Top 9 Creepy Games for Halloween - When You're Looking for Something to Make Your Skin Crawl

Halloween is fast approaching and with it the insatiable need to get the pants scared off of you! We've hand picked our top 9 favourite games to get your creepy-crawly on with this Halloween season.

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theshredded1888d ago

I played neverending nightmares a bit and it was surprisingly good

ABizzel11888d ago

Resident Evil, Dead Island, DayZ, and Left 4 Dead are not scary at all, nor will make your skin crawl.

Condemned, Dead Space 1, Fatal Frame, and Amy (which will show you horror like you've never seen before in a video game).

DoctorJones1888d ago

Amy was terrible, the only thing that horrified me was that my friend had actually paid money for it. Lol, recommending Amy, tut tut tut.

MetaReapre1887d ago

I would have to agree with you for the most part, but the RE series prior to 4 (with some exceptions) are quite scary. Even playing RE3 for one still has me scared of the nemesis every time I play it.

Agent20091887d ago

Everyone who says Resident Evil is scary, is either a 5 year old, or still living 1990s.

And yeah, the f*ck is Dead Island, DayZ and Left4Dead doing on this list?

ABizzel11887d ago


LOL, that's why I said it'll show you horror like you've never seen before ;^D

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weirdo1888d ago

i play limbo on halloween

Kingdomcome2471888d ago

Horror is one of the more difficult genres to develop for whether it be games, or movies in my opinion. It's hard to do something new. I'm personally far more effected by the psychological driven horror seen in Silent Hill, P.T., etc... jump scares are good for the momentary scare, but they don't stick with me. For me it's all about an unsettling atmosphere, tension, and sound design.

SteamPowered1887d ago

I dunno man, Outlast is one of the best crafted games I have ever played. They perfected atmospheric music. Being able to actually see the protagonists body and hands on door frames only increased my immersion.
What Outlast does, it does very well. I doubt you will make it very far without at least one audible scream escaping.

Jozinho1887d ago

I agree. I don't remember a game that made me shut the console off because I had enough. Not of gaming but fear

Kingdomcome2471887d ago

Yeah, definitely. I just listed a few that stand out for me. Outlast was great. Alien Isolation is in that same vein for me where a lot of the terror comes from being absolutely helpless and unable to defend yourself. P.T. was just very disturbing for me, and I still can't really completely put my finger on why it was. It was just very unnerving to me.