“Keep Politics Out of Gaming” – Why Games Journalists Won’t Leave Their Ideologies at the Door

Liam Lambert, GIZORAMA - "As of writing, it is October 15th, and GamerGate has officially seen gamers and this industry at its worst. I’ve seen some pretty awful things happen to good people in the games industry over the years, but threats of terrorism are a new low. Before you jump down my throat and accuse me of being unethical or “bias” (FYI, one person cannot represent the concept of “bias” – biased is the word you are looking for), I’d first like to state that this article will not be about harassment, misogyny or any of the other vile things we’ve witnessed as our medium has slowly warped into a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Rather, I’d like to address the notion that ideologies, politics and biases are inherently “corrupt”, and that they have no place in games media."

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mandf1885d ago

Absolutely. I play games to escape the bs of life.

Neonridr1885d ago

yep, be someone else, or be somewhere else.

bouzebbal1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

i don't really mind politics in video games like in inFamous, but if there is something i cannot bear is propaganda of any kind.

Dunban671885d ago

most of the offensive rhetoric is made by people pretending to represent the view of gamergate so they can then claim they are being attacked by people of that view point

The oldest trick in the book and so easily done in this day and age of internet anonymity

supermintendo1885d ago

That is honestly how I feel every time Anita tweets a new "threat". Do I doubt she gets them? Nope. But some times they do seem to have awfully convenient timing; if the topic she's pushing is falling out of the limelight some new danger always rears its ugly head.

Sure, maybe some people actually from Gamer Gate raged enough to actually threatened her, no doubt in a trolling sense. Not that it excuses the behavior in the slightest. But I suspect there is some covert white knighting going on.

Dunban671885d ago

How is anyone even verified to be a "member of gamergate" to begin with?

I am also sure there are plenty of immature people out there making threat of all sorts but it does not necessarily mean they represent a specific view and with out a doubt these people are not speaking on behalf of gamergate

Having said the above I have no doubt there are as many contrived "threats" as any other kind

Does anyone think people with differing views than the Anita S 's do the world are never threatened? Does anyone think said threats would garner media coverage from most any of these sights playing the SJW role?

rainslacker1884d ago

It's not even that. Every time there is a threat, it is automatically attributed to gamer gate.

I love how this author says that biased can't be attributed to one person(as a way of showing lack of correct grammar), but can't extend that to realize that one(or a few) people do not make up the jist of what Gamergate is about.

This is just another article with a misinformed person who does nothing to really address any of the issues that GG is concerned with, and instead puts his own bias into the situation to come to a forgone conclusion that everything is hunky dorie in the gaming press.

catch1884d ago

Another great article. I'm glad to see more of these as the gamergate crowd doesn't represent me or any of my friends who are lifelong gamers.

Having an opinion about social issues isn't corruption. Subjective reviews are not a problem because people can think for themselves. You don't have to agree with every review. It's okay to ignore the ones who speak out about issues you don't personally care about.

There are websites I avoid because I know they are incompatible with my personal views but I don't try to get them fired for it or complain that they are ruining gaming.

Social issues have a place in gaming because there are gamers who care about them. It's that simple. If you don't like it then stick with the websites that are more in line with what you care about.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1884d ago

Here's the problem, you think GamerGate is a group of people with views. It really isn't, it's a movement promoting ethical journalism. I.e. an end to corrupt journalism where games get good reviews because the critic is friends with a dev, or journalists having chats to decide what articles they should post on their sites to drive mindshare.

The newspaper isn't like this, so why is game journalism?

King_of_Nothing1884d ago

The problem is that newspapers (and televised media) ARE like this.

phoenixwake1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Unfortunately, old media has been corrupt for a long time.

My take on it has been that games media has resisted corruption by being more "enthusiast" than journalism. But now that it is taken more seriously and most identify themselves as journalists, it has come to light that many do NOT have degrees in journalism and have views against gaming rather than for.

So we're stuck with a lot of sub-par reporting and gaming anti-enthusiasts? What happened here?

Brucis1884d ago

It's hard to say "if you don't like it then go to sites that are more in line with what you care about" when the writers, editors, etc. pressure other writers, editors, etc. into reporting/not reporting about things they like/don't like.

rainslacker1884d ago

Perhaps you aren't familiar with the GameJournoPros group. It is a group of game journalist, from many top sites on the internet, colluding on what they will report, and what the consensus will be in that reporting.

You may not care about gamergate, or care to participate, but what they're doing is not a service to you or any gamer. That is a form of corruption, and it's being done to try and form public opinion, which will eventually have an effect on you if not put a stop to.

Or there is the issue with Quinn which may or may not be true. If true though, is it right that when you're going to look for a review, that that review could possibly be brought off in some way. It's certainly not a new thing that people suspect publishers may be paying off review sites in some way, it was just the straw that broke the camels back.

It's all a poison. Eventually it will make it's way to everyone, whether they care about it or not. If you don't care about it, that's fine. No one is forcing you too. but don't say this is a great article, when it does nothing to represent gamergate in the correct way at all. It just rehashes tired finger pointing that anti-GG people have been doing all along. So many articles are just getting it all wrong. GG may go away, if they would actually acknoledge what it's about, and allow the discourse to flow properly, but they aren't. It's mostly one sided.

YoungKingDoran1884d ago

I agree with this article. These "journalists" need to get off their soapboxes, stop trying to tell us what to think about stupid shit and their personal agendas (Bayonetta is too sexual? Oh yeah I forgot that I'm an adult, thank you for saving my innocent mind. GFY journalists. Pretty sure Black Widow wears more revealing clothing in the Goddamn avengers)
A private chat where theyall ddecide what they're all going to tell us?!
It's like they are trying to ruin the very industry they work in. They think they call the shots. Well they fucking don't, WE DO!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1884d ago

'I'm a Professional Journalists. Gamers are fucking sissy faggots. And I'll kill anyone of you faggots any day'

^Oh look, a ProJurno is saying such rude things, I guess game journalists are Misogynists, racists, sexists, worse than Isis.

My point here is, it's easy for someone to claim they are something they are not on the Internet. So pointing fingers at people is utterly pointless because it's impossible to prove anything here. Journalists, need to get their act together and stop assuming every single negative thing is gamergate related. It's a movement, not a group of people. Get with the times. Vice-Versa, not every journalist is corrupt(some clearly have been proven they are though)

End of the day, people need to grow up. Too many idiots on the Internet as is, we don't need to add to that number.

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