The Crew Will Have Extensive Customization, Racing Fans Exhale

Hardcore Gamer: Ubisoft's latest trailer for The Crew shows off an incredibly deep customization system, showing that the promising racer has the chance to really hook players in.

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crusf1879d ago

I'm still holding my breath. I played the closed beta and was impressed by the customization and scope of the game but the story seemed lack luster and the handling is piss poor. Hopefully the devs will iron out the kinks by the end...

Geekman1879d ago

I'm confused about the disagrees. Do people NOT want the kinks to be fixed?

Cra2yey31879d ago

Since the disaster that is Driveclub, the crew now has some of my attention.

Speak_da_Truth1879d ago

Still not getting it Ubisoft.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081879d ago

The customization in it is great, gameplay however is meh! it does not make me feel engaged like driveclub or forza does! if they can get that right, i'll be ok with it. I'm not too bothered by the always online part, but it would have been better if they let ppl have a option to have human players around you, or turn it off like TDU2 and just have the A.I. roaming. It's a niche, but good racer though, just need some serious polishing up.

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