Problems Only 90s Gamers Could Understand

NowGamer: "With the PS1 turning 20 this December it’s got us thinking about gaming in the 90s. We complain a lot these days, but there were a lot of problems with gaming back then that we all seemed to ignore. If you were a gamer in the 90s you’d know all about these particular problems…"

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darthv721878d ago

"Having a friend who owned the ‘other’ console

You think console wars are bad nowadays? You’d fall out with a friend who adamantly insisted that Aladdin was better on the Mega Drive than it was on the SNES (come on, that’s just not true) and not speak to them again at least until the Monday after the weekend.

Console wars, man…"

Not true. Friends can agree and disagree and still be friends regardless of console loyalty. Personally I enjoyed it when my friends had the other consoles as it gave us reasons to swap now and then.

I'd borrow a friends PS1 or anothers N64 while they borrowed my Saturn or other systems. We were pretty satisfied with what we played. We werent cheating on our brands but sharing the joy that gaming brings as a whole.

The memory card thing...I still go through that even though i have like...4 memory cards for each system. you always find one with a game save you can live without.

lemoncake1878d ago

Aladdin on the SMS was better, good day to you, sir!

UltraNova1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I went through all those phases except the Mario film which I have to give my thanks to the movie's producer for my six pack rock solid abs after the end of the movie...

EDIT: Who else besides me finished Superman 64?

(Another fellow masochistic :-p)

Kingdomcome2471877d ago

Yeah, even though I've had my preferences I always enjoyed the opportunity to try something else as a kid. Now as an adult with my own money I can personally find reasons, and afford to own all consoles. I still have preferences. Sony stills holds the top spot due to their exclusives appealing to my tastes more, but I still find redeeming qualities with each console. Console preferences never have nor never will be a cause for disdain in my opinion. The way some people go about conveying their preference is another story. I wasn't here last gen, but I would've said the same thing I'm saying now. It's dumb.

Nerdmaster1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Even Shinji Mikami, who made the SNES version of Aladdin, agrees that the Genesis version is better.

NukaCola1877d ago

Aladdin was best on Sega Genesis...nuff said

Snookies121877d ago

Heh, that's what I had it for. Aladdin on Sega was freaking awesome...

Qrphe1877d ago

Decades later, we can all objectively agree the Genesis version was indeed better.

3-4-51877d ago

* Cartridges were more fun to own and collect.

They felt i guess more " special" in a way...I like that Nintendo still uses them for 3DS/DS.

* Memory cards...there was never enough space...and the knock off ones would erase data.

* I remember EVERYONE being excited about almost all games though. Not a ton of fighting and arguing and if there was it lasted for like minutes and then we started up a game.

* I was lucky enough to have friends who weren't shat talkers so we would game together a lot and try to be games together, and not really against each other.

People in the 90's were more open, honest, and got along a bit better......or maybe that was because I was younger.

caseh1877d ago

"People in the 90's were more open, honest, and got along a bit better......or maybe that was because I was younger."

It's because discussions were in person rather than hidden behind the anonymity the internet provides.

If half the things said on this site were said in person it would more often than not result in someone getting a beating.

rainslacker1877d ago

I remember arguing with friends about which console/games were better. We were mostly civil, although somewhat young(I was actually an adult 20 years ago).

What I also remember is that we'd go to each other's houses and play each other's games and not worry about the console wars while doing so until the next day on the playground.:)

Derpy1877d ago

I agree, real friends, can at the very least, agree to disagree. Though memory cards and batteries had their issues, I never really had the other issue as all my friends and I were multi-console, we brought any system that we thought we would have fun with. None of us thought then or now that we should miss out on great games for something as silly as being loyal to business. I miss how in the 90s there was always something new coming out and the console market wasn't flooded with boring FPS. Some of the best RPGs ever came out during this decade.

MRMagoo1231877d ago

arguments have been going a lot longer than those old cartridge systems, when I was at high school we used to argue about which pc was better out of the spectrum the c64 and the amstrad. The games on cassette tape and floppies were the days.

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CerealKiller1878d ago

Turning the PS1 upside down? I never heard of this.

darthv721878d ago

Yeah, it was a 'thing' in the earlier models. I usually kept mine elevated to allow for proper airflow and never had to resort to the flip mode style of playing.

GamingSinceThe80s1878d ago

I remember that all to well as I had to do the same

Septic1877d ago

Haha yeah I did this.

Oh man I went through so many things. Freezing the adapter on the megadrive, turning my PSone upside down, blowing on cartridges (standard) You younger gamers have no idea what you missed! I feel sorry for you!

I feel old.

rhap1878d ago

During the PS1 era it was extremely common here in Brazil to see some upside down PS1. People used to say that it's because of the use of pirated games and bad quality of the CDs.

KwietStorm1877d ago

I had to start doing it to mine right about the time when Resident Evil 2 came out, just so scenes and audio wouldn't skip. Upside down. So it wouldn't skip. Technology.

Rebel_Scum1877d ago

Yeah we never turned them upside down in NZ but had it on a 45 degree angle. It wasn't for cutting down load times but to ensure it started the game.

The early PS1's had overheating issues so you had to provide space for the heat to escape. You also couldn't just have it on the carpet either.

rainslacker1877d ago

It was actually caused because Sony tuned the lasers a bit too low to increase their yield. If those lasers were faulty-ish, then that tuning could cause the laser to not focus properly.

When you turned the system upside down, the slight pull of gravity on the disc would cause the focal length of the laser to increase, and then it could focus properly on the tracks.

Petebloodyonion1877d ago

Turning the ps1 was a quick fix to solve the optical lens problem with early ps1 model. similar to towel trick for 360 with the RROD.

actually the trick was to put it sideways and ironicaly it's the inspiration for the standing ps2 position.

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annoyedgamer1878d ago

Fighting over who gets the dreaded clear controller.

jaymacx1878d ago

Yeah the 3rd party ones? With N64 I had a clear third party controller that had a huge dead zone on the analog stick. I had 3 nintendo pads and the dreaded clear one...

TheFirstClassic1877d ago

Haha We had a rule where last place got the crap controller. Good times.

BluFish1878d ago

Totally forgot about that Mario face at the start of Mario 64. So awesome!

crusf1878d ago

Blowing on the cartridges. Ah the good ol days

rhap1878d ago

I remember when a "friend" borrowed our Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo or something like that and then gave it back not working. My brother took his Streets of Rage 2, removed the chip from the cartridge and put some random really bad game in it haha The guy was really pissed, but couldn't do anything since he broke our SSF2T.

ThatArtGuy1878d ago

DON'T BLOW INTO CARTRIDGES!!! I recently got a NES cartridge from eBay recently and had to take an Emory board to the pins because there was rust on them.

It's really bad for your games.

NatureOfLogic_1877d ago

Gamers didn't care about that back then. I would've done anything to get the game working back then. Blowing into the cartridge gave a glimmer of hope.

darthv721877d ago

I actually thought my system liked it. it certainly worked better than sweet talking it.

Godz Kastro1877d ago

Wouldve been nice to know 15 yrs ago :)

ChozenWoan1877d ago

Never had that problem... SMS FTW!
3D gaming, headphone jack, and top loading cartridges made it a beast. My friends across the street on the other hand... >.> ... lol

It was all good though as we'd talk trash on each others console while playing on them. Good ol times on the Console War Frontlines.

KwietStorm1877d ago

Blow with your mouth, not with your nose.

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