Or2: A new Playstation game to be revealed soon

The Japanesse Playstation site has a countdown for a new Playstation game. Nothing is known about it at this point, just that its entitled Or2, but in about 4 days we'll find out.

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pharmd5462d ago

meh.... another psn title... could be fun but im not getting overexcited!

fishd5462d ago (Edited 5462d ago )

Sounds like SONY has too many things to show at E308.revealing a new title a month before E3!come on!Guess what will be at E3!

Kain815462d ago

Is this a sequell to PS franchise?

nofilter5462d ago

More info on the game here:

Although the story was 'failed' for some reason.

Dir_en_grey5462d ago

It totally is Yuusha no Kuseni 2. Good job at the original post!!

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