Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- On PS4: Check Out Over 60 Minutes of Gameplay & 32 Screenshots in Shiny 1080p

The demo of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- is now available on PS4 for Japanese PlayStation plus users. Here's a lot of direct feed gameplay and plenty screenshots.

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gangsta_red1879d ago

Hot damn, that is nice. Love me some GG! Played it all the time back on 360.

Hope this game does well, would love to see more from these guys and this series.

darthv721879d ago

Big fan of the GG games. From the PS1/Dreamcast up to the PS3/360 they are some fun and very artistic looking fighters.

vishmarx1879d ago

I just tried the psn demo and my eyes melted.
these graphics are sorcery. how the hell did they even make it.
3d cel shading that looks like 2d anime sprites and not a single bloody jaggie

kingdomtriggers1879d ago

Is this running on unreal engine 3 or 4?

kingdomtriggers1879d ago

Nice. After KH 3 has been confirmed to be on UE4, I've been taking more of a interest in the engine lol.

StormLegend1879d ago

When is the got dang release date?

corroios1879d ago

Classic game and gameplay. Cool. Make me remeber the neo geo time!

HighResHero1879d ago

Yeah it's pretty authentic.

upallnightgaming1879d ago

Wow has the dude playing ever heard of a combo before? Looks amazing though, haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.