Halo in third-person: Gamer with modded Xbox 360 plays Halo 4 as a third-person shooter

Troy Irving, a gamer in possession of a modded Xbox, has found certain files in Halo 4 that enable players to play from a third-person perspective.

Irving discovered that the perspective works surprisingly well, and subsequently played through the game's entire campaign, and plans to do so with other entries in the franchise, such as Halo 3, ODST, and Halo: Reach.

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Hendrickson1878d ago

Nice so the mod community is alive and well for Halo on the Xb 360 then.

DesertFoxJr1878d ago

Not really a mod per se, but an interesting discovery nonetheless. I'd definitely give it a spin.

radler1878d ago

Halo 4 wasn't a particularly great game in my opinion, but damn do these screenshots show off just how visually stunning the game is.

ABizzel11878d ago

Looks good, but I really want to say. What's the purpose of having a great looking character model that no one can see in First person.

Septic1877d ago


Well Halo 4 has 4 player campaign co op so there's that. Plus it switches to third person when youre using certain weapons like turrets, armour abilities or commandeering vehicles.

Mega241878d ago

Bungie originally had planned halo as a third person action shooter for Apple. That's why Halo has a great third person camera angle.

SnackAttacker1878d ago

Uh, no. The third person camera angle is there because in Halo games you are quite often in 3rd person view. Like when you rip the turret out of the ground and walk around with it.

Mega241878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )


"That's why Halo has a great third person camera angle."

Why do you think I made this comment?

The original idea for halo was as a third person shooter exclusively for the Mac. In the development, Microsoft Bought Bungie from Apple. In that period, someone decided to change the game from TPS to FPS two years into the development, and it got refocused for Xbox instead for PC and Mac which was what was originally developed for.

You should Try Marathon, the spiritual predecessor of Halo.

Summons751878d ago

Eh, 3rd person Halo was weird enough in 3 when you pulled a turret off the mount. I avoided it from that point and I wouldn't want to play the entire campaign that way.

BattleTorn1878d ago

Disagree! I loved their 3rd-person integration, especially the turrets and assassinations!

ScorpiusX1878d ago

Would be cool if it were allowed as an option for Xbox one versions .

DesertFoxJr1878d ago

I would definitely opt for that option if it were available.

LAWSON721878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

3rd person makes the game look even more stunning. I do not like Halo 4 but the game visually really shows how talented the tech team is.

lameguy1878d ago

I never really understood the hate for Halo4. For me it was more enjoyable than Halo3 simply because of Cortana's storyline. After E32006 with that awesome trailer, I was expecting something... more but it never materialized.

I don't partake in the multiplayer much so if that's the main gripe, than I can't comment on that really.

LAWSON721878d ago

It is very much the MP, however IMO Halo 3 campaign was funner than 4 however 4 had a good new take on storytelling

DesertFoxJr1878d ago

I agree. I never played Halo 4(stopped at Reach for some reason), but the game really does look wonderful - especially from that third-person perspective.

Spore_7771878d ago

I'm blown away. I would want to experience Halo in 3rd Person.

Outthink_The_Room1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I'm not a Halo fan, mainly because I don't like FPS's, I much prefer 3rd person. But wow, that last picture is ridiculous. The armor looks crazy detailed.

The crosshair looks funny though in a couple pictures. I guess it didn't resize to a 3rd Person perspective.

Either way, I agree with you, I'm kind of blown away by it.

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The story is too old to be commented.