Battlefield 4 Final Stand Details Get Revealed

New details for Final Stand, the last Battlefield 4 expansion have been revealed. Additionally, all the new content will be available for community testing.

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ratrace1878d ago

Another one?, I'm to sober for this.

BludoDaSmelly1878d ago

Sounds good to me. Love new content!

Findingcrybabies1878d ago

Why are they testing? They've obviously never done that before. I guess to make people buy into thinking that they care and its not going to be broken crap?

famoussasjohn1878d ago

DICE LA has actually been the saving grace for BF4 and have been pumping out updates for the last 3-4 months consistently to further improve the game and bring fan feedback into the game. The latest patch was great and added a lot of needed features. You questioning "why are they testing?" is rather redundant. Why wouldn't they want to test it to make sure the game is functional for the latest DLC?

They are even going back and patching every single map that has clipping issues with little things that you get stuck on. I can't say anything negative about what they're doing because they have been way better to the community than the team that released the game.

Neixus1878d ago


Also, means that the original Dice focuses on Star Wars Battlefront instead


More maps but as of a few months ago, it's hard to get excited for this after all the crap they put their fans through but none the less still glad they're still patching and attempting to fix it... Now if they can't fix the 100 health glitch, then I'd be happy

urwifeminder1878d ago

Great means they will put all dlc on sale for $20 soon as they did with bf3.

Skate-AK1878d ago

Yeah they did announce a premium edition like BF3. It is not going to be that cheep though.

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