, but at the same time it highlights the poor review process of the website in question if it has to do this in the first place.

Christopher1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I didn't disagree with the author's point of view on lack of quality with Dualshockers. I disagreed with his lack of quality in criticizing another site's lack of quality.

Essentially, neither site utilized an Editor to improve the quality of their articles.

I also was the one who gave Morganfell the Well Said.

Imalwaysright1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

wrong place

1879d ago Replies(2)
dvewlsh1879d ago

Well said. Everyone is rushing to get in on 'gamergate' that they forget that they too need to be up to the standards they are arguing about.

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TheWackyMan1880d ago

Reminder that this kind of stuff is what #GamerGate is about.

animegamingnerd1880d ago

seriously its sites like Polygon and DualShockers are why we need #GamerGate cause its time to put an end to this bad joke know as Gaming Journalism

Loktai1880d ago

I agree... the problem with... let me try to say it without laughing... must keep a straight face...
Game journ- kAHAHAHH hah.. h.. sorry. game j - HAHAHAH ..... .game journ- HAHABWHQWHAHAHA ... game critics are one of the most unreliable kinds of critique in general when it comes to non-story driven games but in story driven games you can really only assess the acting and maybe pace yet the games that get dinged LATELY like destiny actually play awesome and arent really all about their story... they're online games. I used to write reviews or help to on sites like segazone and stuff back in the dreamcast days and the weird way with words and spin that reviewers put on the games now is laughable.

Christopher1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

If you're looking to get rid of sites like Polygon and DualShockers, you might want to do some self assessment as well. They wouldn't be around if people didn't make them so popular.

So, in reality, they exist solely because gamers have given them a platform upon which they have made their successes.

Godmars2901880d ago

Polygon is around because they're popular? Thought it was because MS gave them start up money.

Honestly, out of any site around you'd think that they would have been one of the more civil, yet their agenda and bias has been painfully obvious.

morganfell1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

cgoodno is dead on the money. They have the power because we gave it to them. We gave them a click because we were too lazy to research the subject for an open source. We wanted to see a video they had on their site RIGHT NOW when we could have gone to the publishers site and viewed it there. Every click counts. Every webhit in the wrong place is a detriment to our hobby.

We did not approach developers and publishers and demand they furnish news directly to their own sites without intermediaries. Think how much money publishers could save without having to curry favor to these scabs.

The only satisfaction I have gained lately is watching a degree of self destruction by these meddlers and interlopers. They mimic the fable of the scorpion and the frog. They are their own worst enemies and watching their implosion provides me a satisfaction.

Kingdomcome2471880d ago

@Godmars- I'm not disputing what you're saying because I really don't know one way or the other. Polygon has been giving some not so favorable scores to Microsoft's exclusives as of late, though. So everytime I hear that it sounds strange to me. As I said I'm not saying you're wrong because I don't have anything to go by other than the reviews I see from them for Microsoft exclusives.

Godmars2901880d ago

Seems like they've gone from a general Sony bias to and active games/AAA bias. Especially if there are any feminine related themes.

Kingdomcome2471880d ago

@Godmars- Lol. Yeah, I recently commented on their The Evil Within review saying something similar. They seem to have a general disdain for games. They come across as just a tad bit pretentious.

Christopher1880d ago

***Polygon is around because they're popular? Thought it was because MS gave them start up money. ***

If people didn't visit their site, they wouldn't be around today. They started because of money, they're not here today just because of that. They're here today because they get the hits. And that requires people going to their site. The same people here who complain about their content.

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DeadMansHand1880d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

@cgoodno. Let's be honest, though. DS has had unfiltered reign on this site for a long time now. They submit their own stories then come in and approve them and the rest of us are left with "news" that sometimes result to a tweet. A fricking TWEET.

I get that admins leave the content to approved by the end users as in theory, we approve what we want to see but what steps are there to prevent abuse? DualShockers is banned from Neogaf for their ridiculous clickbait "rumors" that they present as facts.

I asking an honest question, here.

lemoncake1880d ago

When you see DS you know the article is gonna be crap, total click bait site.

Christopher1880d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

@DeadMansHand: See my post above #1.1.12

@Imalwaysright below:

***If dualshockers staff is posting their "news" and approving them, then is N4g in the hands of the N4g community or the dualshockers staff?***

Thing is, it's not DS staff, it's users who visit both. As it is right now, it is not against the rules (and, honestly, practically impossible to track) to have people from twitter approve your stories. We do try our best to make sure they don't approve submissions with reporting issues, but that's about as far as we can go.

***Also I've been coming here for more than 7 years and if I'm not mistaken, a few years back users, weren't allowed to post news from their own website on N4g.***

Not as long as I've been on the site, which is only more than 5 years.

If we find sites abusing approval power, I do remove the ability to approve things from certain people associated with a site, though.

Imalwaysright1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )


You said "The policy set by the N4G owners is to leave N4G as much in the hands of the community as possible."

If dualshockers staff is posting their "news" and approving them, then is N4g in the hands of the N4g community or the dualshockers staff?

Also I've been coming here for more than 7 years and if I'm not mistaken, a few years back users, weren't allowed to post news from their own website on N4g. Is that policy still in place or am I mistaken and there was never such policy?


@ DeadMansHand When I read your comment I thought that it was dualshokers staff approving their news. Thanks for the clarification +helpful.

As for the policy I mentioned, I'm not sure. That's why I'm asking.

psvitamanfan1880d ago

Exactly - journalistic integrity. If this sam review was in print then there would be even more issues, no hiding behind a delete button.

PaleMoonDeath1880d ago

I've been saying it for the past while now, stick to user reviews, the people themselves who earn no profit, no credit, or anything of the sort for doing a review are the ones who wont have some sort of purpose behind just reviewing a game.

Christopher1880d ago

I wouldn't go this far. I'd say stick to those online or real life friends who you trust and, hopefully, have similar tastes to you. User reviews are just as, if not more, corrupt as game journalist reviews. Let's not forget how many times user reviews will attack games solely for one point and plague them with 1 point/star ratings for said issues without even having had played it in the first place.

PaleMoonDeath1880d ago

Agreed dude, I've been getting heads up from folks I know about the games I'm going to buy, not many of them have The Evil Within just now, but all those that do are enjoying it big time, that's enough for me to buy it.

But I must admit, it's always interesting to see what these big companies, websites, and "reviewers" have to say about said games, usually entertaining. User reviews usually get to the point, trolling is obvious mind you, no game in the past year deserves a 1/10 rating, that kind of score is reserved for ET and Superman.

(Won't be able to reply, but I hope you get what I mean!)

Summons751880d ago

User reviews can be fine but also very uninformed. If reviewers had any integrity we would have this issue but as it is all they care about is being bias and trying to be first. A review is supposed to be an I biased analyzation of the game not an opinion piece, a race for hits, or a chance to crap on someone's work (unless gameplay design is that bad)

HighResHero1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Many user reviews are actually higher quality. I would look to user reviews before "certain websites".
"User reviews can be fine but also very uninformed"
Yup, which is is why it's up to us to put the pieces together and if that's not possible we can always try the games for ourselves.

Pinkdolphinyfg1880d ago

It was a shit review tbh because they took away points because it was too hard even though it's "survival" horror and was complaining about the survival part. To me its a 9.5