The Division: Is this Ubisoft's Destiny?

Bryan Dawson (Prima Games): When Ubisoft first unveiled Tom Clancy's The Division at E3 2013, it was touted as a massively multiplayer online shooter. Meanwhile, Destiny from Bungie had a similar description during its development cycle. Only a month after the release of Destiny, the game isn't performing as well as Activision and Bungie had hoped. With the similarities between these two titles, will The Division end up becoming Ubisoft's Destiny? Let's take a closer look at how these games are similar and what that means for fans of The Division.

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AngelicIceDiamond1884d ago

Sounds like it with "End game content", "Epic Raids," and "Shared World". Buying the Division but not getting all crazy hyped for it. Lowering my standards.

ArchangelMike1884d ago

Agreed. Igot burned sooo badly by Destiny that I can't bring myself to be hyped by any games anymore. :(

user56695101884d ago

this post is too level head to be on this site.


memots1884d ago

I went on too many rant about this Gen and people expectation. I wont repeat the same sh*t again but i agree. A little less expectation and being more realistic and less elitist will do this medium some good.

OUROSMAG1884d ago

This game will not be anything like destiny. Watch some of the developer talks, this will be a full fledged MMORPG

stalepie1883d ago

I don't know, but I expect the reviews may be... divisive.

Last_Boss1883d ago

Horrible headline choice, Destiny is not that good.