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GR-UK writes: "There's plenty of new features coming. And although everything felt surprisingly positive, and even though we know that there are now nearly nine million levels that have been created by players around the world (that will also work in Little Big Planet 3), we're still a bit skeptical. Maybe that's because the split-gen development, with the title being developed for both PS3 and PS4, potentially has limited the possibilities of what could be achieved if this had been created with just the PS4 in mind.

That said, we're still looking forward to this next game in the series. We've seen so many imaginative worlds and creations that never cease to surprise us. Nevertheless, Little Big Planet 3 feels as if Sony followed the motto: "more is more". What Little Big Planet 3 needs after the rise of so many similar creative games, is a new focus. When the game is released next month we'll see if that's something that can be found in amongst all of the new features."

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Blackleg-sanji1882d ago

Hmm I dont think the ps3 will hold rhis game much back and the fact u can play all the orher levels is a win for me. Looking forward to this title more than anything else in November

GameDev11882d ago

The game is being co developed as in Sumo Digital and Sony XDEv, Sony XDEV are dealing mostly with the PS3 version and Sumo Digital with fully PS4 version

There are differences between the PS4 and PS3 version, vast amount of layers and creation possibilites shows the PS3 version is holding nothing back.

Plus the amount of levels you can have is determined by your hard drive

GribbleGrunger1882d ago

Check this site out for lots of videos:

Make sure you check the music section too.

Derpy1882d ago

I agree. Side scrollers generally do not have a habit of pushing systems very hard (and side scrollers are probably not the best genre for graphics above all else nuts to be looking at anyway.) Being a fan of the first two games, I'm looking forward to this one, but am a little concerned about it being done by a different developer house.

WeAreLegion1882d ago

You shouldn't be concerned. This team is absolutely incredible.

garos821882d ago

agreed plenty of hours of fun to be had with this bad boy. looking forward to some swoop action!

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sonic9891882d ago

He should review the game as it is lol at cross gen excuse an awesome game is an awesome game regardless of anything example bayonetta 2 not the best looking game but it was a great game overall.
I am buying the game anyway so reviews won't change my mind especially if the reviewer complains about stupid stuff.

Blackleg-sanji1882d ago

Exactly je didn't say anything bad about the game at all so why would u be worried if its cross gen hell have the cross gen games have been better than the so called current gen ones

aceitman1882d ago

well as expected its ps4 exclusive so its nitpicking time , they come up with the most dumbest excuse to knock ps brand exclusives ,now!oh - we're still a bit skeptical. Maybe that's because the split-gen.

TM3331882d ago

I'm sure alot of people have it in their head that this game would be so much better if it wasn't coming out on PS3 too, like that's gonna hold it back. I mean, sure I kinda feel that too, but I don't know that it'd be much different either way. This should be a helluva fun game that lots will be able to play. I miss the old days of playing LBP 1 with my son. Now he's 18:(

Blackleg-sanji1882d ago

Yea I don't think a only ps4 little big planet could have been much better especially considering this isnt the original developer's (even tho sumo digital did a great job on this one) And to bad about ur soon u should see if he will play again I cant wait to give my 2 yr old the controller he loved knack

Father__Merrin1882d ago

some of the music in lbp1 was amazing

WeAreLegion1882d ago

Daniel Pemberton, bro. They use it on Top Gear all the time.

theshredded1882d ago

The stage transitions remind me of puppeteer

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