Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is My Biggest Surprise of the Year

Erica of SheAttack admits she was wrong about Shadow of Mordor! This game is fantastic! Read on why she has left her skepticism and concerns behind and decided to invest in the game. Also, read what she loves about it!

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ArchangelMike1885d ago

I absolutely loved Shadow of Mordor. They took the best bits of Assassins Creed and the Arkham games and blended them into a great game.

The Story was way too short, and it was a huge ocersight that the Nemesis system didn't apply to any of the main bosses (The Tower, The Black Hand or the Hammer). But still, the sense of freedom, the combat, the nemesis system, and the LOTR environment all work together very well, to create an excellent experience.

This is one game where I am looking forward to the DLC 0.o

Scrivlar1885d ago

I am enjoying it, And I'm a huge fan of LOTR,AC, and the Batman/Arkham games.But I'm finding this one to be a little too repetitive, which I know is silly since I like the AC games but yeah I'm just struggling to get through it for some reason

ArchangelMike1885d ago

I don't know how far in you are with the game - if you've got to the war-chiefs yet; but I know that the game really opened up for me when I decided to try taking down some war-chiefs in their strongholds.

The nemesis system really kicks in, simply because you'll probably get speared (again) by 'Thug-random-uruk', while trying to fend of two of the war-chiefs body guards. He then goes on to become a level 20 guy and near impossible to defeat, until you realise he has a crippling fear of caragors...

I just love the fact that you can cause so much chaos, walk in unnoticed and take everybody out in such a fluid and brutal way.

When you unlock Shadow Strike chain, unlimited executions, or unlimited stealth executions, you really feel like a bad-ass and can completely demolish hordes of uruks in a flash.

It's awesome!

ab5olut10n1885d ago

I picked this up mainly because I was bored but the more I play it the more I like it.