The Nexus 6 is good news for gamers

Today Google announced their latest flagship mobile device, the Nexus 6. This is undoubtedly the Android phone that could usher in a new generation of mobile games for Android. Check out the chops on this beast of a device.

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KwietStorm1880d ago

I don't buy my phones for gaming. And I really wish the Nexus 6 was a refreshed Nexus 5 with a similar sized screen. This might be the first Nexus I pass on in years.

LOGICWINS1880d ago

I'll be passing on it as well. 6 inches is ridiculous IMO. I can do 5.3 inches and thats my limit. The HTC M9 will be my next phone.

Highlife1880d ago

Was excited for the new nexus but will pass as well. Now I'm leaning towards the Xperia Z3. From all the reviews it has killer battery life and well remote play will come in handy.

KwietStorm1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I'm looking at the rumored GSM version of the Droid Turbo. Basically the same specs as the Nexus 6, but smaller screen, larger battery, and more RAM. So actually kind of significant differences, depending on who you ask.

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-EvoAnubis-1880d ago

Agreed. It's FAAAR bigger than I need and I'm flat out not paying $650 for a phone (I don't do contracts). Sticking with my trusty Nexus 4. It'll be getting Lollipop anyway, so I'm good.

Maxor1880d ago

Same here. Going for 4.95 to 5.96 is crazy. Frankly speaking the Galaxy Note is a better phone with it's built in functionality in this space. Everything else with this size like the iPhone Plus is simple huge for the sake of being huge.

ATi_Elite1879d ago

DDR4 is good for gaming.

The Nexus 6 is good for watching movies on the go.

Was very interested in the Nexus 6 until I just found out LG will not be the manufacturer but instead Motorola.

KwietStorm1879d ago

DDR4 is irrelevant. How does that relate? I don't buy my phones for gaming.

Every phone available is good for watching movies on the go.

Motorola makes just as good hardware, if not better quality, than LG.

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uth111880d ago

It's not the specs that hold phones back as serious gaming devices. It's that Touchscreens suck as gaming countrollers. And battery life. With many phones it's a struggle making the charge last as long as you need it. You don't want to burn through the charge by playing something as power hungry as gaming.

DanielGearSolid1880d ago

im lost....

if anything the xperia z3 would be the gamers phone

badz1491880d ago

come here to say the same thing!

"Xperia Z3 is good news for gamers"

there, fixed!

SteamPowered1880d ago

I'm still loving my nvidia Shield. Cell phones are not even a factor in my gaming.

GreetingsfromCanada1880d ago

If gaming ever shifts to mobile as the main platform I'm quitting.

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