Why you're still playing Destiny

VGFirst writes on theoretical underpinnings of player rationalisation for continued play of Bungie's most recent FPS, Destiny. With reference to their own opinions and theoretical, cognitive theories that pose to explain why people continue playing, despite often complaining about the experience.

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iplay1up21462d ago

Single player sucked, and I have other multiplayer games I would rather play. Way over hyped, just like Watchdogs.I am trading it in next week when I pick Bayonetta up.

Concertoine1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I am no longer pre ordering games. Im sick of being screwed over by the buggy launches and underwhelming delivery that have characterized this gen thus far. No one say its my fault for "giving into the hype of gamers", this hype was perpetuated by Bungie in every dev video theyve released in the past 2 years.

thekhurg1462d ago

The game is awesome. Bungie delivered and amazing online experience. Great content right out of the gate and frequent events to keep things going.

die_fiend1462d ago

Yeah, how dare Bungie hype their game. They should have been saying it's going to be really poor to ensure low sales!

Good for you not pre-ordering games but if you can't tell a decent game from a mile off, then just buy based on reviews

rdgneoz31462d ago

"Great content right out of the gate and frequent events to keep things going."

Actually, they doubled the frequency of the events from how it was "right out of the gate." Open world was basically dead at the start, there were no events going on which is why the rate was increased.

Overall, if you were playing the game solo, it's not the greatest game. There are a lot better single player games out there. Where the fun really happens is in multiplayer. If you're able to find a few friends to do strikes or raids with, it can be a blast (knocking people off the jumping puzzle area for a few laughs).

MeteorPanda1462d ago

to be fair, the evil within had an okay marketing campaign and it's an awesome game..

All gamers should research about what they're preordering, basic shit right there.

Concertoine1462d ago


Outright lying to the gamer in terms of how open the game is is what they shouldnt have done. "See those mountains over there, you can go allllll the way there!"

Reviews are stupid, i would never buy based on reviews. For example Evil Within just came out and im enjoying the crap out of it, even though reviews reflect that it is not for everyone.

I knew what i was pre ordering with Destiny, i just didnt realize the final game was so repititious and ham fisted. Anyone with the most basic experience with any MMO can exploit the game to level up so easily.

Why o why1462d ago

I'm enjoying it, thats what matters to me

Concertoine1461d ago

@khurg and why

Nothing wrong with that, for sure. Different strokes, different folks. I just wasn't satisfied with my purchase.

Why o why1461d ago

@ Concertoin

Definitely, I hate cheesecake. Many people love that disgusting thing.

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Spenok1462d ago

Same. I still have it since my GF bought the DLC pass thingy. So I will check it out again when that comes out. Giving it plenty of time to get updates, fixes, and content. Though I don't expect too much to change. Hopefully they do good with it. But if not at least I have plenty of other games to play.

persona4chie1462d ago

I have not played destiny yet actually

burza19821462d ago

Because there is nothing else to play. Games are not good enough.

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Last_Boss1462d ago

Gone, towards Dragon Age & Guilty Gear.

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