Guerrilla Cambridge’s New PS4 Exclusive Will Use Physically Based Shaders with High Visual Standard

It's known that Killzone: Mercenary developer Guerrilla Camridge is working on a new PS4 exclusive belonging to a “High Profile, Multi-Million Selling Franchise,” and today you get to learn something more about the graphics of the upcoming game.

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Abash1879d ago

I am truly hoping they are doing Killzone 5 while Guerrilla works on their new series. Cambridge needs to do another Killzone with how great they made Killzone Mercenary.

WeAreLegion1879d ago

Agreed. It probably helps that the guy who wrote 2, 3, and Liberation did Mercenary. The team who wrote Shadow Fall was a joke. It hurts me knowing that one of them is helping with Arkham Knight.

joab7771879d ago

The Helghan are my favorite antagonist. What could actually be done for a Killzone 4 is amazing if done right.

darthv721879d ago

Wait...wouldnt it technically be called Killzone 4?

shadowfall i see as more of a spin off (Like ODST or Reach) taking place within the same universe but not a true direct sequel to KZ3.

Now dont go hating on me for not knowing, I am just looking at it from a different POV as the ending to KZ3 was somewhat of a cliffhanger. And Shadowfall takes place quite a bit after that game with different characters.

So (to me) a real KZ4 seems to be warranted.

SmokingMonkey1879d ago

I have platinumed KZ2,3,Mercenary and Shadow fall, I love KZ.


Shadow Fall has Stahl as one of the main bad guys, so yes I think it can be considered part 4.

He states at the end of SF that the Helghast will always win because they will always fight for each other. While Vektan's fight for "what's right" and not themselves, they will eventually lose.

elazz1879d ago

Well, ShadowFall could be seen as a direct sequel but it was a totally different setting (more black ops, spec ops, solo gameplay instead of all out warfare).

I hope Cambridge will come with a gritty, total warfare, KZ4 game. I really was impressed with Mercenary so just imagine what they could do with the PS4.

Or they could have a timejump and make a Killzone in a third Extrasolar war. Or a prequel covering the events of the first extrasolar war.

1879d ago
ssj271879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I love killzone and is one of my favorite ips but I will give it a rest and bring a new one after they do another game first so it feels fresh.
I will love to see this studio make Socom confrontation 2 with Killzone engine and a cinematic campaign similar to the movie act of valor. That will easy sale 2 million plus

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ashen1221879d ago

sweet im excited to see this new game

qwerty6761879d ago

interested to see what they have in store

maybe they'll reveal something during that playstation experience thing in December.

scark921879d ago

Cannot wait to see it!

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The story is too old to be commented.