Far Cry 4 Is About As Crazy As Kim Jong Un In A Pink Suit, Shouting Racial Slurs | EGMR

EGMR writes: "When your last game is best known for the definition of insanity you’d better have a pretty damn good idea of how to top it. Especially if the aim is to go bigger, zanier and more over the top than ever before. There are a few ingredients which are needed for Far Cry 4 to outdo Far Cry 3 and most of them seem to be present.

First off, it needs to have “Far Cry” in the title."

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gangsta_red1886d ago

I can't wait to play this game. I also liked the Far Cry series but for some reason part 3 was exceptionally good and I had a very fun time playing it.

I hope Far Cry 4 is just as amazing. Definitely getting some good use out of my Xbox One.

nucky641886d ago

I've never played a FC game before, but I think I might give this one a'll give me something to play until bloodborne comes out.