NGB | F1 2014 Review

NGB Wrote: "Honestly, there isn’t a huge amount more to say about F1 2014. It’s more of the familiar Formula 1 gameplay with a couple of added tweaks, but ultimately it’s not a reinvention of the series. The biggest disappointment for me is that the game has clearly been developed for the lowest powered machines available on the market, and only had cosmetic improvements pushed on the PC. I can’t speak for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions at this time, but it definitely feels like a “last gen game running on high settings” than a new experience. Averting your gaze from the impeccably modeled exterior of whichever car you’ve gone with to the flat and lifeless surroundings definitely has the power to detract from things at times. Here’s hoping the next-gen version releasing next year brings the improvements to make it a worthy upgrade. Right now, however, it feels a bit like the sport itself in the Schumacher era; reliable but a bit predictable, and ultimately similar to the season before with not much new to show for it."

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urwifeminder1878d ago

Be nice to try the new track but since they ditched gfwl I just stopped buying them got used to hunting my achieves .