Microsoft Pins Comeback on Exclusives

Microsoft appears to be shifting their focus and going aggressively after exclusive games and franchises for the Xbox One. Phil has declared that he’s taking a different approach over previous leaders and is looking at Nintendo as a role-model for the future.

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ArchangelMike1884d ago ShowReplies(9)
lelo2play1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Smart move. It's quality exclusives (and I mean real exclusives, not timed exclusives) that sell consoles and not a few more pixels on screen for multiplatform games... well, at least for me, but I might be wrong.

Hellsvacancy1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

So what happened last gen? if I recall (easily) there was only one console that had top tier exclusives, the other relied mostly on multiplat games

People seem to be forgetting that the console last gen that had the most exclusive game will likely do the same again this gen, there so many unannounced games

For me personally I see no exclusive games (or multiplats) that want to make be by a new console yet

Ezz20131884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

remember the "Exclusives don't's all about Multiplat games" song we kept hear last gen

well, Exclusives seems to matter again now ...Mystery, i know

gangsta_red1883d ago


Exclusives do matter, but not every exclusive given is a gift from Zeus on a chariot of cotton candy that some on here made every exclusive game out to be.

Exclusives matter as long as they are quality games.

It's no different than the many other songs from the top 10 playlist we heard all last gen...

Harold_Finch1883d ago

They changed the target audience for WE TO YOU and marketed it by showing third party games that were already out.

Septic1883d ago



Hold on. If you're going to point out double standards let me point out the other side.

I thought third party games don't matter? Yet all of a sudden, Sony fanboys are jumping on them and the superior multiplats like its gold. MS seemed to be doing rather well in delivering exclusive content.

Is that a mystery to you too? ;)

Hellsvacancy1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )


Dude, don't include me in your little rant, I don't care for superior multiplats, I don't even own a new console yet, I don't want ANY of the games released so far from either console, this gen has been nothing but boring so far

"Sony fanboys" like they're ONE entity...... oh dear

aceitman1883d ago

@ septic heres y its a big deal 360 fanboys laughed and broke stones about multiplatform games looking and playing better on the 360 while ps3 fans cheered of exclusive games , now ps4 will have the best of both worlds , and now x1 fanboys say it doesn't matter that it runs better on ps4 , its like watch what u say cause it can come back and bite u in the arse . but for some reason x1 fanboys are saying that we shouldn't be saying stuff cause its not right . well hopefully ms makes there own exclusives and I mean own and not buy straight out 3rd party games like they did with the 360. I like to see them step up , but not with mud on there shoes and hands in there pockets, and u no every one knows the deal on that.

Septic1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )


""Sony fanboys" like they're ONE entity...... oh dear"

They are aren't they? Or are there multiple sub-categories of fanboys?

Also, you might want to tell Ezzo that too seeing as he's really confused by the situation.

Yeah I'm aware of the hypocrisy of MS fanboys who claim that res doesn't matter etc.

Ezz20131883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )


No it's not a Mystery

It's plain hypocrisy from those Sony fanboys too

That's what i find funny about this gen
1.DF is now a Sony's site
2.Exlusives matter again
3.Sales don't matter now
4.Multiplat games matter again
5.paying for online is no problem now

The double standards are too much this gen
also don't even try and say i'm confused,
i have no hand in this
I have yet to own any next gen console
Still only playing Ps3 and PC
I'm just laughing at the hypocrisy from both sides

@Hellsvacancy, Same here...sometimes i wonder why i even bother

Hellsvacancy1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Septic you may treat these silly console arguments like your supporting a football team, I don't, my opinions are my own, I don't speak for anyone but me

You think I'm loyal to Sony? hell i'll drop those mofos quicker than you can say "your a fanboy" IF a better console manufacturer appeared, just so happens Sony are the best at what they do, they have long proven history when it comes to gaming

Ezz2013, i've also yet to buy a new console, sometimes I don't even know why I get involved in some of the discussions here, as I don't even own a next gen system, I see loads of articles on N4G that I could comment on but dont, I think "why, it's always the same old same"

Septic1883d ago

"Septic you may treat these silly console arguments like your supporting a football team"

Me? ME??!

", I don't, my opinions are my own, I don't speak for anyone but me "

Exact same situation here. I don't owe an allegiance to anyone. I have preferences and they always change and in a constant state of flux.

During PS4 launch I said this:

Me @ 2:00

Now I prefer the X1 because I think the PS4 exclusives are a snorefest this year.

Next year, judging by what I know so far, I'll be back on the PS4 more.

IVanSpinal1883d ago

¨360 fanboys laughed and broke stones about multiplatform games looking and playing better on the 360 while ps3 fans cheered of exclusive games , now ps4 will have the best of both worlds¨

most of the stupid 360 fanboys have now a PS4, the guys that you hated, are now in your team of fanboys, because i see few stupid xbox fanboys right now & the xbox live community is very mature now (zero hatemails & zero BF4 server bans or kicks)

Pogmathoin1883d ago

Fallout 4, X1 exclusive.... Oh dear god, that would be the war to end all wars here! :)

aceitman1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

@IVanSpinal I think ur mistaken quieter for mature , those will continue to open there mouth on the xbox side will never see the color red as red they will say its blue. but the quiet, not mature ones have nothing to say cause they no the truth just like ms they haven't matured there just quiet cause there is nothing good to say.

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Automatic791884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Exclusives are exclusives no matter how you spin it. Xbox One has shown great emphasis in bringing compelling content to X1 first. If they port over a game to PC later that is still in MS ecosystem plus allows PC gamers to enjoy some MS exclusives. Overall, for all of us who have X1 and dont have PC or PS4 right now MS has given us enough reason to to stay on Xbox One acquiring more exclusives is only going to help Xbox brand define this generation like the original Xbox which didn't have to win on sales but by giving us gamers great games. Keep up the good work Phil and crew. Look forward to playing those awesome exclusives you have coming.

christocolus1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I do like Phils new direction. The original xbox&even the 360 had some really great titles, glad he is going back to them. Fuzion frenzy, lost odysee, blinx, voodoo vince and alan wake should be put on that list but i also wonder, what could that super secret stuff (planned for 2015)be? Maybe vr? Scalebound coming out next year? Or maybe its a new kameo, mech assault,otogi or even age of mythology for xbox one.
I'm guessing MS will announce some new titles to be released next year&it will be similar to how they announced FH2 just 4-5 months before the game launched.

jhoward5851884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Good move by Phil. I can clearly see why Phil would say something like that. Nintendo are the only company that tries to revolutionizing the gaming industry. They brought us the analog stick, motion control, the most diverse game play on planet earth.

Here my thought, what I think is going on at Nintendo is they're working very hard on the Zelda wii U game engine. In the past Nintendo had each of their aaa game has their own game engine which is a mistake in my opinion. That said, they will no longer be using different game in the future. I think their next game engine will be able to run all of games. This engine is going to feel just like the NES days. Time after time, Nintendo have stuck to their guns. They're all about bringing something new to the gaming industry. My gut feeling tells me their next game engine is going to revolutionize the gaming industry once more like they've done in the past. I believe Zelda wii U will play very different from the game we've all been accustom to playing.

r2oB1883d ago

1) Nintendo did not introduce the analog stick, the thumb stick on their N64 pad was actually digital not analog. Sony introduced an analog joystick before the N64 controller released, not to mention the thumbsticks on their controllers were actually analog and released before Nintendo released an actual analog stick.
2) They did not bring us motion controls. They started R&D for motion controls after Sony, but rushed it to market and was able to capitalize on an relatively inaccurate, waggle control scheme. Not to mention most of their games barely utilized it.
3) Nintendo first party games are very good, no doubt, but are hardly diverse. There are a lot of genres they don't make.

Maybe they revolutionized gaming back in the 80's and early 90's. But most of their "innovations" are merely novelty gimmicks. Microsoft and Sony have revolutionized gaming more than Nintendo.

jhoward5851883d ago

Ok Nintendo didn't invent anything as far as everything I said but they did sure popularizes everything though. Apple did not invent touch screen but they get the credit for making it popular.

ps360s1883d ago

Nintendo made motion gaming mainstream and popular (and the world care about gaming again)

Harold_Finch1883d ago

I literally think that Phil Spencer got the job due to his first name.

The casual, average, man's man name of Phil.

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